Ao Oni

Ao Oni to be released on Friday July 26th

Legendary horror game that was a huge hit in Japan is now available worldwide in 10 languages!

GameStudio Inc. and LiTMUS Co., Ltd. are set to release the highly anticipated 2004 breakaway hit, Ao Oni, for the Nintendo Switch and Steam on July 26, 2024.

New Character Ai


This latest version of Ao Oni features a brand new game mode, Ao Oni -Ai’s Story-, where players will take on the role of “Ai,” a new character, as she navigates through a haunted mansion to find the key to her escape. The developers have also added a high-speed mode that allows players to increase the gameplay speed up to 15 times the game’s normal speed. With this new mode, both new players and Ao Oni veterans can experience the game in a whole new way.

Originally released in 2004, Ao Oni (青鬼, lit. ‘Blue Demon’) has captured the hearts of players with its horror, puzzle, and action elements. The game follows the story of Hiroshi and his friends, who stumble upon an abandoned mansion out of curiosity. As they explore the mansion and solve puzzles, they must also avoid the terrifying blue creature known as the Ao Oni.

The addition of Ai as a playable character in Ao Oni -Ai’s Story- adds a new layer to the game. Described as a calm and intelligent girl, Ai’s love for puzzles and mystery novels will surely come in handy in her quest to escape the haunted mansion. With the constantly changing structure of the mansion, players will be fully immersed in the game’s unpredictable and chilling atmosphere.

But that’s not all, the developers have also added a high-speed mode for the enjoyment of players who have already completed the game. This feature will also appeal to streamers and “let’s play” creators, who can now challenge the game at the fastest speed ever seen in Ao Oni – up to 15 times the normal speed.

One of the most exciting aspects of this release is that the game will be available in 10 different languages, making it accessible to fans all over the world. This is a testament to the game’s popularity and how it has captivated players from all walks of life.

With its unique blend of horror, puzzles, and action, Ao Oni continues to be a fan-favorite and a must-play for all gamers. Step into the shoes of Hiroshi, Takeshi, Mika, and Takuro as they try to escape the haunted mansion in Ao Oni, or take on the role of Ai and embark on a thrilling adventure in Ao Oni -Ai’s Story-.

Don’t miss out on the release of Ao Oni for Nintendo Switch and Steam on July 26, 2024. Get ready to enter a world of mystery, terror, and puzzle solving like never before.

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