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PPN Studio’s Blog PPN is professionally staffed by experts in gaming, anime, and related areas. Below you can find our management and editorial team. Drop them a line and say hello, or point them to something news-worthy..  Join our staff!


charizard profilepic2 7PPNSteve – Owner and publisher.
Runs this mess, posts about various things including the latest game release news, Japanese/US sales charts, and other Nintendo happenings. He also maintains the site’s back end as well as it’s design. PPNSteve can be reached at webmaster @

TSS_Killer avatarTSS_Killer – Editor in Chief.
Covers the anime and gaming beat, oversees all other editors and news staff. Resident videographer. TSS_Killer can be reached at demitri.k @

Editorial Team

drumr7 avatar01Drumr7 – Editor and reviewer.
Reviews current and previously released game on the Nintendo Switch and other platforms. Drumr7 can be reached at drumr7 @

Gaming since the 1980s starting with the retro Atari 2600. I use both consoles and PC gaming including custom built and Apple ][e. Own many consoles when they originally came out and well after release. I prefer physical media over digital.

Gama_Kurogane – News Editor.
Covers the manga / comic book scene, gaming and related areas. Gama_Kurogane can be reached at tjohnson @

Angela – News writer.

SquishyEevee – News writer.

inu-liger – News writer / reviewer.
Contributing CD/DVD reviews, Japanese music discussions, and occasional event coverage. inu-liger can be reached at r.guilbault @


Join Our Staff and Become Part of the PPN Team

We are currently recruiting for volunteer non-paid staff positions including:

News / Reporting: We are currently looking for non-paid news writers and editors.

You will be responsible for day to day gathering of relavent Nintendo based news and information via online, physical locations (such as cons and gaming shows) sources, and write / post news stories a minimum of 3 times per week. Some coverage may be assigned depending on your location and experience level.

You will have to ability to be promoted to an editor based on quality and dedication.

Video News Producer: We are looking for news writers that also want to be video stars (on camera or off camera voice-over) with the ability to shoot raw video, capture audio, and do basic editing. This is a BYC position so you must have your own camera and basic editor. We will provide final editing for release as required.

You will be resposible for gathering video footage at various cons and gaming shows, create video based news stories and review footage as well as write and produce news segments and a weekly recap show. You may monitise your work via 3rd party systems (i.e. You Tube) if desired, but all copyrights will belong to Blog PPN.

Game / System Reviewer: Love gaming on Nintendo systems? Love to share your opinions on those games?  Now you can!

We are looking for new game reviewers to join our staff and help rate all the wonderful new (and older) games released on Nintendo platforms. You will be responsible for playing games we provide to you and writing a comprehensive review and rating them per our 1-10 rating scale. You may also rate games you already own/play as long as they are on a Nintendo system. (Official review game keys will be provided and you may keep/play the game after your review – YAY FREE GAMES!)

Reviewer requirements include being objective, thorough, and writing a fun comprehensive overview and summary that lets our visitors to really understand the game.

You must be able to review 2 – 4 games per month (more if available) and will be required to post your reviews if given a game key since they are limited.

If any of these positions sound like you and you have the dedication to help us provide the best Nintendo coverage on the web, let us know by completing this application form to get started.

    Staff Position Applying For
    News WriterVideo ProducerGame Reviewer