‘MathLand’ educational adventure casts anchor on Nintendo Switch on February, 24

All original islands in one game! Madrid – February, 24, 2020 – Independent developer and publisher Artax Games announced today that MathLand, the educational adventure with maths challenges, exploration and patforms, of developer Didactoons, will be digitally available for Nintendo Switch next week. Previously available for iOS and Android devices, now charismatic Ray and his boat will cast anchor on Nintendo Switch, in a game including all original islands and modes packed for a really unique price of only 5.99 €/$. MathLand combines puzzles and maths challenges with the mechanics of a true adventure with exploration, platforming and collectibles. We will guide Ray to finish the evil pirate Max along 5 worlds full of challenges and dangers. With its different difficulty levels, MathLand adapts to any age and kinds of targets, from children in need of almost unnoticedly practice maths, to adults aiming to loosen up their brains and have […]

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ibb & obb

ibb & obb makes the jump to the Nintendo Switch

The indie darling is remastered for on the Nintendo SwitchTM release on March 5! ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS – February 17, 2020 – ibb & obb will be released on Nintendo Switch™ this March 5! The classic puzzle platformer has been remastered with improved visuals, enhanced level designs, and an innovative touch screen suggestion drawing system to bring Nintendo™ fans a perfect co-op experience. ibb & obb is a clever cooperative puzzle game for two. Players must work together to solve gravity based puzzles through 15 levels and 8 secret worlds. The Nintendo Switch™ release is being developed by Sparpweed in collaboration with their friends at Codeglue! Watch the announcement trailer: Get the game for a presale discount from €14.99 to €12.69 in the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo Switch: ibb & obb remastered for Nintendo Switch™! The award winning indie darling ibb & obb is back with a release for the Nintendo Switch! Originally announced in 2018, the […]

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King Lucas will release on Nintendo Switch on February 21st

Three years after it was launched on PC, where it has sold more than 40.000 units, DevilishGames’ King Lucas is preparing its landing on Nintendo Switch, thanks to the port made by Hidden Trap and Noobology. King Lucas is a platformer game with touches of adventure and metroidvania. Inspired by the 8 and 16 bits classics, the player will have to fulfil the missions ordered by King Lucas and the curious inhabitants of Sausan’s castle. Initially, the castle is made up of a few rooms, but throughout the game, it grows to a size of over 1000 rooms. Features: Get money and buy upgrades such us compasses and crystal balls, more weapons such us magical sticks and swords, or harder shields to protect yourself from the giant spiders, the armored rats, the piranhas and the many other haunted beings in the castle. Talk and interact with a lot of NPCs […]

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TY the Tasmanian Tiger HD for Nintendo Switch


YOU BEAUTY! TY THE TASMANIAN TIGER HD IS COMING TO THE NINTENDO SWITCH BRISBANE, Australia: Krome Studios is proud to announce that their award-winning game, TY the Tasmanian Tiger, is coming to the Nintendo Switch, March 31, 2020. Return to your favorite Aussie mates with this nostalgic re-mastering of the platformer-genre classic. “We’re so excited to bring Australia’s favorite character action platformer to a new generation,” says Lindsay Parmenter, Studio Director at Krome Studios. “Now you can enjoy using Switch joy-cons like boomerangs to throw and glide.” Join TY on a ripper of an adventure to collect the 5 mystical talismans to free his family from the “dreaming” and stop the evil genius cassowary, Boss Cass. To help you on your quest, you’ve got a beaut arsenal of boomerangs, sharp teeth, and the help of a few friends! Immerse yourself exploring 17 levels of iconic Australian Outback. Use 13 […]

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The Aksys Games #OtomeArmada Sets Sail on Nintendo Switch

Six visual novels slated for 2020, including beloved classics and all-new adventures Torrance, Calif.—January 21, 2019—Aksys Games today announced their upcoming lineup of interactive fiction (otome) titles setting sail on the Nintendo Switch™ in 2020. With six adventures featuring everything from a gritty urban reign of terror to supernatural hijinks to Mafia power struggles in 1920’s Italy, there are plenty of games to dive into. Two classic Code: Realize entries are launching soon, with ~Guardian of Rebirth~ coming February 6th and ~Future Blessings~ in April. The Code: Realize games explore the story of Cardia and her adventures in a steampunk version of Victorian England, where she encounters a cast of intriguing gentlemen based on characters from history and literature. A special Collector’s Edition of ~Guardian of Rebirth~ features an exclusive 60 page artbook, soundtrack CD and a collectible 3″ acrylic key chain. The Code: Realize games have been rated “T” for Teen […]

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Streets of Red: Devil's Dare Deluxe:


LOS ANGELES, CA., January 18, 2019—PM Studios and acttil are excited to announce their joint partnership with Limited Run Games and Secret Base to bring physical versions of the 4-Player Horror/Comedy Permadeath Beat ‘Em Up style Streets of Red: Devil’s Dare Deluxe to Nintendo™ Switch and PlayStation®4! In celebration of their physical release, PM Studios and acttil have also prepared a stunning Collector’s Edition packages for each console, which include an Special Edition Cover Art, a Retro Booklet, A2 Size Poster, Retro Replica Cart and a Original Soundtrack CD with Sleeve, all packed in a Collector’s Retro Box! Preorders for Streets of Red: Devil’s Dare Deluxe on both Standard and Collector’s Editions will begin on January 21st exclusively through Limited Run Games. Streets of Red: Devil’s Dare Deluxe: PS4 Standard: Switch Standard: PS4 Collector’s Edition: TBA Switch Collector’s Edition: TBA About Streets of Red: Devil’s Dare Deluxe: In […]

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Open-world ARPG title Genshin Impact schedules to come to Nintendo Switch

MiHoYo’s highly-anticipated title determined to bring the joys of open world exploration to another console platform Shanghai, Jan 14, 2020 – Genshin Impact will be available on Nintendo Switch. Players will step into a vast and vivid open world full of adventures and mysteries, unravel the secrets of this fantasy realm, and fulfill their own heroic quests. Check out new Genshin Impact Nintendo Switch trailer above, or visit Genshin Impact, as an open-world ARPG title, set in the fantasy world of Teyvat, which offers a freely – explorable world, multiple characters, an in-depth elemental combo – based combat system and an engaging story. A mysterious figure referred to as “The Traveler”, players will embark on a journey of finding their long-lost sibling to piece together their own mystery, while revealing Teyvat’s numerous secrets. Joined by a lively companion called Paimon, players will explore the land filled with varied landscapes, […]

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Stories Untold

Stories Untold Unfolding on Nintendo Switch

Independent developer No Code and label Devolver Digital have announced the celebrated experimental thriller Stories Untold will launch on Nintendo Switch next week on January 16. Combining a mix of classic text-adventure and point-and-click adventure in a modern presentation, four short stories are packaged together into a single mysterious anthology that earned widespread critical acclaim since release. Developer No Code reworked their debut game’s user experience and controls to take advantage of the Nintendo Switch’s Joy-Con.

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The life simulation game “PRINCESS MAKER -FAERY TALES COME TRUE-” is now available on the Nintendo e-Shop and Steam!

December 23, 2019 – The life simulation game “PRINCESS MAKER -FAERY TALES COME TRUE-” is now available on the Nintendo e-Shop and Steam! – The 3rd installment of the Princess Maker series has been revamped with HD graphics! – This lovable game is now available (12/23/2019) on the Nintendo e-Shop and Steam! “PRINCESS MAKER -FAERY TALES COME TRUE-” is available today (12/23/2019). “PRINCESS MAKER -FAERY TALES COME TRUE-” is the 3rd installment in the “Princess Maker” series, which pioneered the life sim genre. The original “Princess Maker” was released in 1997 for PlayStation, and found popularity far and wide. Now, 20 years later, this well loved series is making its return and players can watch their daughter grow based on their decisions! Witness a new beginning on Nintendo Switch and Steam! You’ll spend 8 years with this young girl, and influence her upbringing! The Faery Queen has turned her into […]

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2Awesome Studio resurrects IGF nominated Lumini to bring it to consoles

The Netherlands, December 17th 2019 – In 2016 a game developed by the Netherlands-based developers Speelbaars called Lumini arrived to be finalist of the IGF Awards, among other recognition. In 2017 Speelbaars closed, but at 2Awesome Studio we think the game is really good, and not only it deserves another chance at consoles, but we also think the console players from all over the world will be happy to have the opportunity of playing it on its machines. “Lumini is an amazing game with a touching theme and a soundtrack that always blew me away,” said David Jimenez, co-founder of 2 Awesome Studio. “I personally knew the team from a long time and we felt Lumini deserved to be on as many platforms as possible so that others can experience its magic.” This relaxing and soothing adventure will arrive to Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One at the beginning of […]

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