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Wickedly Vicious 2.5D Hack-and-Slash Title Slave Zero X Receives a February 2024 Release Date

Devilishly Violent Title from Ziggurat Interactive Brings the Brutality with Throwback Visuals of the Late ’90s

Today, Ziggurat Interactive is thrilled to announce that the classic fan-favorite, Slave Zero, will be reborn in the upcoming 2.5D character action game: Slave Zero X. Launching on February 21, 2024, for PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch, fans will be able to take up arms against a violent tyrant in the biopunk world of Slave Zero (1999).

In this hack-and-slash title, players take on the role of Shou, a powerful protagonist that has merged with a stolen Slave Unit Prototype, becoming a Devil in search of retribution. With incredible combo-crushing abilities, dive into a dystopian future full of waves of opponents and thrilling combat sequences — all to the tune of a gnarly synth soundtrack.

Players are sure to find something to enjoy in this thrilling action game, built with features such as multiple intense gameplay modes, unique 2.5D environments, and brutal battles that will extend beyond the game’s core storyline. Using their weapons and explosive ordinance, players must battle their way past mini-bosses and climactic arch-villains on their quest to take down a false God.

Slave Zero X is available to wishlist now on Steam, GOG, and PlayStation, and can start trying out the extensive, blockbuster-like experience with the demo available on Steam and Xbox Series S/X. Prepare your reflexes and sharpen your blades — Shou and the world of Slave Zero X await.

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