Bakery Simulator Key Art Logo

Bakery Simulator is coming on Switch!

Are you ready to become a baker? Calling all baking enthusiasts! Get ready to show off your baking skills and build a delicious empire in the all-new Bakery Simulator, now available on Nintendo Switch. Developed by a team of passionate gamers and bakers, Bakery Simulator combines the excitement of simulation games with the joys of running a bakery. The game, previously only available on PC, has now expanded onto the Nintendo Switch platform, offering players a whole new level of convenience and gaming experience. With the option to play straight from the couch, it’s the perfect opportunity to escape into the virtual world of baking. Bakery Simulator puts players in the shoes of a bakery owner, starting from humble beginnings and working their way up to becoming a baking mogul. From kneading dough and managing resources to customizing the shop and fulfilling orders, players will feel like a real-life baker […]

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Switch Amber Isle Key Art

Team17 Digital and Ambertail Games Announce Partnership to Publish Prehistoric Shop Sim, Amber Isle

Ambertail Games’ debut title welcomes players to set up shop in Amber Isle, a friendly village packed with residents to befriend, items to craft and sell, and adventures to be had on Steam and Nintendo Switch Team17 Digital and Ambertail Games have announced a partnership to publish their highly anticipated game, Amber Isle. Supported by Northern Ireland Screen, this new game is a dino-centric shop management sim that will be available on Steam and Nintendo Switch. Amber Isle is set on a friendly village, also named Amber Isle, filled with an eclectic mix of prehistoric animals known as Paleofolk. As the new shopkeeper on the island, players must stock their store with all the necessary items that their Paleo-pals might need. From micro-chairs for microraptors to water-proof paper for plesiosaurs, each customer has their own unique needs and behaviors, making it a challenge for players to run a successful shop […]

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Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland

A Baby’s Gotta Do What A Baby’s Gotta Do! Demo Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland Today!

The babies are back! Limited Run Physical Editions Available! Fans of the beloved Nickelodeon series Rugrats can rejoice as The MIX, Limited Run Games, and WALLRIDE have joined forces to create a new platforming adventure in the Rugrats universe – Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland. This exciting collaboration is set to launch on PC, consoles, and even the NES with an exclusive Limited Run physical edition! Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland will be available to fans digitally this Spring for Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, and PC via Steam. But for those who can’t wait to get their hands on the game, an all-new demo is currently available. And for the first time ever, fans can experience HD mode – a graphics mode that allows players to live out their dreams of controlling their own cartoon adventure! But that’s not all – for physical game lovers, Limited Run is releasing exclusive physical editions […]

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Ready, Steady, Ship!

Ready, Steady, Ship! is Coming April 19th

Couch-Coop Delight About Fixing Wacky Factory Conveyor Lines is Coming to PC and Consoles Get ready to embark on a chaotic and hilarious adventure as Untold Tales and solo developer Jollybits Games have officially announced the release date for their highly anticipated game, Ready, Steady, Ship! Coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, and Xbox, this couch co-op delight is set to hit the market on April 19th, 2024, and is sure to keep players on the edge of their seats. In Ready, Steady, Ship!, players team up with a friend to rebuild factory conveyor belts that have been designed in the most convoluted and questionable way possible. And while the game is best experienced in two player co-op, the developers have also included a challenging single-player campaign with stages specifically designed for solo play. One of the most exciting aspects of this game is the wide range of tools and […]

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NOA MarioJetBlueTerminal5JFKAirport 00

Mario Surprises Travelers in JetBlue Terminal 5 at John F. Kennedy Airport

Nintendo and JetBlue Team Up to Bring Gaming Fun to Travelers at JFK International Airport The hustle and bustle of traveling can often leave people feeling stressed and frazzled. But now, thanks to a collaboration between Nintendo of America and JetBlue, travelers passing through New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport can take a break from the chaos and indulge in some gaming fun. Introducing the “Nintendo Switch On the Go” pop-up, located at JetBlue Terminal 5 and open to the public from now until April 20. This unique and interactive exhibit is designed to bring a smile to travelers of all ages and add a bit of playfulness to their journey. On April 7, families and fans got a glimpse of the pop-up’s offerings as they were given the opportunity to test out some of the latest Nintendo Switch games. From racing in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe to exploring […]

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The Leafy Adventure Kudzu is Now Invading on Gameboy and Switch!

Pie For Breakfast Studios Releases Kudzu for Gameboy and Nintendo Switch: A Captivating Adventure Filled with Mystery and Danger Pie For Breakfast Studios, in collaboration with publishers Mega Cat Studios and 8bit-Legit, is thrilled to announce the highly-anticipated full release of Kudzu, available today, April 5th, on both Gameboy and Nintendo Switch platforms. After months of anticipation, gamers can finally embark on a captivating journey filled with mystery, danger, and discovery. Kudzu invites players to step into the shoes of Max, the apprentice gardener, as they navigate through treacherous landscapes overrun by the enigmatic kudzu plant. Max must save their mentor, Zoen, from the clutches of this invasive and mysterious plant. With its non-linear gameplay, masterful storytelling, and captivating visuals, Kudzu promises an unforgettable gaming experience for players of all ages. “We are beyond excited to bring Kudzu to both the Gameboy and Nintendo Switch platforms,” said Mina Figueroa, Marketing […]

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Glorious Savior

Glorious Savior Opens up for Pre-orders

An everlasting story about the hero’s sword! KEMCO, a leading video game publisher, is thrilled to announce the release of Glorious Savior for Xbox consoles, Steam, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch on April 12, 2024. The game will be available for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows devices, and the Nintendo Switch family of systems, making it accessible to a wide range of gamers. In Glorious Savior, players take on the role of Rain, an aristocratic hero tasked with retrieving a stolen sword that was once used to defeat an overlord centuries ago. However, what begins as a simple quest soon turns into a journey through time and mysterious realms of the past, as Rain and their companions uncover the threads of fate that tie them all together. One of the key features of Glorious Savior is its unique weapon system. Players can equip characters with multiple weapons, each with their […]

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Find a way out and unravel the mysteries of a town and an abandoned house in Lunar Axe!

QUByte Interactive and Ops Game Studio have joined forces to bring an exciting new adventure to gaming fans. On April 18th, Lunar Axe will be released for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox One/Series X|S, promising an unforgettable gaming experience. This point-and-click adventure game takes players on a journey through real locations with stunning hand-drawn art inspired by Brazilian folklore. The game begins with a massive earthquake that leaves the city in ruins. Trapped inside a collapsed building, players must find a way to escape and uncover the mysteries behind the tremors. With immersive gameplay, players must investigate, collect, and match clues to solve puzzles and progress through the game. Hidden Object Game (HOG) scenes add an extra layer of challenge and excitement. But solving puzzles is not the only task at hand – finding historical items is vital in understanding the secrets that surround the city. Each […]

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Switch SaGaEmeraldBeyond 04042024 01

Saga Emerald Beyond Demos Available Now With Platform-exclusive Storylines

Explore Three Platform-Exclusive Character Storylines on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and STEAM as Pre-Orders Begin On April 25, 2024, RPG fans around the world will enter the world of SaGa Emerald Beyond, the latest release from SQUARE ENIX. But before the highly anticipated launch, players will have the opportunity to dive into the game early through three exciting demos released today across different platforms. SaGa Emerald Beyond is a new addition to the long-running SaGa Project, which spans over 35 years and boasts a dedicated fan base. With its unique blend of classic and modern RPG elements, SaGa Emerald Beyond promises to deliver a captivating and immersive gaming experience. The three platform-exclusive demos, available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 (PS5), PlayStation 4 (PS4), and PC (STEAM), give players a chance to explore several hours of gameplay and get a head start on the game before its official launch. And the best […]

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Inspired block-builders, nBlocks is coming to the Switch on the 12th of April

Get ready to unleash your inner artist as RedDeer.Games’ newest creation, nBlocks, comes to Nintendo eShop on April 12th. Building upon the beloved concept of using blocks to construct structures and shapes, nBlocks takes it to a whole new level with colorful templates and a freestyle mode for ultimate creativity. Forget about traditional art supplies like paints and brushes, nBlocks allows players to create vibrant and intricate designs simply by using blocks of different colors and shapes. No more struggling to peel blocks apart or chipping a tooth in the process – all the blocks are conveniently available at the touch of a button on Nintendo Switch consoles. Players can choose from a variety of templates to build on, from adorable animals like chickens and mushrooms to cool land and air vehicles. It’s like a coloring book, but with a block base and shapes replacing traditional paint and markers. This […]

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