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Adam Wolfe

Adam Wolfe, Investigator of the Paranormal, Comes to Switch Today

Popular and Highly Rated Hidden Object Adventure Game Adam Wolfe Now Available on Console, Physical on May 7th Attention all Nintendo Switch owners! Get ready to embark on a thrilling paranormal adventure with the hit game, Adam Wolfe, now available on your favorite console. Legacy Games, the creators of this popular series, announced today that the game is officially launching on Nintendo Switch, bringing its unique blend of point-and-click adventure and hidden object gameplay to a whole new audience. In Adam Wolfe, players take on the role of the titular character, a detective who is on a mission to unravel the mystery behind his sister’s disappearance. Set in the moody streets of San Francisco, players will soon discover that there is much more to this case than meets the eye. Ghosts, secret societies, curses, and ancient covenants await as players dive deeper into the supernatural conspiracy that may hold the […]

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Stolen Realm

Stolen Realm Launching On March 8th

Baldur’s Gate 3-style tactical combat gets fast-paced simultaneous twist in RPG that keeps compelling choices coming Baldur’s Gate 3 has taken the RPG world by storm, leaving fans eagerly anticipating their next fix. Well, the wait is almost over as Burst2Flame is proud to announce the release of their simultaneous turn-based tactical RPG, Stolen Realm, on March 8th. This exciting new game will be available on PC, Xbox, and Switch, promising to deliver an action-packed, strategic experience without all the RPG-bloat. Stolen Realm takes the core of the RPG experience and streamlines it, allowing players to fully immerse themselves in making important decisions. From strategic combat choices to flexible class-building options, the game offers players the opportunity to create their own unique hero. With over 300 skills to choose from and 10 distinct skill trees, players can build spell-slinging assassins or shadow-infused knights. But the fun doesn’t stop there, as […]

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Switch HunterXcodenameT 01

HunterX: code name T Out Now on the Switch in Asia

The sequel to the critically acclaimed metroidvania HunterX Taiyo, the devil hunter, must confront his memories and rediscover his true identity in HunterX: code name T. This highly anticipated sequel to HunterX offers fans a deeper dive into the game’s lore and adds new elements to the already beloved metroidvania gameplay. The game’s unique combat system allows players to customize their fighting style by utilizing 190+ collectibles, each with its own specific action. From deadly swords to powerful magic spells, players can tailor their combat techniques to suit their personal preferences. This adds an extra layer of strategy to the game, making each encounter with enemies feel fresh and exciting. But HunterX: code name T is not just about combat. The game boasts a vast, time-spanning world to explore, filled with gripping stories and challenging adversaries. As Taiyo hunts down devils, players will uncover secrets and piece together the fragmented […]

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Piczle Cross: Story of Seasons

Piczle Cross: Story of Seasons Releases on the 21st of February 2024

Acclaimed Story of Seasons Series The highly acclaimed Piczle series is back and better than ever with its latest installment, Piczle Cross: Story of Seasons. Developed by Japan-based publisher Rainy Frog, the game is set to release on February 27th, 2024 for Nintendo Switch and PC Steam gamers. With just eight days left before its release, fans of the series and puzzle enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating this new title. The Piczle series has been a forerunner in the logic-puzzle genre for over a decade. It has captivated players with its unique blend of intricate puzzles, engaging storylines, and lovable characters. From the sprawling world and captivating story of Piczle Cross Adventure to the retro LCD-inspired Piczle Puzzle & Watch Collection, and the mind-bending challenge of Piczle Lines 2: Into the Puzzle Verse, the Piczle series offers a wide range of logic-puzzling experiences. In Piczle Cross: Story of Seasons, players will […]

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Cricket Through the Ages

Effortless sport: Cricket Through the Ages comes to Switch on March 1st

Introducing the Latest Interplanetary Hit: Cricket Through the Ages by Free Lives Studio Get ready to experience the hilarious fusion of humanity and cricket as Free Lives Studio, the creators behind renowned games Terra Nil and Genital Jousting, announce the arrival of their popular mobile game Cricket Through the Ages on PC and Nintendo Switch. With its release date set for March 1, 2024, this game is set to take the intergalactic gaming world by storm. Cricket Through the Ages is not your ordinary sports game. You don’t have to be a cricket fan or even have knowledge about the sport to enjoy this game. With just a single button, players can easily pick up and play, making it accessible for all levels of gamers. The game is designed to be funny and interactive, with players using physics to throw objects through small, intricate stories. It’s a timeless experience that […]

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Survive in a Post-Apocalyptic World Navigate & explore the Black Ocean in Unlife

Indie Publisher and Solo Developer to Bring Dark Apocalyptic Adventure to Multiple Consoles in 2024 Gamers, get ready for an intense post-apocalyptic experience like no other! Ratalaika Games and Diedermor Studio are teaming up to release their highly anticipated game, Unlife. This thrilling 2D platformer is set to launch on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch on March 1st, 2024. Unlife takes place in a world ravaged by nuclear war, where the only surviving remnants are the Black Ocean and its treacherous inhabitants. Players take on the role of a lone survivor, tasked with navigating through this dark and dangerous world. But Unlife is not just your typical platformer – it offers a unique and immersive gameplay experience. At first glance, Unlife may seem like a simple platformer, where your goal is to overcome obstacles, gather weapons and supplies, and defeat monstrous creatures. […]

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the World According to Girl

the World According to Girl is available today on the Switch

Introducing the World According to Girl: A Unique Adventure Game Combining Deck-Building and Caring Elements The gaming world is about to get a new and exciting addition with the launch of the World According to Girl. Developed by Japanese indie game developer yondray, the game has already made waves since its release on Steam in February 2022. With its unique combination of a deck-build roguelike game and a caring game, the World According to Girl is a one-of-a-kind experience that has captivated gamers around the world. But now, this gripping adventure is expanding its reach even further with the launch of the game on Nintendo Switch and Xbox platforms. AMATA Games, the company in charge of localization, porting, and distribution to these consoles, has announced that the game is now available for download on Nintendo eShop and Microsoft Store. So, what makes the World According to Girl such a must-play […]

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Outward Definitive Edition

Outward Definitive Edition Out on Nintendo Switch 28 March 2024

A Known Date – An Unexplored World Get ready Nintendo Switch players, because a thrilling adventure awaits you in the world of Aurai. On 28 March, 2024, Outward Definitive Edition, the highly acclaimed open-world fantasy role-playing game developed by Nine Dots Studio, will finally make its way to the popular console. Prepare to immerse yourself in a world full of danger, mystery, and magic as you embark on an epic journey like no other. Step into the shoes of an ordinary adventurer and experience the ultimate survival challenge. As you navigate through cities, treacherous dungeons, and the untamed wilderness, you must defend yourself against dangerous creatures, brave harsh environmental conditions, and take care to stay healthy and hydrated. So, before you set out, make sure to check your backpack and ensure you have all the necessary supplies for your daring expedition. The long-awaited Nintendo Switch release of Outward Definitive Edition […]

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Pool Party

Gather your friends and battle it out – Pool Party to launch in Spring 2024!

Pool Party offers a unique set of chaotic physics-based party games! Various gameplay modes, tons of sports and brawl games to choose from, local multiplayer for up to four players, and loads of fun await in the newest game from Lakeview Games and Mindscape! Get ready to make a splash at the ultimate pool party! Mindscape and Lakeview Games have teamed up to create Pool Party – a new, fun, and addictive party game that will have you and your friends battling it out to become the king of the pool! Pool Party offers a wide variety of sports and brawl games, allowing players to customize their pool ball and compete solo or with up to four players. With easy-to-learn controls and challenging gameplay, anyone can join in on the fun and become a master of the party. But don’t be fooled by the adorable pool balls – they are […]

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Charming 3D Catform Fighter Nyaaaanvy Brings Feline Fisticuffs Feb 22nd

Get ready to meow and brawl with the most adorable fighters in Nyaaaanvy, the physics-based 3D cat platform fighter that will be released on Thursday, February 22nd, 2024 for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch. Developed by Team DigitalMind and published by Phoenixx, this game features fluffy feline fighters known as Nyanvies in a battle for the title of the cutest and fiercest cat. In Nyaaaanvy, players will control a variety of cat-like creatures and use their wiggly slinky-like bodies to attack their opponents. From flailing their hind legs to performing uppercut-butt strikes, the possibilities for combat moves are endless. As players deal damage to their opponents, knockback increases, making it easier to send them flying off the stage. It’s a purr-fect combination of cute and chaotic gameplay. But it’s not just about fighting in this game. Nyaaaanvy also offers a unique and fun setting for battles to take place. […]

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Passing By - A Tailwind Journey

Weigh anchor on March 12, 2024 and set off to discover a mysterious world aboard your balloon in Passing By – A Tailwind Journey

Passing By – A Tailwind Journey will launch on PC and Nintendo Switch this March! Studio Windsocke and Dear Villagers have partnered up to bring gamers a charming and unique adventure game, Passing By – A Tailwind Journey. This cozy ballooning adventure is set to release on PC and Switch on March 12th, promising an immersive and heartwarming experience. Passing By – A Tailwind Journey takes players on a journey through a whimsical world of floating isles, guided by the constant and unfaltering west wind. As Curly, a young balloonist, players must deliver a mysterious letter while exploring different biomes and meeting quirky island inhabitants. But be careful, once you leave an island, you won’t be able to return. The latest gameplay trailer teases the creative and colorful world that players will get to explore. With intricate 2D low-poly art, Passing By – A Tailwind Journey promises to be a […]

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Tamarak Trail

Roguelike Tamarak Trail drops on February 29th

Introducing Tamarak Trail: A Dice-Oriented Adventure Available on Multiple Platforms on February 29th – Play the demo now on Steam! Excitement is brewing in the gaming community as Yarrow Games announces the release of their highly anticipated game, Tamarak Trail, on February 29th. This turn-based, dice-oriented, deck-building roguelike game will be making its way to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox Series consoles, and PC for $14.99. And for those eager to embark on their adventure, pre-orders are now available on Switch and Xbox. But wait, there’s more! Players won’t have to wait until the official release date to try out the game. A demo is currently available on Steam, giving players a sneak peek into the thrilling world of Tamarak Trail. The demo allows players to play as the Detective and explore the first section of the map while facing the game’s first two bosses. With all abilities available, players […]

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Nintendo Download, February 15, 2024: The Rivalry Reignites!

Nintendo Download, February 15, 2024: The Rivalry Reignites!

In addition to video games available at retail stores, Nintendo also offers a variety of content that people can download directly to their systems. Nintendo Download adds new games weekly to Nintendo eShop, which offers a variety of options for the Nintendo Switch family of systems. As this is the final Nintendo Download of the year 2023, we like like to take this opportunity to wish all of you to have a safe and fun Happy New Year as you game in 2024! Nintendo eShop is a cash-based service that features a wide variety of content, including new and classic games, applications and demos. Users can add money to their account balances by using a credit card or purchasing a Nintendo eShop Card at a retail store and entering the code from the card. All funds from one card must be loaded in Nintendo eShop on the Nintendo Switch family […]

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Princess Peach Showtime!

Princess Peach: Showtime! Raises the Curtain on Four New Transformations

Enter: Four new transformations have been revealed today for the upcoming Princess Peach: Showtime! game Get ready Nintendo fans, because Princess Peach is making her dazzling return in the upcoming game, Princess Peach: Showtime! Four new transformations have been revealed for the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch game, set to launch on March 22. Each transformation brings a unique set of skills and flair to help Peach take on her enemies, the Sour Bunch, and save the Sparkle Theater. Check out the new gameplay video showcasing these new transformations in action. The first transformation, Figure Skater Peach, glides onto the scene with poise and grace, ready to take on the rink and put her foes on thin ice. With perfectly timed spins and jumps, she is a force to be reckoned with. Players can join her in a dazzling performance and skate around the competition to help her fellow dancers. Next up is Dashing […]

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Golazo! 2 Deluxe - Complete Edition

Release Date for Golazo! 2 Deluxe – Complete Edition confirmed

Immerse yourself in the exciting experience of an incredibly dynamic and fun arcade soccer game Get ready soccer fans, because a new and exciting game is coming your way!Golazo! 2 Deluxe – Complete Edition is a blast from the past, bringing the golden age of arcade soccer games back to life. Developed by Purple Tree and published by Meridiem Games, this fun and simple gameplay system is set to launch as a physical boxed version on April 11, 2024, for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. Meridiem Games, responsible for designing and manufacturing the boxed version, has announced that it will be available in specialist stores across Europe. This much-awaited release, Golazo! 2 Deluxe – Complete Edition, will feature a special case, a holographic card for each platform, and an exclusive code to download alternative covers. But that’s not all, as it will also include three additional DLCs that bring even […]

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Launch Schedule

2024 Launch Schedule
  • Another Code: Recollection Switch 1/19/2024
  • Mario vs. Donkey Kong Switch 2/16/2024
  • Princess Peach: Showtime! Switch 3/22/2024
  • Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD 2024
  • Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door 2024