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Super Mario Maker 2 and The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Coming in 2019

Super Mario Maker 2 and The Legend Of Zelda: Link’s Awakening Coming in 2019

New Games Join a Nonstop Lineup of Nintendo Switch Releases This Year REDMOND, Wash., Feb. 13, 2019 – In a new Nintendo Direct video presentation, Nintendo announced that Super Mario Maker 2, a sequel to the groundbreaking original game, and a stylish re-imagining of The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening are both launching this year for the Nintendo Switch™ system. The video also revealed ASTRAL CHAIN, a new action game from PlatinumGames exclusive to Nintendo Switch. In addition to introducing other acclaimed titles coming to Nintendo Switch, likeHellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice and Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, the video also provided more details about upcoming Nintendo games like Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Yoshi’s Crafted World, DAEMON X MACHINA and MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3: The Black Order, among many others. Nintendo Switch will also be home to BOXBOY! + BOXGIRL!, the next iteration in the charming puzzle-platformer series coming to Nintendo eShop. Plus, starting today, Nintendo Switch owners will have access to surprise launches like the online […]

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Presenting: “Colt Canyon” Conquer the West Roguelike Style

Loot. Shoot. Dodge. Reload. Strap on your revolver and keep the hammer cocked, Hoss – welcome to the West! Headup announces Colt Canyon, developed by Retrific Game Studio, to be released in Q3 2019 for PC, Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. Colt Canyon is a stylish 2D pixel art twin-stick shooter with roguelike elements in which you control a cowboy (or a cowgirl!), whose mission it is to save his kidnapped partner from ruthless bandits. Take your revolver, knife and TNT and shoot your way through a hostile canyon full of hidden treasures, weapons, obstacles and all kinds of bloodthirsty scum. Perhaps you can save more people that just your beloved one. You can also enjoy Colt Canyon with a friend by playing its 2P local co-op mode. Watch the blood and carnage in the Announcement Trailer! With permadeath, roguelike gameplay and many unlockable characters,Colt Canyon offers high replayability value: Every run is different. Though the canyon’s basic layout is handcrafted, everything else […]

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Q.U.B.E. 2 is heading to the Nintendo Switch

Limited Print Physical release coming via Super Rare Games Independent developer Toxic Games is proud to announce that Q.U.B.E. 2, the highly-anticipated sequel to the 2011 hit, Q.U.B.E., is coming to the Nintendo Switch™ on February 21st 2019. The game will be available on the Nintendo eShop for £22.99/€25.99/$29.99 but will launch with a 15% discount. Super Rare Games today have also announced their partnership with Toxic Games to release the game physically for the Nintendo Switch™ – only 4,000 copies of the game will ever be printed, and pre-orders for the game open on the 13th of February exclusively at Super Rare Games has worked on some of the biggest and most loved indie games on the Switch, releasing games such as Worms: W.M.D, Snake Pass and The Adventure Pals. Having only formed in February 2018, they have quickly become a staple for any video game collector. Q.U.B.E. 2, sequel to the hit indie puzzle […]

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Switch PetCare GuessTheWord 01

Ultimate Games will release two games for younger players on Nintendo Switch

Pet Care and Guess The Word are the next games that will be released on Nintendo Switch by Ultimate Games S.A. Both titles are addressed to younger players. Pet Care gives the possibility to care for pets and with Guess The Word one can learn basic English words in an accessible manner. The games will appear in digital distribution (Nintendo eShop) on February 14 this year. The titles created by Baked Games will be issued on Nintendo Switch by the Ultimate Games S.A. The games are addressed to younger players (from 4 years old and older) and will be launched on Nintendo Switch February 14, 2019. Pet Care In Pet Care, young players can learn about various animals. 10 charming creatures like a cat, dog, horse, frog and moose are waiting to be discovered. The gameplay boils down to their care, feeding and the collection of badges for such activities. […]

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Alvastia Chronicles

Alvastia Chronicles for PlayStation and Nintendo Switch: Stem the tide of monsters in the world with more than 100 allies at your support!

February 12, 2019 – KEMCO proudly announces the release of Alvastia Chronicles for PlayStation® set to hit the North American PlayStation®Store today, and for the Nintendo Switch system, which pre-purchase is already available, set to hit the Nintendo eShop on February 14th. Standard price is $12.99, but PS Plus users will receive a special 10% OFF discount during the first two weeks! For more information, please visit each storefront. Story After encountering the man who killed their parents ten years prior, Elmia, a priestess; and Alan, her brother and protector, set out to avenge their deaths as they fight to stem the tide of monsters flooding into the upper world, and restore peace to Alvastia. However, in their quest to amass an army of diverse companions with the same goal, will they really be able to gain the strength necessary to bring their parents’ killer to justice, and save the world…? Do you have what it takes to recruit them […]

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Rocket League Friends List (Update)


Cross-Platform Party System and Season 9 Rewards Available on February 19 SAN DIEGO – February 12, 2019 – Psyonix, independent video game developer and publisher, has announced that the ‘Friends Update’ will go live in Rocket League on February 19 for all platforms (pending first party certifications). The content included in the Friends Update is: Friends List – The update will see the introduction of Friends List (previously referred to as RocketID), the long awaited Cross-Platform Party system. For the first time in Rocket League, players will be able to invite friends from other gaming platforms to Parties and Clubs. For more information, check out the blog post HERE Season 9 Rewards and Start of Season 10 – Season 9 Competitive and Extra Mode Rewards will be available and the update will also signal the beginning of Competitive Season 10. Take a look at Season 9 Rewards HERE Various Quality of Life Improvements To learn more about Rocket League, please […]

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Pokémon GO Snapshot feature

Photograph Your Pokémon in Pokémon GO

The new GO Snapshot feature allows Trainers to take and share photos of their Pokémon partners anytime. From the smallest Wurmple to the tallest Alolan Exeggutor, Trainers have taken amazing photos that show off Pokémon in their natural habitats. Today, we’re happy to announce that a brand-new feature will arrive soon—one that’s sure to make capturing the charms of your favorite Pokémon easier than ever! Introducing GO Snapshot—an easy way to take a photo of any Pokémon you have in your Pokémon Storage! You can find the feature when looking at a specific Pokémon or accessing the camera in your Bag of items. It’s simple to use. Select a Pokémon and tap on the screen to throw its Poké Ball to that spot. Once your Pokémon is situated in the ideal spot, you can then move around it to find the best angle for your photo. Is your Pokémon distracted […]

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switch MinesweeperGenius 01

Minesweeper Genius Makes its Explosive Debut on Console Today

SYDNEY, NSW – Feb. 12, 2019 – Minesweeper Genius, the modern take on the classic game of logic from developer Mgaia Studio and publisher Blowfish Studios, is now available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In Minesweeper Genius, aliens have acquired Aristotle’s DNA and cloned him to conduct experiments in labs filled with explosive land mines. It’s up to players to sweep their way through each level, moving Aristotle from one square to the next en route to the exit while avoiding subterranean dangers. Numbers on each row and column indicate how many mines are near, tasking players with working out where they are without making a costly mistake. Aristotle’s challenge gets more complicated when special tiles come into play, introducing new obstacles that alter or restrict his movement around the alien labs. Use flags to keep track of where hidden hazards are and enjoy relaxing music while working out solutions. Minesweeper Genius helps […]

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LEGO DC Super-Villains

LEGO® DC Super-Villains Adds DC Movie Character Pack

Playable Characters from the Justice League Movie Add to the Fun! Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment today released the DC Movie Character Pack for LEGO® DC Super-Villains on PlayStation® 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™, and Windows® PC. The new pack features iconic DC Super Heroes and Super-Villains including Wonder Woman, Batman, The Flash, Superman, Cyborg, and Deathstroke each with a fresh look matching their appearance in the Justice League movie produced by Warner Bros. Pictures. Players can also play as the original, comic book version of these characters in the main game. As one of the most beloved and iconic DC Super Heroes of all time, Wonder Woman has stood for nearly eighty years as a symbol of truth, justice and equality to people everywhere. With super strength and legendary combat skills, she constantly walks the line of promoting peace and her need to fight back against evil doers on Earth. Batman dedicated his life to an endless […]

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Switch RadRodgers CoopGroupPhoto 01

Rad Rodgers: Radical Edition Debuts Co-Op, New Characters on Nintendo SwitchTM February 26

Free Update Arriving Simultaneously For PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC AALBORG, Denmark / GIEBELSTADT, Germany February 12th 2019 — Rad Rodgers, an homage to classic ’90s-era platformers from developer Slipgate Studios and publishers 3D Realms and HandyGames, a THQ Nordic company, locks and loads on Nintendo Switch February 26 with all-new content including local co-op, versus mode, and the King himself, Duke Nukem. Every new addition will come to the PlayStation®4, Xbox One and PC via a free update. Fight alongside or against buddies in Radical Edition’s new local co-op and versus modes. Plop down with a buddy to team up to take down the baddies and save the videogame world. Need to get out some aggression? Lay on the smack down in Battle Mode to show them who’s boss. The Radical Edition adds ‘90s gaming icons Duke Nukem, Lo Wang from Shadow Warrior, Cosmo from Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure and Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison from Bombshell and the upcoming Ion Maiden. Let Rad catch some Z’s and take one […]

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One Finger Death Punch 2

Test Your Might! One Finger Death Punch 2 Demo Now Available

Fight through countless foes to prepare for this fast-paced brawler’s release on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch Toronto – February 11, 2019 – Silver Dollar Games is pleased to release a demo for its highly-anticipated sequel, One Finger Death Punch 2 (OFDP2). The demo gives players roughly 45 minutes of fast-paced action controlling the chosen one (AKA white stick figure) as he fights his way through wave after wave of bad guys. Using his advanced martial arts techniques, various weapons, deadly skills, and surroundings, players can Eagle Claw their way through the tutorial and then Plum Flower Punch a handful of levels from the game’s first map. Today’s demo will serve as a dumpling-sized appetizer to the full OFDP2 experience. Couch-potato combatants can expect over 400 levels, 15 level types, 4 endless survival modes, and two gauntlet run game modes all while helping the chosen one learn a total of 26 new skills. “One […]

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Alchemic Dungeons DX

Alchemic Dungeons DX Release Details Confirmed

11th February, 2019 – Flyhigh Works is delighted to confirm its next release on the Nintendo Switch eShop and Steam (PC). Alchemic Dungeons DX, developed by Q-Cumber Factory, arrives globally this week (14th February) and will cost $7.99USD / €7,99. You can view the launch trailer here Or on YouTube at – Blending rogue-like mechanics with item crafting, Alchemic Dungeons DX is a game of endless variety. Alchemic Dungeons DX is an expanded and improved entry in the series. This deluxe version includes new characters, items and dungeons; the background music and visuals have also been enhanced. Dungeons are randomly generated and you progress with turn-based action. Every step you take will affect events, enemies and exploration. All of the action takes place within an awesome 8-bit aesthetic, with retro-style visuals and audio. With double the characters of the original version (8), more item combinations and fresh areas to explore, get ready for […]

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Switch Gigantosaurus 01


Paris, February 11, 2019: Cyber Group Studios, a leading animated entertainment company, and Outright Games, a global family videogames publisher, today announced a major partnership to create the first video game inspired by Gigantosaurus, the new animated television series airing on Disney Channel US since January 18th. The new video game will be available for PlayStation® 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch™ and PC. Based on the bestselling book by world-renowned author Jonny Duddle, Gigantosaurus, the full-CGI comedy-action series produced by Cyber Group Studios, brings preschoolers along on the adventures of four young dinosaur friends as they explore their prehistoric world and the mystery of Gigantosaurus, the biggest, fiercest dinosaur of them all. The new series that roared to life on Disney Channel US will be broadcast on Disney Junior worldwide (excluding India, China and Taiwan). Gigantosaurus is also set to premiere on major broadcast networks, including France Télévisions, Germany’s Super RTL, RAI (Italy), SRC (Canada), as well […]

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Xenon Racer new Showcase Video Revealed

We have a new showcase video released just today, this time showing off the Nebula RR GT:

In Xenon Racer, players can race against the AI in Fast Race and Elimination Mode, and unlock new cars, parts and maps in the singleplayer Championship. To practice their racing skills and to break personal records, players can hit the tracks by themselves in Time Attack, Checkpoint Attack and Free Mode. There’s also a local split screen mode and an online multiplayer to challenge others to a race.

Xenon Racer, developed by 3DClouds, is coming both digitally and physically to PlayStation®4 and PS4 Pro, the Xbox One family of devices including Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch and Steam® on March 26, 2019.

Switch SnakeVsSnake 01

Snake vs Snake rolls out major update with support for 6 players on a single screen

Stockholm, Sweden (Februari 8, 2019) – Snake vs Snake, the fast paced snake game with an insane battle mode, from, launched a major update today on Nintendo Switch. The update enables 6 players to battle it out on a single screen with more options to customize the experience such as setting the speed of the snakes and winning conditions. The graphics has also received a massive update making the experience even more delightful. Snake vs Snake is inspired by the classic Snake game but brings the action and intensity of “couch style” multiplayer madness where up to 6 friends can battle it out. Once and for all the dispute of which the greatest Snake player is can be resolved in battle with the help of power-ups like bombs, speedups, shots and more. Snake vs Snake has been recognized as one of the fan favorites and one of the top games in the […]

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Launch Schedule

2024 Launch Schedule
  • Another Code: Recollection Switch 1/19/2024
  • Mario vs. Donkey Kong Switch 2/16/2024
  • Princess Peach: Showtime! Switch 3/22/2024
  • Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD 2024
  • Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door 2024