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Blood Lines: Magicians' Chase2

Blood Lines: Magicians’ Chase2 – Experience Retro Pixel Art Action Exclusively on the Switch

PLiCy, a leading indie game platform in Japan, is thrilled to announced the highly anticipated global release of Blood Lines: Magicians’ Chase2 on May 3, 2024, for the Nintendo Switch. Developed by the renowned game studio, Type [X], this new installment in their gaming series promises to deliver an immersive and thrilling experience for players worldwide. Discover the allure of Blood Lines: Magicians’ Chase2 in the official trailer. Following the success of Magicians’ Chase: Missing Curry Recipe, released in 2022 for the Nintendo Switch, Blood Lines: Magicians’ Chase2 brings back the beloved characters Layka and Shijo Sakura in a brand new adventure. The game is set in the mysterious castle of the Vampire Lord, where Layka, the daughter of a legendary Vampire Hunter, and her faithful maid Sakura embark on a perilous quest. But they are not alone in their journey. They join forces with new allies, including Miretta, a […]

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Switch MusashiVsCthulhu 01 scaled

Ronin vs Monsters! Endless Fight in the new Musashi vs Cthulhu!

Musashi vs Cthulhu: A Heart-Pumping, Action-Packed Game Set to Release on Multiple Platforms on May 16th The gaming community is buzzing with excitement as indie game developer QUByte Interactive teams up with Cyber Rhino Studio to release their latest creation, Musashi vs Cthulhu. This fast-paced action game is set to hit the virtual shelves on May 16th for Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One/Series X|S. Inspired by the iconic samurai warrior, Miyamoto Musashi, Musashi vs Cthulhu takes players on a thrilling journey as they take on the role of Musashi, fighting for survival against hordes of unspeakable monsters. The game’s premise is simple yet gripping – Musashi has been cursed and is now the target of terrifying creatures. Players must take control of the skilled ronin and defeat endless waves of enemies from both sides of the screen, using precise blows on their weak spots. The […]

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Construction Simulator 4

Construction Simulator 4 a Cooperative Multiplayer in Canada-inspired Game World on May 28

Attention all gamers and construction enthusiasts! Get ready to embark on a new and immersive building experience with the upcoming release of Construction Simulator 4. The latest installment in the popular Construction Simulator series is set to launch on May 28, 2024, and will be available on various platforms including Nintendo Switch, iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. With Construction Simulator 4, players will have the opportunity to build their own construction empire in a Canada-inspired setting for the very first time. The game is set in the picturesque Pinewood Bay, a location that is a perfect blend of enchanting nature and a bustling modern city. The game world is designed to replicate the famous characteristics of Canada, offering players a unique and challenging construction experience. One of the highlights of Construction Simulator 4 is the variety of construction tasks available. Whether it’s building a department store, a beach bar, or […]

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NintendoDownload05022024 SoMuchToDoEvenMoreToSea 01

Nintendo Download, May 2, 2024: So Much to Do, Even More to Sea

In addition to video games available at retail stores, Nintendo also offers a variety of content that people can download directly to their systems. Nintendo Download adds new games weekly to Nintendo eShop, which offers a variety of options for the Nintendo Switch family of systems. Nintendo eShop is a cash-based service that features a wide variety of content, including new and classic games, applications and demos. Users can add money to their account balances by using a credit card or purchasing a Nintendo eShop Card at a retail store and entering the code from the card. All funds from one card must be loaded in Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo Switch family of systems. Customers in the U.S. and Canada ages 18 and older can also link a PayPal account to their Nintendo Account to purchase digital games and content for the Nintendo Switch family of systems both on-device […]

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Athenian Rhapsody

Unique Comedy RPG, ATHENIAN RHAPSODY, Debuts New Gameplay Trailer Ahead of May 14th Launch

Top Hat Studios, Inc. has announced the upcoming launch of their highly anticipated comedy RPG, Athenian Rhapsody, on May 14th. As players anxiously await the release, a new gameplay trailer showcasing the game’s unique features has been released. Developed by solo developer Nico Papalia, Athenian Rhapsody promises to be a wild and hilarious adventure that combines elements of classic RPGs, absurdist comedy, and choose-your-own-adventure stories. The game follows the story of a character who suffers from both allergies and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), adding a new level of realism and hilarity to the gameplay. In the game, players will embark on a journey through the colorful world of Athens, where they will encounter a variety of quirky characters and engage in outrageous mini-games. Whether it’s weight-lifting, shooting bugs, or drawing their own bosses, players will have a blast while navigating through the game’s vibrant world. But Athenian Rhapsody is more […]

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Switch ArmedAndGelatinousCouchEdition 01

Armed and Gelatinous: Couch Edition Dashes from Arcades to Consoles Tomorrow

Party alongside Mega64 in the couch-multiplayer party game’s brand new trailer Space enthusiasts and gamers, get ready for an out-of-this-world experience with the highly anticipated release of Armed and Gelatinous: Couch Edition. Developed by Three Flip Studios, this multiplayer arcade space shooter is set to rock PlayStation 5|4, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and Steam tomorrow, Thursday, May 2, 2024. This hilarious and frenzied game takes players on a jiggly adventure through the depths of space as one of four adorable space jellies. The goal? To emerge as the last remaining blob in a series of action-packed minigames. But don’t worry, it’s not all about survival – players can also chow down on floating space tacos and super burritos to replenish their health. As you navigate your way through zero gravity, make sure to grab onto weapon crates and become a force to be reckoned with. With 16 unique weapons […]

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The Land Beneath Us

The Land Beneath Us Releasing on 13th May 2024

Fiery Demo Available on All Platforms: Don’t regret missing out! Dear Villagers publishing label is excited to announce their partnership with FairPlay Studios, an indie game development company from Thailand, to bring you an addictive new game, The Land Beneath Us. This unique blend of a turn-based rogue-lite dungeon crawler is set to be released on all platforms on May 13th, 2024. The Land Beneath Us boasts a fiery gameplay experience that will keep players hooked for hours on end. With a focus on endless gameplay, this game promises to be a hit among the gaming community. But before its official release, players can experience a taste of what’s to come by trying out the snappy and action-packed demos, which are available on all platforms. The demos have been met with widespread praise and positive feedback from players and the gaming community. To celebrate the success of the demos, Dear […]

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Switch HotelHustle 01

Take on the challenge of running a hotel in the new game Hotel Hustle on May 10th!

The front desk is overrun by guests! Indie Developer RedDeer.Games to Release Highly Anticipated Hotel Hustle Game for Nintendo Switch In the world of indie games, it can be hard to stand out among the giants. But for the team at RedDeer.Games, standing out is second nature. Known for their quirky and innovative games, they have captured the attention of gamers worldwide. And now, they are ready to take the Nintendo Switch by storm with their latest creation, Hotel Hustle. After the success of their previous game, “Freaky Trip”, the team turned their attention to a different kind of adventure. With Hotel Hustle, players get to experience the fast-paced and hectic world of running a bustling hotel. Set to release on May 10th, this game promises to be a unique and exciting addition to the Nintendo Switch library. The premise of Hotel Hustle is simple yet challenging. Players take on […]

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Genso Manège

Filled with magic, the fantasy Otome Visual Novel Genso Manège, comes to the West!

Attention all lovers of visual novels and romantic tales: PQube, MAGES./LOVE & ART are thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Genso Manège on Steam and Nintendo Switch! Get ready to be swept off your feet by this beautifully romantic Otome game, filled with magic, mystery, and unforgettable characters. In Genso Manège, players will follow the journey of Emma, a young witch who lost her powers in a tragic accident as a child. Now, living a quiet life, she is suddenly drawn into the magical world of a traveling amusement park that arrives near her home in France. With the help of the mysterious memento left by her father, Emma sets out to uncover her forgotten past and rediscover her magical abilities. As players progress through the game, they will encounter a diverse and captivating cast of characters, with six different male leads to choose from. Follow their character routes […]

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Rainbow Cotton

Prepare for Rainbow Cotton, the OG Kawaii Retro Shooter!

10 Days To Release – Available on ALL Platforms on May 9th, 2024! Are you ready to dive into a world full of magic, mischief, and mayhem? Well, mark your calendars because the highly anticipated HD remake of Rainbow Cotton is just ten days away from its release on May 9th, 2024! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ Still trying to figure out what to expect from this wild, witchy ride? Check out our new gameplay teaser video to see this magical cute ‘em up in action! Get ready to join Cotton, the spell-casting fairy, on her quest to defeat demons, stress out her fairy friends, and search for the coveted Willow candies. This classic Dreamcast remake is set to be released on multiple platforms including Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S & X, and PC Steam. But the excitement doesn’t end there. Rainbow Cotton is not just a mere […]

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Cyber Citizen Shockman 3: The Princess from Another World

Previously Released in Japan, Cyber Citizen Shockman 3: The Princess from Another World, to Debut in the West!

Ratalaika Games and Shinyuden have teamed up to bring an exciting new release to the world of retro gaming. Cyber Citizen Shockman 3: The Princess from Another World is set to launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch. This highly anticipated game continues the iconic IP, previously only available in Japan on the PC Engine. Fans of the series will be thrilled to finally have access to this long-awaited release. Cyber Citizen Shockman 3: The Princess from Another World was the first game in the series to be released in CD format, allowing for animated cutscenes and voice acting that add a new level of immersion to the game. The development team took full advantage of this format, creating a retro arcade action feast that captures the excitement and appeal that made the first two games true genre favorites. Produced by Toshiro […]

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Switch PromiseMascotAgency 01

Kaizen Game Works Announce Promise Mascot Agency Coming in 2025

The developers of indie hit Paradise Killer return with the world’s first Open World Mascot Manager Crime Drama, Promise Mascot Agency, developed in collaboration with renowned Japanese developer Ikumi Nakamura Kaizen Game Works, the award-winning independent game studio, is proud to announce their highly-anticipated second game: Promise Mascot Agency. This unique and innovative game combines the world of mascots with the thrilling elements of a crime drama set in the forgotten Japanese town of Kaso-Machi. The story follows Michi, a disgraced yakuza lieutenant who is exiled to Kaso-Machi to turn a bankrupt mascot agency into a successful business. Along with his assistant, Pinky, who happens to be a mascot herself, Michi must navigate through the town’s mysteries and conspiracies to succeed in his mission. Players will explore Kaso-Machi in Michi’s run-down truck, which can be upgraded as the game progresses. The town offers endless opportunities – find new friends, collectibles, […]

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Beyond Galaxyland

To Infinity… And Beyond Galaxyland

Plot a course for the stars in the all-new planet-hopping adventure RPG! Chicago-based developer and music producer, Sam Enright, has announced the launch of his new 2.5D adventure-RPG, Beyond Galaxyland. Developed under indie publisher United Label, the game is set to launch on various platforms, including PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One later in 2024. The game follows the story of high-schooler Doug who finds himself in the midst of an unknown celestial destruction known only as ‘The End’. As Earth is about to meet its demise, Doug is transported to Galaxyland, a solar system filled with diverse and exotic planets. But as he explores this seemingly perfect world, he soon realizes that things may not be as they seem. Joined by his trusty pet guinea pig, Boom Boom, a sentient robot named MartyBot, and other quirky companions, Doug sets out on a […]

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Astor: Blade of the Monolith

Defeat evil hordes on an epic journey in Astor: Blade of the Monolith, releasing on May 30th

Rip through enemies as you attempt to save your species in this stylish, fast-paced action-RPG Get ready for an epic adventure as C2 Game Studio announces the release date for their highly anticipated third-person action-RPG, Astor: Blade of the Monolith. The thrilling game is set to launch on May 30th on multiple platforms including PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox. The news was revealed at the recent ID@Xbox Showcase, showcasing some of the most exciting upcoming indie games from around the world. Astor: Blade of the Monolith is set in the vibrant planet of Gliese, which was once home to an ancient race. Now, the planet is inhabited by their intelligent creations, the Diokek. However, their peace is shattered when malevolent creatures, the Hiltsik, start wreaking havoc. As a young Diokek warrior named Astor, players must embark on a perilous journey to uncover the mysterious disappearance of the ancients, and […]

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Switch AllYouNeedIsHelp 01

Q-Games presents a brand new cooperative multiplayer game All You Need Is Help!

Bumping around! Helping each other! Turn your friendships into friend-shapes! All You Need Is Help is Brought to you by Q-Games, the creators behind such classics as PixelJunk Monsters and PixelJunk Shooter, this innovative cooperative multiplayer game introduces a fresh new way to play with your friends Independent development studio Q-Games Ltd. is excited to announce their latest project, All You Need Is Help, set to release in Fall 2024 for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 (PS5), and PC (Steam/Windows). As an added bonus for gamers, the game will also be available on Xbox/PC Game Pass. The announce trailer can also be viewed in the IGN x ID@Xbox Digital Showcase. Get ready to embark on a fun and quirky multiplayer co-op puzzle adventure with All You Need Is Help. Players will guide adorable, fluffy cube-shaped creatures through various challenges, utilizing teamwork and clever strategies to reach their goals. These […]

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2024 Launch Schedule
  • Another Code: Recollection Switch 1/19/2024
  • Mario vs. Donkey Kong Switch 2/16/2024
  • Princess Peach: Showtime! Switch 3/22/2024
  • Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD 2024
  • Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door 2024