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RedDeer.Games announces cooperation with Whiteboard Games on I See Red release for Nintendo Switch

RedDeer.Games announced that the acclaimed indie game I See Red is coming to Nintendo Switch in early 2024. The sci-fi themed twin-stick roguelike shooter, developed by Whiteboard Games, immerses players in a dystopian cyberpunk world.

In this shadowy landscape, the protagonist embarks on a quest for revenge against the oppressors who deceived and exploited them, painting the world in a stark palette of black and white with targets that appear in a blazing red.

I See Red puts players in control of a varied array of weapons and superhuman strength to execute their enemies with devastating efficiency. With access to a wide range of destructive devices and environment objects that players can devastate for double the effects, battles are intense and gripping.

Tactics become essential to survival, as players can turn their surroundings against their powerful aggressors in battles of wits and reflexes.

Experience the gripping world of I See Red on Nintendo Switch when it launches on the eShop in early 2024. Follow RedDeer.Games on social media for more information and updates leading up to the release date.

This unique and groundbreaking game promises to provide gamers of all walks of life with a thrilling and gripping escape with its riveting narrative, unique art direction, and intense roguelike action.

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