Worldend Syndrome

Romance amidst a nightmare that recurs every 100 years: Visual novel WORLDEND SYNDROME announced

Character design by Yuki Kato, lead artist of BLAZBLUE PQube (London, UK) January 21st, 2019 – Arc System Works and PQube are excited to announce the romantic mystery visual novel WORLDENDSYNDROME, coming to Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in 2019. Developed by the studio famous for not only exceptional fighting games, but also a variety of outstanding indies, WORLDEND SYNDROME combines the thrills of love and mystery. Meet the beautiful characters designed by Yuki Kato, lead artist of the BLAZBLUE franchise, explore the picturesque seaside town and discover a nightmare that seems to recur every 100 years. Check out the announcement trailer: Or on YouTube: “The smell of the sea, the sound of the waves – Mihate-chou is a gorgeous town!”, the new transfer student thought as he walked to his new home for the first time. The years at his former school had not been particularily pleasant, so he was happy to find a scenery that […]

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Trybit Logic

Trybit Logic Out

An engineer’s take on logic puzzles HIMACS Ltd. (Yokohama, Japan) releases Trybit Logic, a challenging puzzle game in which players use logic gates and bitwise operators to defeat bugs invading a computer system. Downloaded over 350,000 times to date on mobile devices in Japan, the Trybit series invites the user to deploy logical operations like AND, OR, NOT, and XOR to toggle gates and tackle increasingly complex rooms. Designed with programmers and engineers in mind, the game will challenge even the most hardened puzzle aficionado. Choose from turn-based Puzzle Mode, in which you progress through a series of increasingly harder puzzles, or the live Defense Mode, where bugs approach in a tower defense style. Trybit Logic is the first installment on Nintendo Switch and is available immediately at

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15th January, 2019 – Richmond, UK: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe has announced the worldwide release date for the highly anticipated SUPER DRAGON BALL HEROES WORLD MISSION on Nintendo Switch™ and PC. This will be the first game in the series to be released in the West when it arrives on 5th April, 2019. SUPER DRAGON BALL HEROES WORLD MISSION takes place in Hero Town, an alternate reality where a Dragon Ball card game is the most popular form of entertainment. Players take on the role of Beat, the protagonist of SUPER DRAGON BALL HEROES WORLD MISSION, and follow his journey to become the world champion of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. However, when the villains from the virtual game world appear in Hero Town and start wreaking havoc, Beat jumps into the game world and teams up with famous Dragon Ball characters to restore peace in the real world. SUPER DRAGON BALL HEROES WORLD MISSION is a card battle game featuring fighters from across all the Dragon Ball universes, […]

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Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force

Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force hits the Nintendo Switch on January 17th

Does your party have what it takes to defeat the Vile God? BRAINTREE, UK – 08/01/2018 – Set your weapons to Fairize, because Fairy Fencer F™: Advent Dark Force comes to the Nintendo™ eShop on January 17th 2019! It will be available for the Nintendo™ Switch only in digital form and will include all 25 items of DLC available in the original PlayStation®4 release. To celebrate, we are offering a 20% discount off the £29.99 price for the first two weeks of launch. The North American version will be released by our very good friends at Idea Factory International digitally to the Nintendo Switch™ via the Nintendo eShop™ on January 17, 2019 at 12PM PT! The game will also be available with a 20% DISCOUNT off the $39.99 price for the first two weeks of its launch!  The Switch version of Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark Force will include all 25 DLC available in the original PlayStation®4 release! In a land filled with power-imbued weapons known as […]

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Mordheim: Warband Skirmish

Mordheim comes to Nintendo Switch

Legendary Games announce the launch of Mordheim: Warband Skirmish, based on Games Workshop®’s Mordheim™ on Nintendo Switch.  2018 Nottingham, UK, 22nd November, Mordheim: Warband Skirmish will be the first Warhammer licensed game on Nintendo Switch eShop.  A premium version of the highly user rated (averaging a rating of 4.2/5) smart device application, it will launch worldwide on the 26thNovember retailing at £19.99, $24.99 and €24.99. Original launch trailer: Players explore the ruins of the City of Mordheim, clash with other scavenging warbands and collect Wyrdstone – valuable shards from the comet that destroyed the city.  The Switch version will include accelerated graphics and four factions to play from the start:  Skaven – Skulking sinister rat men who need Wyrdstone to thrive and the three principle human mercenary protagonists Reiklanders, Middenheimers, Marienburgers each representing one of the factions pitted against each other in a brutal civil war over who should sit in the throne as […]

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Oumuamua is Coming! Time to Hone Your Alien-Blasting Skills with Classic Arcade Shmup R-Type Dimensions EX

Substantial Savings for Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders and First Week Purchases on Steam Bellevue, Wash.—November 14, 2018 — Are you ready for an alien invasion? Whether or not possible alien probe Oumuamua is actually heading toward Earth to exterminate humankind, extraterrestrial experts agree that it’s important to be prepared. One of the best ways to be ready for a possible alien invasion is by honing your blasting skills on shoot ’em up games. In an effort to save the planet, Tozai Games announced today that it has opened up store pages for the upcoming release of R-Type™ Dimensions EX. The classic shmup will be launching worldwide on Nintendo Switch™ and Steam on November 28, 2018, and the game will be available at a 20% discount (reduced from $14.99 to $11.99) for Switch pre-orders and during the first week of sale for both Steam and Switch, allowing humans everywhere the opportunity to hone their skills before the […]

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Arcade Archives URBAN CHAMPION

Announcing the release date of “Arcade Archives URBAN CHAMPION”

HAMSTER Co. (Head Offices: Tokyo-to, Setagaya-ku; CEO: Satoshi HAMADA; referred to below as “HAMSTER” announces that from November 9th, 2018, Arcade Archives URBAN CHAMPION will be available digitally for Arcade Archives, the downloadable series by HAMSTER for Nintendo Switch™. About Arcade Archives URBAN CHAMPION URBAN CHAMPION is a beat ’em up fighting game, first released by Nintendo in 1984. True to its namesake, fighting men duke it out, fist to fist, for the title of “Urban Champion”! Go into battle with light and heavy punches, as well as dodging and other defensive maneuvers. Take on a 2 player battle, and try to read your opponents’ moves to become the victor! Title: Arcade Archives URBAN CHAMPION Platform: Nintendo Switch™ Price: $7.99 Release Date: November 9th, 2018 Official Website:

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Alchemic Cutie is Heading to PC, Nintendo Switch and Consoles

2nd November, 2018 – CIRCLE Entertainment is delighted to confirm that it is teaming up with developer Vakman to publish Alchemic Cutie on PC, Nintendo Switch and consoles. Vakman is a talented team led by Thomas Cashman and Sebastien Vakerics. Alchemic Cutie has already been warmly received following indie booth showcases at events such as Gamescom and EGX in 2018. It is a relaxing adventure RPG set on colorful Wimba Island; while taming wild jellies you’ll meet villagers, enter jelly competitions and uncover the secrets of the island. Check out a trailer for the current alpha build right here: Or on YouTube– Each jelly has uniquely generated stats and traits, while there are over 4000 visual styles. You can tame, breed, and raise the perfect jelly companions, competing in heated jelly competitions for the top prize. And to really boost your jelly’s abilities, use alchemy to create special items with powerful effects […]

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LEGO Harry Potter Collection


Players Can Journey Through All Eight Films of Magical Adventures in a Remastered Compilation of LEGO Harry Potter Games Available Now in the US and this Friday in the UK  for the First Time on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One!  Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, TT Games and The LEGO Group today announced the launch trailer for LEGO® Harry Potter™: Collection for Nintendo Switch™ and Xbox One, bringing the top-selling videogames LEGO® Harry Potter™: Years 1-4 and LEGO® Harry Potter™: Years 5-7 together in one remastered package today in the US and this Friday in the UK. Developed by TT Games and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, LEGO Harry Potter: Collection unites the signature humour of LEGO games and the expansive Wizarding World for a thrilling journey full of spell-casting, potion-making, and puzzle-solving fun. The compilation features content from the eight films with enhanced graphics, environments, lighting and visual effects, along with two downloadable content (DLC) packs. “The LEGO Harry Potter: Collection for Nintendo […]

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Announcing the release date of “ACA NEOGEO STRIKERS 1945 PLUS”

HAMSTER Co. (Head Offices: Tokyo-to, Setagaya-ku; CEO: Satoshi HAMADA; referred to below as “HAMSTER” announces that from October 18th, 2018, ACA NEOGEO STRIKERS 1945 PLUS will be available digitally for ACA NEOGEO, the downloadable series by HAMSTER for Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. About “STRIKERS 1945 PLUS” STRIKERS 1945 PLUS is a shoot ‘em up game released by Psikyo in 1999. Make use of Shots, Super Shots, and Support Attacks to make your way through a chaotic dogfight! Historical piston fighters, such as the P-38 Lightning, are ready to rumble!! A state of the art arcade shoot ’em up from the masters of the genre, Psikyo. Title: ACA NEOGEO STRIKERS 1945 PLUS Platform: Nintendo Switch™  /  PlayStation®4 / Xbox One Price: $7.99 Release Date: October 18th, 2018 Official Website:

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