Super Buff HD

Super Buff HD release date confirmed with bufftacular new trailer

Shoot all the buff dudes when the muscular FPS flexes its way to PC later this month, consoles in 2024 Digerati, the independent publisher, announced its upcoming launch of a high-octane FPS with an 80’s MS-Paint aesthetic – Super Buff HD. The game will be released on Steam on the 29th of September at a steep discounted price of $8.99, with an even further 20% discount for a limited time. Developed by Buffcorp, Super Buff HD is an ultra-high speed platform-shooter set in a realm of spandex-clad buff dudes. Players jump and shred between rails, surf enemies, use water jets and trampolines in order to fight their way past hordes of buff characters. Along the way, they’ll also be able to use an array of specially designed weapons to dispatch the enemies. Super Buff HD provides players with 18 stages of facilities to explore, with each stage carrying its own […]

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Switch BlueyTheVideogame 01

The First Ever BLUEY: The VIDEOGAME Launches November 17th 2023

The BAFTA and Emmy Award-winning animated preschool series heads to consoles and PC in “Bluey: The Videogame” Today Outright Games, a leading publisher of family-friendly interactive entertainment, and BBC Studios have announced Bluey: The Videogame will be launched on November 17th 2023, and is the first ever Bluey video game that will be available on multiple platforms! The game, based on the popular Emmy and BAFTA Award-winning TV show, invites players to join Bluey, a loveable, inexhaustible Blue Heeler, her family and the whole neighborhood in her world of boundless fun. The Bluey: The Videogame features faithful recreations of iconic locations from the show, along with an original four-part storyline created in collaboration with Artax Games, BBC Studios and the show’s Ludo Studio. Playing as Bluey, her sister Bingo, Mum, and Dad, players can engage in story-driven episodes, enjoy minigames taken directly from the show such as ‘Keepy Uppy’ and ‘Magic […]

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Your hen is missing, there is no time to waste in Freaky Trip!

The Rescue Freaky Trip starts from 6th of October

Get Ready for an Unusual Adventure – Freaky Trip Launches on the 6th of October. Do you want to embark on an unusual rescue mission?

RedDeer.Games, an independent video game developer and publisher specializing in publishing games for the Nintendo Switch console, have announced the much-awaited launch of their new game – Freaky Trip. All players will be able to set out on a rescue mission for their beloved cockapoo from October 6.

Freaky Trip is a humorous point-and-click adventure set in a fairy-tale world. It features surreally bizarre puzzles as well as extraordinary challenges along the way. The main character of the game is Salcy, a fantastical little creature accompanied by his best friend – a lovely cockapoo. One day, when Salcy discovers that the hen has gone missing, his quest to find her begins. In order to find the missing chick, the players will have to explore 14 hand-drawn cartoonish locations. Each of these locations has its own set of unique inhabitants, who may or may not be of help to Salcy. The whole journey will be accompanied by vibrant music which will make this wacky expedition even more exciting.

Freaky Trip is available on both Steam and the Nintendo Switch console globally from October 6. Wishlist on Steam and Nintendo Switch today. So, get ready for an unique adventure of a lifetime – Freaky Trip is coming soon!



Experience the award-winning digital board game featuring a massive collection of content and full online co-op with crossplay! Today is a huge day for Twin Sails Interactive and the team behind the acclaimed tactical role-playing game, Gloomhaven, as they launch the game on PlayStation5, PlayStation4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Adapted from Isaac Childres’ beloved board game and now developed by Flaming Fowl Studios and Saber Interactive, the game is jam-packed with two campaigns, over 250 scenarios, 17 mercenaries and thousands of abilities that can be experienced online in co-op for up to four players with crossplay across all platforms. The game is available in two different editions – Gloomhaven Mercenaries Edition and Gloomhaven Gold Edition. Mercenaries Edition features the full base game, including all content from the original board game, plus the all-new “Solo Scenarios: Mercenary Challenges” DLC for €/$39.99. The Gold Edition includes everything from […]

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Switch HauntedHouse 01

Atari’s Spine-Tingling Haunted House Revival Gets an October Launch Date

Check out the Haunted House release date trailer Atari taps into horror roots with the revival of their first-ever survival horror game, Haunted House. The classic game from 1982, now reimagined as a 2D isometric horror experience is coming to consoles and PCs, ready to creep onto screens on October 12, 2023. Haunted House is developed by Orbit Studio, the minds behind Retro Machina and published by Atari, with its whimsical, cartoonish art style and all-ages rating. The game offers a unique experience with each attempt with its unpredictable enemy encounters, shifting walls and spooky surprises lurking in the mansion that you explore. Taking on the role of Lyn Graves, the niece of renowned treasure hunter, Zachary Graves, you and your friends have gone to investigate his disappearance and the eerie ectoplasms that have infested his mansion. It’s up to you to guide Lyn back to her friends and put a stop […]

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Cyber Citizen Shockman 2: A New Menace

Iconic Retro Brand Sequel Cyber Citizen Shockman 2: A New Menace Releases 22nd September

The upcoming standalone sequel Cyber Citizen Shockman 2: A New Menace brings the same fast-paced, retro arcade action, but this time with some added excitement. It has a traditional 2D action game level design mixed together with classic 2D side-scrolling shooting game design. Players are met with nine stages full of shooting action with all types of dangerous enemies, including 12 boss fights. In addition, there are two new characters, Jeeta and Mue, that adds a new layer of depth to the game. To increase the experience even more, the sequel also includes art gallery and a co-op local mode. This game is perfect for those who are looking for a classic, thrilling arcade shooter. The shockman series has also had some serious talent work on it, this time including the acclaimed Koji Hayama who composed the music for Mega Man ZX Advent and Toshiro Tsuchida who was producer on […]

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Switch NascarArcageRush 00

The Race Is On: NASCAR Arcade Rush Out Now

Experience high-speed family fun with wild spins on NASCAR’s most iconic tracks! Today marks the launch of NASCAR Arcade Rush, the new heart-pumping, high-speed racing game for PlayStation5, PlayStation4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. Get ready for the ultimate NASCAR experience as you race across some of the motorsport’s most iconic tracks that have been totally reengineered with unexpected twists, turns, jumps, and boosts. The brand-new game mode presents an arcade-style racing action that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you customize your car and driver with tons of different paint schemes, rims, spoilers, and visual effects. You can choose from a variety of cars spanning 75 years of stock car racing history to race in the Career NASCAR Cup Series, Quick Race, or Time Attack modes both offline and online. If you’re a true NASCAR fan, the NASCAR Arcade […]

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Switch DyschroniaChronosAlternateDE 01

DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate – Definitive Edition releasing digitally on Nintendo Switch worldwide on November 22, 2023

The multi-award-winning VR adventure DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate is getting a worldwide digital release on Nintendo Switch, coinciding with the game’s Japanese release on November 22, 2023 (JST). A first look English trailer is also out today! On November 22nd, 2023 (JST), IzanagiGames, Inc. and MyDearest Inc. will be releasing their joint-developed game DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate – Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch players worldwide. DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate – Definitive Edition Nintendo Switch First Look Trailer. This gripping murder-mystery game has plenty of twists and turns, as players use their special ability to dive into the memories lingering in items they find to investigate the theoretical impossibility of a crime in a city with a 0.001% crime rate. Steeped in mystery, with a breathtaking cinematic world, this game will intrigue and astound players for hours. The DYSCHRONIA: Chronos Alternate – Definitive Edition contains all three episodes of the game, as well as exclusive Nintendo […]

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Fans of comic books around the world are sure to be excited – the beloved characters of Asterix & Obelix are returning to battle once more in Asterix & Obelix: Heroes! This adaptation of the classic comic is a turn-based strategy card game, designed to appeal to everyone. Players must form a team of 4 heroes from 24 unlockable characters, and travel across 6 iconic locations of the comic series, to recover the pieces of a mysterious map. It is up to them to form their own decks of cards and use the unique skills of their favorite heroes to thwart the plans of Julius Caesar.

Asterix & Obelix: Heroes is set to take players around the world, introducing them to iconic locations such as Gaul, Egypt, Britain, the Carnutes Forest, the Land of the Norse and Rome. In each region, they will be faced with unique challenges and battles, as they battle to stop Caesar’s plans. With a mixture of action-packed gameplay and unique strategies, no two games will be the same.

This game will be available on PlayStation5, PlayStation4, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch and PC. With the release date of 5 October 2023 fast approaching, excitement is definitely in order for this brilliant adaptation. Make sure to stay tuned to find out more about Asterix & Obelix: Heroes in the coming months

NintendoDirect 09142023 02

Princess Peach: Showtime!, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, F-ZERO 99 and More Announced in Latest NINTENDO DIRECT

Today’s Nintendo Direct video presentation was jam-packed with exciting new games, featuring new adventures starring everyone’s favorite princess Princess Peach, as well as a variety of titles from Nintendo’s development and publishing partners. Nintendo unveiled details on the new title starring Princess Peach -Princess Peach: Showtime! with a variety of new transformations and sour foes to overcome, launching on Nintendo Switch March 22, 2024. Furthermore, a visually enhanced version of the Nintendo GameCube game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door was announced for Nintendo Switch. Nintendo also revealed a new entry in the F-ZERO series with F-ZERO 99, a multiplayer racing game in which 99 players vie for first place, launching today and available exclusively for Nintendo Switch Online members. Additionally, the Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass – Side Order DLC was also shown with newly surfaced details and a scheduled spring 2024 launch. Among the titles from Nintendo’s global publishing […]

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