Trading Time: A Croak Tale

​​​​​​​Exclusive New Trading Time: A Croak Tale Trailer to be Revealed During Wholesome Games’ Wholesome Snack Showcase

Steam Prologue launches in conjunction with Indie Game Showcase wrapping up a weekend of exciting exclusives​​​​​​​ UK publisher Merge Games and Copenhagen, Denmark-based development studio Half Past Yellow are excited to reveal a weekend of exciting new content for their sandbox puzzle adventure game, Trading Time: A Croak Tale for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4&5, Xbox One & Series X|S consoles, and PC. To start things off, gamers tuning into Wholesome Games’ Wholesome Snack Showcase on Saturday, November 13th, will be the first to watch the brand new Trading Time: A Croak Tale – Prologue gameplay trailer revealing more of the games’ delightful sandbox world and humourous game mechanics. Wholesome Games is a YouTube channel dedicated to brightening your day with uplifting, thoughtful, compassionate and cozy videogames. The new Trading Time: A Croak Tale – Prologue trailer will be available to view in Wholesome Games’ Wholesome Snack Showcase from 20:00 GMT / 21:00 CET / 15:00 EST / […]

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Switch RealFarmPremiumEdition 01

Real Farm – Premium Edition is now available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®5, and Xbox Series X|S

SOEDESCO® releases its first next-gen title Following the release of Real Farm – Gold Edition last June this year, farming experience Real Farm – Premium Edition is now available on PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch. The Premium Edition includes all previously released DLC, along with UI/UX improvements and graphical enhancements optimized for next-gen consoles. Tractors in 4K A new launch trailer reveals SOEDESCO’s Real Farm – Premium Edition running in 4K 60 FPS on PlayStation®5 and Xbox Series X|S. A key highlight of the Premium Edition is its optimized graphical enhancements for next-gen consoles, as shown in the shots from the trailer taken on an Xbox Series X. Farming on-the-go An 8-minute gameplay video uploaded by SOEDESCO shows Real Farm – Premium Edition on Nintendo Switch. This marks the first time that Real Farm is available on Nintendo Switch, giving the title a portable experience.  

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Om Nom: Run October 29th pre-order & November 5th release on Nintendo Switch

Challenge your reflexes and defeat your friends on the way with treacherous hurdles when OM NOM: RUN launches on November 5th! Pre-orders started on Oct 29 on the Nintendo eShop. OM NOM: RUN is an arcade action game with clear basic goals: run, bypass obstacles along the way and reach the finish line. You can count on: One Om Nom in many outfits – a rubber glove thief, icy hero, fiery flame? It’s up to you! Choose from crazy hats, capes and pants. Over 20 characters available to play with 3 gameplay modes: Multiplayer, Campaign, and Free Run. 4 types of missions within the Campaign mode – Run the Distance, Collect Tokens, Perform Tricks and Collect Letters. Multiplayer mode in 2 options – on divided screen (up to 4 players) or together at one screen (up to 8 players). Campaign mode with 120 levels in 9 locations: The City, Drain, […]

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FurryFury, cross-platform online arena brawler announcement!

Demibug, an ex-Witcher 3 developer studio, announced that FurryFury – a Digital Dragons 2020 Indie Showcase finalist – will be released on PC, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS later this year, providing cross-platform multiplayer across all systems. Successful early access on Steam FurryFury is a dynamic, turn-based online arena puzzle brawler. It was released over 2 years ago in Early Access on Steam. Since then, the game has been continuously updated with new content, resulting in a high appreciation over the platform for its physics-based mechanics, graphical style and multiple game modes. As of now, there are over 470 player reviews on Steam with a “Very Positive” sentiment (85% positive recommendations). Like a rolling Beast You play as a Beast and roll on the arena against your opponents in a pool-like match. Unlike the popular pool game, though, the beasts have unique abilities and the table is a deadly arena with spikes and hidden mechanics! The key to victory lies […]

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Toy Soldiers HD


Date Change to October 21 Ensures Simultaneous Release on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox Platforms Our plans are changing, and we are moving the release of Toy Soldiers HD on to October 21, 2021. We apologize to you all. As a small team, each decision we make carries more impactful consequences. So, it was a difficult decision to make but the right one. Moving the date ensures all versions of the game will be released simultaneously. That means Xbox One (playable on Xbox Series X I S), Steam, and for the first time ever, PlayStation 4 (playable on PS5) and Nintendo Switch will be available on October 21. The new Toy Soldiers HD date is based on an issue of leaderboards displaying incorrectly, amongst some minor items we wanted to address, so instead of staggering our release, we decided it was best to hold all versions until we could […]

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Monster Crown

Monster Crown prepares for launch with new Monster Design Origins Series

​​​​​​​As launch approaches, pre-order begins for Nintendo Switch After Monster Crown’s appearance at Gamescom 2021 back in August this year as well as revealing the game’s cinematic opening, developer Studio Aurum have shared more of the game’s content through their ‘Monster Design Origins’ series on YouTube. Here, the developer presented how they designed the in-game monsters for the game coming to Nintendo Switch and PC on October 12th, and to PlayStation®4 and Xbox One on November 2nd. Studios Aurum explains in their Monster Design Origins Series that the game’s monsters come in a variety of forms, with players having the ability to crossbreed and create over 1200 monsters. Starting today, pre-order is now available for Nintendo Switch and will run until the game launches on October 12th. About Monster Crown Unravel Crown Island’s dark story as you create your own monster legacy. With a history of sadistic rulers and heroic saviors, […]

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Switch Robotry header01

Lockpickle has just announced Robotry!

Their second game Robotry! due to launch on Nintendo Switch, consoles, and PC in 2022 Robotry! brings out a unique physics-based twist on 2D platforming. It has a physical movement mechanic, where legs are controlled directly using gamepad analog sticks. Walking, jumping, kicking and pushing buttons are all done simply by pushing the legs against different objects. You might think that it’s frustratingly finicky, but the auto-balancing of the robot makes this relatively effortless. There’s a learning curve, but it’s smooth and satisfying. The ability to grab and move things in Robotry! brings even more depth, adding actions like throwing, climbing and cranking. You might move like a glitchy toddler to start with, but end up more like an acrobat. The game also rewards sandbox-like experimentation with plenty of discoverable secrets. Robotry! Features Physically-based controls: walk, jump, climb, throw and crank using analog sticks The main story is available as both single player […]

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Haustoria’s release date revealed – Check out the new trailer!

A beautiful 2D puzzle platformer with innovative game mechanics is coming to Nintendo Switch Enter the peculiar world that has been cursed by an ancient, plant-based cosmic entity known as the Haustoria. Take command and defeat this forceful being while traversing this dark and creepy universe. Haustoria, a 2D puzzle-platformer with innovative game mechanics and unique hand-drawn visual style created by Antares Games, is coming to Nintendo Switch on 24th of September thanks to The pre-order starts on 17th of September. DIFFICULT JOURNEY Begin the harsh journey through the unique but creepy universe of Haustoria playing as a young boy. Wander over a weird forest, explore a cursed house, creep around in pitch black caves, and avoid dangerous traps in an old dungeon. USE SOME MAGIC  Make your way through the game by using the magical thumbtack system. Pin and unpin various game objects to walk through paths, get […]

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Momolu and Friends

Momolu and Friends releases on Nintendo Switch

Momolu and Friends is an amazing game for pre-schoolers, where familiar characters help your child learn through a dozen playful minigames. Today Momolu and Friends, a colorful world that teaches kids about creativity and teamwork, hits the Nintendo Switch eShop with a launch discount and a current QbicGames games owner discount Momolu and Friends is an amazing game for pre-schoolers, where familiar characters help your child learn through a dozen playful minigames. The story follows Momolu, a gentle, unassuming panda who has a knack of stumbling into situations requiring his help. Momolu’s friends experience their own set of everyday problems which are solved through creative thinking and collaboration: Banni the rabbit helps redecorate the harbour with her sketchbook, Huhu the owl wants to build a slide that everyone can enjoy Hiko the badger gets to the bottom of a water mystery! Momolu helps the other animals find solutions to their challenges […]

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Discover the exciting battles of DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT + A NEW POWER AWAKENS SET

In DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT + A NEW POWER AWAKENS SET, players will be able to fight with their favourite heroes from the iconic saga. The game offers fast paced, action-packed battles where all the techniques and signature special attacks of the Dragon Ball Z characters will be needed to win over all of your enemies.

Energy waves, light-fast sidesteps, multi hit combos and mid battle transformations will be the core of the battle experience, as you fight on land and in the sky using all of your tactics to be victorious!

DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT + A NEW POWER AWAKENS SET for Nintendo Switch™ includes the full game as well as the two boss battle episodes “A New Power Awakens” Parts 1 and 2.

DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT + A NEW POWER AWAKENS SET will be coming to the Americas, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on September 24th! Pre-orders for the game also include a new Sub Story titled “A Competitive Party with Friends”, early access to Bonyu’s training, a cooking item improving players’ stats as well as 10 D-Medals.