Train Valley 2: Community Edition

Train Valley 2: Community Edition Coming to Consoles on November 23rd!

Train Valley 2: Community Edition from Flazm and BlitWorks is a one-of-a-kind railroad tycoon videogame. It combines management, strategy, and puzzles in a rail network tycoon that will take players on a journey through time, from the days of the Industrial Revolution all the way to the Space Age. Featuring beautiful low-poly graphics, a soothing soundtrack, and plenty of content for hours of entertainment.

This edition of Train Valley 2 includes the base game as well as all the DLCs. Players can expect to embark on a relaxing journey through 50 main levels that will take them through Steam, Industrial, Electrical and Globalizing, as well as additional levels created by the super talented designers of the community, adding up to a total of 278 levels!

Each way stop of the journey offers something new to the table, with a range of locomotives and trains carts with their own unique abilities to unlock. Players must try to create an efficient and cost-effective route to meet the ever-increasing demand of cities and industries while travelling through history.

Those ready to embark on this journey can join the railroad tycoon in Train Valley 2: Community Edition on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch on November 23rd, with a price of 24.99 USD|Euros.

Train Valley 2: Community Edition is the perfect combination of management, strategy, and puzzles in a railroad tycoon for veterans and newcomers of the series. Travel through the past and future, keep up with the rising demand of the cities and industries, and have a peaceful and entertaining ride.

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