Gravity Oddity

Galactic Roguelike Gravity Oddity Makes a Space Landing Today

Today is the day where the laws of gravity just don’t seem to apply anymore.

Invincible Cat’s Gravity Oddity flips the world upside down on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5|4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One!

Due to the mysterious disappearance of gravity, citizens in the universe have been offered the timely solution of gravity boots that are provided by the mega corporation Rio Grande. Unfortunately for you, your roommate, Gary, has gone missing and you are left short on rent.

Take your laser pistol and gravity boots on an out of this world adventure to locate Gary and his portion of the rent. Exploring never before seen galaxies and galaxies, Gravity Oddity offers procedurally generated levels that you can cling to with boundless surfaces and use the jetpack for an advantageous position to defeat impressive bosses.

Unlike other roguelikes, Gravity Oddity offers permanent upgrades and unlockables as well as the opportunity to uncover the mysteries of the universe. You are free to hunt for hidden treasures, boost your character stats and wield your laser gun with amplified abilities to zap your enemies away.

Tim Verrouil, the solo developer and founder of Invincible Cat, expressed his excitement of the gravity warping action space roguelike, saying, “More than a passion project, Gravity Oddity is a testament to the continued dedication of indie development, offering an eclectic roguelike experience with plenty of challenges and laughs.”

Gravity Oddity can be found on multiple platforms for $14.99 USD. In celebration of the launch, a 10% discounted price is available for a week. To learn more about Gravity Oddity and get ready to float through space on your galactic mission, make sure to visit the official website.

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