Raccoo Venture rescues what made 3D platformer games special

Cute protagonist, platform challenges, collectible items, unlockable skins, and much more!

On December 14th of 2023 when Raccoo Venture launches, players around the world can join Raccoo in his adventure of recovering the lost Pieces of the Relic and restoring peace to the kingdom, in the upcoming 3D action-adventure platformer game Raccoo Venture.

Developed by a single person, Diego Ras, Raccoo Venture has gained great attention when it entered Early Access on Steam in 2020, and was even a finalist for Best Children’s Game at the BIG Festival 2021, the most important independent games festival in Brazil.

Raccoo is the last heir to the Power of the Guardians who once protected the Sacred Relic, the power source of Verta. Unfortunately, the evil Tattooed Armadillos stole it and the kingdom is on the brink of destruction. To restore peace, Raccoo must embark on a quest to collect the lost Pieces of the Relic.

This classic 3D platformer adventure features a vibrant and colorful world across diverse landscapes filled with puzzles, extra challenges like races to the finish, secret items, and even a multiplayer mode.

Raccoo Venture will be released on December 14th, 2023 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Check out its release date trailer to get a look at its colorful world and puzzles. Join Raccoo and restore peace to the kingdom on December 14th. With its classic 3D platformer adventure gameplay, vibrant world, puzzles and extra challenges, Raccoo Venture is set to become a great underrated classic.

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