Botany Manor

Revive Forgotten Flowers in Botany Manor, Coming Spring 2024

Whitethorn Games invites players everywhere to take a mesmerizing tour of Botany Manor when it launches next year.

Step into the grand hall of Botany Manor and explore the estate of long-forgotten plants and secrets. Whitethorn Games has announced that the debut title from Balloon Studios, Botany Manor, will launch on PC, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox in Spring 2024. It will also be available day one with Xbox Game Pass.

Players will take on the role of retired botanist Arabella Greene, exploring the historical English manor that is filled with a lifetime of memorabilia and research. While investigating the long-forgotten seeds, players will need to solve puzzles to help the rare plants grow. Utilizing clues from notes, books, posters, and more, gamers will uncover the correct set of circumstances to help the plants flourish.

In addition to the announcement, Whitethorn Games has released a new trailer showcasing the stunning visuals of the 19th-century English homestead. Botany Manor invites players to marvel at calming soundtracks while discovering Arabella’s life, career, and the struggles she faced as a female scientist of the era.

It also features interactive items located around the property that can be flipped and rotated to provide valuable clues for each plant-based puzzle.

Botany Manor is truly an unforgettable experience, perfect for anyone who wants to revisit history in a tranquil, soothing way. It will launch in Spring 2024 on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X with the added bonus of being available day one with Xbox Game Pass.

Players everywhere are invited to take a mesmerizing tour of Botany Manor when it arrives next year.

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