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Crystal Chip Collector e, fast-paced neo-retro platforming game about a cat that fixes PCs – coming December 7th!

On December 7th, players looking for a fun platformer that will require a good dose of skill and also test their wits, can jump into the action and help our intrepid duo in their quest to fix Richard’s PC in Crystal Chip Collector e.

RAWRLAB Games was pleased to present Crystal Chip Collector e, a shockingly fast-paced puzzle platforming adventure that will have players in awe. Launching digitally on the Nintendo Switch for only $4.99, the game will offer a special 20% discount during the first week of its release. This game can be played by anyone, regardless of their experience with games.

In this game, players must take control of a mysterious ancient cat and his companion Install Wizard, as they explore a vast amount of levels to find nanochips and complete Richard’s PC optimization mission. Players will need to traverse the diverse levels quickly, without compromising on the quality of their performance in order to get a perfect completion.

The game features 60 levels across 6 worlds, each with its own unique graphics and style. Players will be able to switch between the classic Story Mode or the more thrilling speedrun mode. Additionally, they can also fine-tune their skills in the Practice mode, as it includes tutorials and explanations of the game’s mechanics.

Regarding visuals, the game offers a truly mesmerizing mix of hand-drawn and pixelated art styles. While still being simple and light, the visuals in Crystal Chip Collector e will draw in players of all ages and will make them feel like part of a vivid fantasy world.

So, if you are looking for a fast-paced, puzzles and platforming game, then Crystal Chip Collector e is the right choice for you. With its unique premise and dynamic gameplay, it is the perfect way to spend some time together with friends and family, or to enjoy a new challenge alone.

Prepare to experience a fun-filled adventure that will keep you hooked from the beginning! RAWRLAB Games is thrilled to share its latest project and is expecting much success and positive reviews from players. Crystal Chip Collector e is launching on December 7th, digitally on Nintendo Switch for only $4.99, discounted 20% during its launch week.

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