The original brick breaker returns with its toughest challenge yet in Breakout: Recharged

Survive as long as you can in arcade or take on one of 50 challenges picking up game-changing power-ups along the way.

The grandfather of brick-breaking games is back with some of the toughest challenges yet! Breakout: Recharged steps up the excitement with a fresh coat of paint, exciting power-ups, and another original soundtrack from award-winning video game composer Megan McDuffee. Breakout: Recharged will be available February 10, 2022.

Breakout: Recharged will forever change what you expect from a brick-breaking title. The endless arcade mode and 50 challenge levels will push you to the limit of your skills. Don’t fret, however, as this wouldn’t be a Recharged title without game-changing powerups. Expect the aid of rail guns, homing missiles, and explosives to join the traditional multi-ball. You’ll need every tool in the arsenal and razor-sharp reflexes to climb the global leaderboards.

Atari has announced that Breakout: Recharged will be blasting onto the Switch eShop on 10th February.

003 swordsandbones art will release Swords & Bones for Nintendo Switch!

Everything you love about classic retro games (and more!) stacked in a dark medieval fantasy platformer! Swords & Bones, a unique, enthusiastically received by players, retro pixel platformer will be released for Nintendo Switch thanks to It was created by a one-of-a-kind duo of brothers – SEEP – admirers of old, classic games. Swords & Bones – NEW trailer. When you feel the shivers under the word “vintage” and the image of your beloved 16-bit console appears in your mind, this is a message that will surely please you. Packed with crazy action, the dark adventure of Swords & Bones is coming to consoles and will make your heart beat faster! FOR RETRO LOVERS Swords & Bones  has all kinds of monsters, traps, dangerous obstacles, and powerful bosses, in crazy locations! Everything you know and love from old classics, enhanced with modern mechanics! It’s a tribute to the classics […]

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Take Down The Corporate Machine! The Company Man Is Out Now On Nintendo Switch Worldwide

Launch discount and free demo out now on Nintendo eShop

Today, Leoful announced office adventure game, The Company Man, has launched on Nintendo Switch worldwide.

The office adventure game, The Company Man, has launched digitally on Nintendo Switch worldwide. A physical edition of the game will be available in Asia from January 26.

To celebrate The Company Man’s launch, a new launch trailer showcasing more co-workers, email attacks, obstacles, and bosses has been published. In addition, players can download a free set of The Company Man social media profile pictures featuring characters such as Jim, Alice, and William.

The Company Man is available at a 10% launch discount on Nintendo eShop till January 30, 2022 in the Americas and Europe, and players can try out a free demo to have a taste of working at Good Water Company.

Who Is Zombie

New Zombie Apocalypse Thriller Who Is Zombie Comes to Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam

In the year 2033, every place is teeming with zombies – Who Is Zombie Coming this February on Steam and Nintendo Switch The game publisher CFK announced that Who Is Zombie, a zombie apocalypse thriller, will be released on Steam and Nintendo Switch this February. In the world overrun by zombies, the player will become the protagonist Aiden, and screen out the infected from refugees wishing to enter the civilian shelter. As the supervisor, the player’s job is to keep zombies away from the shelter by successfully distinguishing them from civilians. In order to protect the shelter and save as many people as possible, the player must be both careful and vigilant when deciding whether someone is infected or not. The player will make choices working as the supervisor, and find out what those choices will bring after 30 days. How the player handles each matter unlocks one of multiple endings […]

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Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask makes its way to the Nintendo Switch system!

An ominous fate awaits you next month – unless you can avert it, that is – when the Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask game makes its time-twisting debut on Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo 64 – Nintendo Switch Online library in February. In this Nintendo 64 classic, Link has just three days to save the world before the moon itself comes crashing down, destroying Termina and everyone inhabiting it. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is an action-adventure game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64 home console. It was released worldwide in 2000 as the sixth main installment in The Legend of Zelda series and was the second to use 3D graphics, following 1998’s The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, to which it is a direct sequel. Designed by a creative team led by Eiji Aonuma, Yoshiaki Koizumi, and Shigeru Miyamoto, Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask […]

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Main Capsule 英文 1080 6

Castle Morihisa Brings Tactical Roguelike Deckbuilding to Nintendo Switch and PC on Feb. 10

Castle Morihisa, the tactical roguelike deck builder set in a dark fantasy feudal Japan from developer Smokingbear Studio and publisher Thermite Games, arrives on Windows PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch on Thursday, Feb. 10, 2022. Trek towards the ominous Castle Morihisa as one of four classes to investigate the mysterious unease spreading across the region. Balance the Monk’s Meditation and Mantra systems to stun foes and channel armor-boosting karma. Slice through enemies as the Samurai, a fearsome warrior whose Sakura and Retaliation abilities deal massive damage. Call upon spirits as the Onmyoji, a blood magic wielder. Or stalk prey from the shadows as a Ninja, launching Kunai, Shuriken, and Mantra Signs at unsuspecting monsters. Balance each hero’s abilities with expansive decks comprised of over 300 cards. Create powerful combos during battles against foes inspired by Japanese folklore. Progress across an overworld map rife with enemy encounters, branching paths, and merchants peddling rare […]

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Underworld Dreams: The False King

Underworld Dreams: The False King is Coming to Nintendo Switch and PC This Spring

The first in a planned anthology series,Underworld Dreams: The False King is a tale of Dark Cosmic Horror from a one-man studio based in Barcelona Published by Skystone Games and created by the one-man dev studio Drop of Pixel, Underworld Dreams: The False King is coming to Nintendo Switch™ and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store later this spring. Underworld Dreams: The False King is the first game in the forthcoming horror anthology series Underworld Dreams. Based on the works of HP Lovecraft (and Robert W. Chambers’ The King in Yellow) and set in the 1980s, Underworld Dreams: The False King tells the story of a man who has tracked down his missing brother to a seemingly abandoned building that hides something much more sinister behind its decrepit walls. Built from the ground up for the Nintendo Switch™, Underworld Dreams draws upon the roots of the horror gaming genre. Prepare to dig […]

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The Hundred Year Kingdom

The Hundred Year Kingdom is coming February 3 to Nintendo Switch and PC

Build and guide a new civilisation alongside mythical goddesses in The Hundred Year Kingdom, the debut title from Waku Waku Games, a new ‘micro-indie’ publishing label from Chorus Worldwide that opens the door to small teams with big ideas. From kaeru-san games comes The Hundred Year Kingdom, a turn-based simulation game where you will build, cultivate, and guide a peaceful new civilization from the ground up with the help of a mythical goddess over the course of one-hundred years. Launching on PC (Steam) and Nintendo Switch on February 3, check out the launch trailer. With The Hundred Year Kingdom, players will develop and nurture magnificent, peaceful civilizations with the assistance of one of five powerful goddesses, each one bringing unique abilities and creations with which you’ll shape your realm. With your chosen goddess, turn an untouched wilderness into a world brimming with towering mountains, vast oceans, thick savanna, and so […]

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What Lies in the Multiverse

Puzzle-platformer ‘What Lies in the Multiverse’ comes to Nintendo Switch, consoles, and PC 4th March!

Watch a new trailer for the dimension-shifting dramatic comedy Indie studios Studio Voyager and IguanaBee, working with publisher Untold Tales (Golf Club: Wasteland), announced the release date for their upcoming game What Lies in the Multiverse, along with a new trailer. The game is scheduled to launch on Nintendo Switch, PS4/5, Xbox One and PC via Steam, Epic Games Store and GOGon March 4th. What Lies in the Multiverse is a game about worlds turned inside out. Harness the power of parallel universes to alter reality in mid-air, turning pitfalls into bridges, walls into tunnels, and foes into friends, in a bombastic puzzle-platformer filled to the brim with hijinks and chaos. The multiverse encompasses all possible worlds, a summation of everything that’s ever happened, is happening, or ever could happen. Charismatic scientist Everett claims he’s investigating a strange new world. But if that’s the case, why does he keep committing crimes? Who are […]

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Cotton Fantasy a brand-new star on the Cute ‘em up horizon!

New Trailer – Switch & PS4 coming Q1 ININ Games is proud to announce that Cotton Fantasy will be available for Nintendo Switch and PS4 this spring, both digitally and physically. After the Japanese release in December (as Cotton Rock ‘n’ Roll), this brand-new entry to the Cotton series is now making its way to the West and can be pre-ordered via a selection of retailers, varying per location. A growing list of links can be found on the ININ Games website. ININ Games is celebrating this occasion with a new trailer, showcasing many of the features, like the six iconic playable characters. Eager collectors still have the chance to secure a Cotton Fantasy Limited Edition Nintendo Switch or PS4 copy from Strictly Limited Games, at the same price as the retail edition but with alternative cover artwork and a colourful manual not included in the retail edition. Also available is a highly limited Collector’s Edition with exclusive, […]

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