Graviter Just Launched on Steam and Nintendo Switch!

Manipulate gravitational forces in Graviter, a minimalistic puzzle game featuring real-life physics, relaxing music, and… a kitten. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to take control of Newtonian mechanics and finagle your way through the galaxy as a little, lonely comet with a goal of finding your lost kitty? First of all, that’s weirdly specific, but do I have some great news for you. …to get Graviter 20% cheaper. If you’re the owner of one of the following games: Alder’s Blood, Creepy Tale, Star Horizon, Strike Force Kitty, Nonograms Prophecy, Make War, Ego Protocol: Remastered, Pirates: All Aboard!, Dream Alone, Exorder, Rawr-Off, Pool Pro GOLD, KIDS: Farm Coloring, Connection Haunted, Drag Racing Rivals, Powertris, Wallachia: Reign of Dracula, Apparition, Picklock, Destropolis, Splashy Cube, Tanuki Justice, Golden Force, Bob Help Them – you can get Graviter 40% off. This offer is tied to the game release ONLY. Visit the game page on […]

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Stitchy in Tooki Trouble

Stitchy in Tooki Trouble pops onto Nintendo Switch on April 15!

This cheerful side-scrolling platformer is great fun for all ages! Coming to Nintendo Switch on April 15: run, jump, slide, slam and glide to find your stolen corn as Stitchy, an athletic scarecrow! Stitchy in Tooki Trouble is the ideal adventure game for single player gaming on the go, suitable for kids and adults alike! Watch the Stitchy release trailer here: You can already pre-order Stitchy for a 25% discount in Europe. Pre-orders open in Japan from April 1! Stitchy in Tooki Trouble You play as Stitchy, a dedicated scarecrow, on a platforming quest to recover your stolen corn from the troublesome wooden Tooki! A striking art style full of color and character brings the world to life, from lush jungles to a Tooki factory. Ride minecarts, dodge chunky wooden piranha, and fight enormous bosses as you try to recover every stolen piece of corn! There are three worlds on Stitchy’s journey, each with […]

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Say No! More

Linguistic arcade comedy Say No! More now available for pre-order on Switch, PC, Mac, and iOS

Say “NO!” to waiting until its April 9th release to download it Thunderful Publishing & Studio Fizbin were excited to reveal that their highly anticipated NO!-Playing Game, Say No! More, is currently available for pre-order ahead of its April 9th release on Nintendo Switch™, PC & Mac (Steam®), iPadOS and iOS. Snag it ahead of time for £12.14/€13.49/$13.49* Nintendo Switch™ and £4.99/€5.49/$4.99* on iOS devices. To celebrate, we have already applied a pre-order discount of 10% for Nintendo Switch™ and a pre-order discount of 17% for the iOS devices. If an educational establishment pre-purchases through the Apple School Manager there is a whopping 50% off*. There’s more, remember to Wishlist now on Steam® and grab Say No! More on launch day for PC & Mac with a 7-day discount of 10% too! Say No! More is Out on April 9th! (Release Date Trailer) Say No! More is the world’s first NPG (NO!-Playing […]

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2021 Spring Sale for Nintendo Switch™ and Nintendo 3DS: Spring Sale has started on the Nintendo eShop for the total of 8 KEMCO RPGs!

Save up to 50% off on grand adventures! KEMCO proudly announced a special sale for 8 titles for Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo 3DS family of systems on the North American, European and Australian Nintendo eShop. The games are made available up to 50% off for a limited time. Asdivine Hearts 40% off Asdivine Hearts boasts of groundbreaking visual quality, plenty of subquests, a battle arena, treasure to dig for, and an enemy guide to complete. By taking puzzle piece-like jewels and setting them in a box known as a rubix, players are able to customize characters! How far can you level and how many millions of damage can you dish out? All these challenges await you and more! Nintendo Switch (US) | Nintendo Switch (UK) © 2014-2018 KEMCO/EXE-CREATE Asdivine Hearts II 40% off Picking up two years after the events of their first adventure, Zack and friends find themselves off on another quest, but this time to save […]

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Overcooked! All You Can Eat

Overcooked! All You Can Eat Serves up Culinary Chaos on Nintendo Switch, PS4, Steam, and Xbox One today

Overcooked! All You Can Eat, the fully rebuilt version of the award-winning co-op series, now brings fast-paced kitchen chaos to chefs on all consoles. Team17 and Ghost Town Games have today launched Overcooked! All You Can Eat on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Steam, and Xbox One. Debuting in 2020 on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, this full remake of Overcooked! and Overcooked! 2 offers up all 200+ levels from both games (including their downloadable content), seven new kitchens, three new chefs, and a brand-new assist mode, all remade in up to 4K and running at a delicious 60fps (30fps on the Nintendo Switch). For the first time in the series, cross-platform multiplayer has also been introduced, allowing chefs to play all levels online with other players, regardless of platform. Their chefs have prepared a fresh new trailer for you to enjoy: Alongside the 80+ playable chefs on offer, the original calamitous […]

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Chess Knights: Viking Lands is now available for Nintendo Switch, PSN4 and Xbox!

QUByte Interactive, in partnership with Minimol Games, is pleased to announce that Chess Knights: Viking Lands is now available for Nintendo eShop for 50% OFF.

This is an original puzzle game inspired by chess. Using chess Knights, you need to move through the board until you reach the squares where your other pieces are held prisoner. Then, comeback to the safe zone without being captured by enemy pieces to rescue all your pieces!

Chess Knights: Viking Lands Features:

  • All pieces move like in a chess game, but the objective is to use your Knights to rescue your other pieces that are held prisoner in certain squares of the board;
  • 50+ hand-crafted levels with increasing complexity.
  • A chess game without any chess. This is an entirely new game concept for chess lovers and newcomers alike (you do not need to know any chess to play it);
  • Enjoy the beauties and dangers of the Viking Lands;
  • Originally composed soundtracks;

Rid the west of bandits in Luckslinger – Coming to Xbox, Playstation & Nintendo Switch this April!

Luckslinger arrives on Consoles this April! 2Awesome Studio is proud to announce Luckslinger release to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch next April. Luckslinger will arrive on Playstation next April 6, Xbox will receive the game on the 7th and finally the Nintendo Switch will come on Friday 9th at a price of 9.99€ with a 20% discount.  Pre-orders on Switch start March 26th and Xbox on March 31st. Check Out the New Trailer! Luckslinger is an action adventure spaghetti western where you have to rid the west of bandits, steal their luck, and use it for your own good. Fast gunslingers, dark gritty humor, and greed driven anti-heroes mixed with a hip-hop soundtrack in the western adventure of this spring. About Luckslinger In Luckslinger, you’ll be stealing your lucky stars – be sure to spend them wisely! Partly inspired by the unrealistically fast gunslingers, the dark gritty humour, and the greed driven anti-heroes of the spaghetti western […]

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THE GAME OF LIFE 2 on Nintendo Switch brings the world-famous board game to screens big and small!

Available to preorder now. THE GAME OF LIFE 2, the best-selling digital board game by Marmalade Game Studio, is launching on Nintendo Switch. The game is available to preorder on Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch from today! THE GAME OF LIFE 2 offers a contemporary spin on the original’s winning life simulation formula. With more choices and more freedom, the game works seamlessly across a handful of beautiful, fully animated, 3D boards! This sequel to the famous board game was released in 2020 on mobile devices and PC (via Steam). Since then THE GAME OF LIFE 2 has received two TIGA Game Industry Award nominations, in the Social Game and Heritage in Games categories, along with praise from both critics and fans. By releasing on Nintendo Switch, Marmalade is bringing this iconic life simulation game to Nintendo for the first time in over 13 years! THE GAME OF LIFE 2 […]

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Raiders of the Lost Island

Raiders of the Lost Island – Release on Nintendo Switch – March 18

Indie game developer Last Tales announces the upcoming Nintendo Switch™ release of Raiders Of The Lost Island, a semi-cooperative local multiplayer game. The release date is March 18, 2021 with a one week pre-order period, and a 25% discount! Watch the trailer here: Or at In Raiders of the Lost Island, up to 4 players compete in looting treasures from a sinking island, while working together to build a boat before the final wave. If they survive, only the richest player wins, but if they fail to cooperate, they will all lose. History: The game was among the finalists at Casual Connect London 2018, won Best Game of the Show and Best Design awards at Dev-Play Eastern Europe Game Convention 2017. It was presented at East European Comic-con and at Gamescom Cologne 2019. Last year, in 2020, it was fully released on PC Steam. Raiders of the Lost Island Features: […]

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Enjoy Savings and Celebrations on MAR10 Day

Every year on March 10, Mario fans mark the occasion of MAR10 Day, recognizing the mustached hero who leaps to the rescue anytime smiles are needed. What makes March 10 so special for Mario? It’s because MAR10 looks just like Mario’s name! This year, Nintendo is commemorating MAR10 day with a number of offerings and in-game events: Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Sales – From now until March 13 at 11:59 p.m. PT, in continuation of the Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary, select games and merchandise are on sale. Games for the Nintendo Switch system featuring Mario and friends are currently available for 35% off their retail price at select retailers and in Nintendo eShop. Play, create and share the side-scrolling Mario courses of your dreams with the Super Mario Maker 2 game. Or suit up in a sporty outfit and serve up some fierce tennis battles – Mushroom Kingdom style – with the Mario Tennis Aces game. Become the master of […]

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