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Buckle Up Racers! Funbox Media Announce Console Publishing Deal for Classic Racers Elite

Digital and boxed releases set to relive 60s rally racing Calling all racing fans – get ready to relive the golden era of 60s rally car racing with Classic Racers Elite! An exhilarating new gaming experience is about to arrive with the launch of the game this summer for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. International Publisher, Funbox Media Ltd, is thrilled to announce a global publishing deal with developer Vision Reelle that will bring Classic Racers Elite to EU, ANZ, SA and ME territories across both digital stores and retail. At its core, the game is a hill climb racing experience set in the golden age of the 60s rally car racing era. Players will have one simple goal – to race to the top of the hill as fast as possible. With the updated ‘Elite’ version, the game introduces time attack modes on race tracks encompassing the full scope […]

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Remastered FPS Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition Rejoins The H.U.N.T. July 31

Enjoy Classic and Never-Before-Seen Content Perfectly Recreated on Modern Hardware Get ready to relive the past and experience the most “Ludicrous” version of the cult-classic first-person shooter, Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition on Monday, July 31, 2023. Fans of the original shooter, or those who are looking for a solid dose of FPS mayhem, get ready for the definitive version of the classic 1994 game. Developed by the original Apogee Entertainment and New Blood Interactive alongside Nightdive Studios, Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition is back in an all-new version featuring 60 frames-per-second, 4K resolution, cloud saves, achievements, and much more. Relive the H.U.N.T.’s mission as a squad of special forces investigate mysterious activity off the California coast. Play through five campaigns, new episodes, expansion packs and previously-lost Rise of the Triad content from beta builds. Utilize over-the-top weaponry, like dual-wield pistols and heat-seeking missiles. Engage in up to […]

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Four new classic games are now live for Nintendo Switch Online members!

As the library keeps growing, Nintendo Switch Online members have access to even more classic gaming. Get your membership now and join in on the nostalgic fun! Are you a lover of classic gaming looking for some nostalgia? Look no further than a Nintendo Switch Online membership! As members, you now have access to an ever increasing library of great Game Boy, Super NES and NES games such as the Kirby’s Dream Land, Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Super Mario Bros. 3. Not only that, but also online play, special member-only offers, save data cloud backups, and voice chat with other players via the smartphone app in compatible games. But that’s not all, this June Nintendo Switch Online members have even more to look forward to as more classic games are being added to the library. If you haven’t already signed up […]

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Brain Show

It’s time for Brain Show! New quiz-party game coming soon

Are you looking for a way to liven up your next gathering with friends or family? Brain Show, a new quiz and party game releasing June 7th on PC and Nintendo Switch, may be exactly what you need! Developed by Polish independent studio Simplicity Games, Brain Show offers 13 different game modes and more than 5,000 questions in 41 thematic categories, making it the perfect game for both diversifying parties and testing your knowledge. From Race Against Time, which awards the player with the fastest correct answer, to High Stakes, which is based on players betting their points, Brain Show has something for everyone. Questions in the game vary and cover topics such as movies, games, music, fairy tales, internet, politics, computer science, animals, literature, and culinary. The game can be enjoyed with as many as 8 players simultaneously, both in local-multiplayer as well as in internet-multiplayer using the Remote […]

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Sky Caravan

Sky Caravan is heading to Nintendo Switch consoles

June’s Indie Spring Spree game of the month unveiled June is coming to a close with Sky Caravan from RedDeer.Games, the final title for the Indie Spring Spree event releasing on June 23rd. Taking the role of a space caravan captain, players will embark on an exciting text-based RPG adventure with a steampunk atmosphere. Make the right decisions, manage the crew, and take on orders to transport goods in a unique world known as Skyways. Featuring lighthearted yet compelling storytelling, hand-drawn graphics, funny characters, and excellent replay value, Sky Caravan is sure to be a hit for Nintendo gamers. Plus, as part of the Indie Spring Spree, this title will be available with a special discounted price on the Nintendo eShop alongside games like Dogotchi: Virtual Pet and Cave of Past Sorrow. RedDeer.Games is a developer and publisher with a focus on Nintendo Switch console games, and they have several […]

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Talk to Strangers

Survive everyday life in Talk to Strangers on Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch gamers now have something new to look forward to – Talk to Strangers. Developed by QUByte Interactive and Post Mortem Pixels, this survival game puts players in the shoes of a salesperson who must speak with strangers to make a living. With 36 different endings and a humorous dialogue, gamers must manage their time and budget while adjusting their persuasion skills to increase their SALES! Talk to Strangers will be available for Nintendo Switch on June 8, 2023. Gamers looking for a new and exciting title will want to check out QUByte Interactive and Post Mortem Pixel’s new survival game, Talk to Strangers, coming to Nintendo Switch on June 8, 2023. In this title, players will take on the role of a door-to-door salesperson as they try to sell products to strangers. With its humorous dialogue, 36 different endings, and an engaging and perfectly fitted soundtrack, Talk to […]

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Fishing Vacation

Uncomfortably Moist “Game Boy” Horror Game Fishing Vacation Launched

Today, DreadXP announced the release of the latest addition to its console port lineup – Fishing Vacation, developed by Teebowah Games. The Game Boy-themed horror adventure is an homage to classic 8-bit games, and filled with haunting discoveries. Players will jump in for fun fishing adventure, and stay for the atmospheric horror and humor. Fishing Vacation is a micro-horror game, with over 30 types of fish and creatures to catch, more than three endings to unlock (roughly 30 mins to an hour per playthrough), and 10 color palettes to choose from. Players take on the role of a fishing buddy, with the keys to the uncle’s cabin up in the mountains near the best lake you’ve ever fished in. Over the span of three days, dig up your own worms and catch your own dinner, as the mystery of the vacant cabin and the whereabouts of your friend’s uncle and […]

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Bandai Namco Europe has released their new game WE LOVE KATAMARI REROLL+ ROYAL REVERIE on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. Fans of the original Katamari Damacy game can look forward to a remastered version of the game, with brand new elements, improved visuals, and more challenges added to the original gameplay. Players will take control of the King’s son, the Prince, as he rolls around the world creating a giant ball of everything and anything, as the King fulfils the wishes of his beloved admirers. This Katamari game also has an offline multiplayer mode, allowing two people to join forces to roll the biggest Katamari ever. The Special Edition of the game allows players to have the classic music tracks and costume items, such as the “Little King Accessory” and the “Little Prince Accessory”. Are you ready to roll things up with […]

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DESOLATIUM: A new graphic adventure based on Lovecraft mythos

Coming to PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch this year Exciting news for adventure gamers today! SOEDESCO has announced the release of the award-winning title DESOLATIUM, a first-person point & click game, coming to PC, PlayStation™, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch™ this year. Search for the truth about the mysterious disappearance of a friend as you’re led toward a path filled with Lovecraftian myths and creatures. Along with the announcement of the game’s release, SOEDESCO also revealed a new thrilling key art. An exclusive free-to-play demo of DESOLATIUM is now available on Steam. Adventurers can explore the game’s 360° levels, based on real-world locations, and get immersed in its ambisonic audio and unique art style. It is a journey that may lead you to your doom if you don’t tread carefully. If you’re looking for a thrilling new adventure full of Lovecraftian situations and secrets to unravel – keep an eye […]

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PS2-Stylized Terror From Minds Behind Dream Daddy Invite You to The Last Weekend Getaway You’ll Ever Have Terrified of the dark and thrill-seekers alike, you’re invited to take a trip back on memory lane to the classic PlayStation 2 era where Rogue Games’ Homebody is now available on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. With gameplay reminiscent of classic 80s slasher films, this mysterious survival horror puzzler follows Emily and her college buddies who gather in a remote rental house to watch the Perseid meteor shower, only to be attacked by a mysterious killer. It’s up to the player to help Emily find her way out of the house and escape from the killer, no matter what it takes. Through choice-driven dialogue, players can learn more about Emily’s relationships and must improvise their way around the changing […]

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