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Future of Play Direct: Combat dating sim Nova Hearts comes later this year!

What happens when the charming acquaintance in your DMs turns out to be your opponent on the battlefield?

Get ready to embark on an epic quest filled with romance and action as Lightbulb Crew’s latest game, Nova Hearts, is set to launch this autumn on multiple platforms. The game, which combines elements of a LGBTQ+ dating sim and turn-based combat, will not only be available on Steam, but also on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PlayStation.

In a new trailer released during the Future of Play Direct event, players got a glimpse of the game’s charming cast and immersive gameplay. Protagonists Luce, Will, and CJ, best friends on a mission to unravel a magical mystery that has plunged their hometown into chaos, are faced with a unique challenge – to fight for love and the fate of their community.

As players transform into their cosmic alter-egos, they must use their special powers to battle enemies from another dimension. The game’s innovative time-line feature allows players to strategize and plan attacks with their team of super-powered allies, before unleashing their emotions on their opponents for maximum damage.

But Nova Hearts is not just about combat, as players also get to explore various relationships with civilians, friends, and even villains. From rivalries to friendships and love interests, players can text, talk, and date their way through different choices that impact the game’s narrative and unlock powerful combos.

Adding to the game’s realism, players have a lifeline in the form of a phone, providing access to a range of apps that offer insight into the game’s world, town, and relationships. Stay updated on the latest gossip, develop magical skills, and track the growth of your connections with others.

But as players return to their home town, they soon realize that things are not as they left them. Along with the sudden appearance of cosmic chaos, the once ordinary citizens have transformed into hot singles with newfound powers. It’s up to players to reconnect with old friends, make new ones, and discover the origins of this bizarre phenomenon.

With its unique blend of romance, combat, and intriguing storyline, Nova Hearts promises to be a must-play game this autumn. And if you can’t wait until then, you can already add it to your wishlist on Steam and even play the demo.

Don’t miss out on this thrilling adventure of love and combat. Nova Hearts will be heating up consoles in just a few months, so get ready to unleash your powers and find out why everyone in town has become so incredibly hot!

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