The Last Faith

Dark and Visceral Gothic Metroidvania The Last Faith is out now

Mythringal beckons

Publisher Playstack and developer Kumi Souls are pleased to announce the eagerly awaited launch of The Last Faith, a chilling combination of the Gothic Soulslike and Metroidvania genres. The game is out now for PC, PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One and retails for $27.99 USD.

The Last Faith has already amassed a sizable wishlist on the major digital stores. That’s no surprise, considering it offers gamers the perfect balance of Metroidvania exploration and Soulslike combat. Fans of both genres will undoubtedly enjoy the unique combination of game elements in The Last Faith. It’s a thrilling experience that players simply won’t find elsewhere.

This captivating game tells the tale of a congregation of knights who have devoted their lives to their faith. Their task is to protect the Holy City of Trakand from vast hordes of encroaching beasts. Players will assume the role of a novice knight, tasked with exploring the lands surrounding the city and discovering true power within themselves.

Often brutal, but always empowering, The Last Faith thrives on merciless and precise combat, with a huge range of custom executions to perform. Players will unearth a formidable variety of melee weapons, arcane spells, and long-range firearms, allowing them to carve a path in their own style.

Explore rich, gothic environments to piece together the fractured history of Mythringal, and survive intense encounters against swathes of blood-thirsty enemies who will stop at nothing to put an end to Eryk. Use your extensive arsenal of weapons to bring your foes to their knees with surgical precision, and invoke the mysterious power of the Nycrux to level up your attributes and stay one step ahead.

For the most daring gamers, The Last Faith offers an additional challenge. Heroes can take on various titanic bosses, assembled from the most powerful creatures in the world. Will you be able to conquer them and protect the city?

The Last Faith is already out now. Anyone looking for a unique gaming experience that combines classic Metroidvania exploration with Soulslike combat should definitely give this game a try. It’s sure to be a rewarding journey for players unafraid to take on the challenges of The Last Faith.

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