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New Indie World Showcase Reveals Electrifying Lineup of Indie Games Headed to Nintendo Switch Soon

With such an extensive variety of indie games arriving to Nintendo Switch, there’s something for everyone to look forward to! In a new Indie World Showcase presentation, Nintendo and its publishing and development partners from around the world revealed new details about 20 indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch family of systems, including four titles arriving today – Mini Motorways, Soundfall, OPUS: Echo of Starsong – Full Bloom Edition and Gibbon: Beyond the Trees! Highlights of the presentation include a first look at the noir-punk action-adventure Gunbrella from Doinksoft, featuring a weapon as intriguing as its name, as well as the debut of Another Crab’s Treasure from Aggro Crab, a soulslike adventure set in a crumbling underwater world plagued by a mysterious curse. There’s so much more to explore in this Indie World Showcase, too! Other games featured include ElecHead, an electrifyingly ambitious platformer with head-scratching puzzles, and Ooblets, a game about farming and collecting adorable creatures. “Nintendo […]

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Wooble in the train, wobble in the park, wobble everywhere!

Landfall announced today at the latest Nintendo Indie World Showcase, that their flagship title, Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (or TABS for short), will be coming to Nintendo Switch this Summer! Build armies and fight through the game’s campaign or take on friends or strangers in multiplayer head to head.

TABS is available now on Xbox and Steam with a 98% Overwhelmingly Positive from user reviews.

About Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
Be the leader of red and blue wobblers from ancient lands, spooky places and fantasy worlds. Watch them fight in simulations made with the wobbliest physics system ever created. When you grow tired of the 100+ wobblers at your disposal you can make new ones in the unit creator.

You can also send your wobblers to fight your friends or strangers in online multiplayer. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator (TABS) was conjured up during a week-long game jam in a castle in 2016. It quickly became apparent that physics-based fighting was amazing and it didn’t take long before the rest of the world caught on, with 4.5 million players.

For more information on Totally Accurate Battle Simulator for Nintendo Switch visit:



Creature collection, farming, and quirky cuteness make Ooblets the perfect fit for Switch Glumberland announced during the latest Nintendo Indie World showcase that their creature collecting and life sim, Ooblets, will be arriving on Nintendo Switch this summer! This also marks when the game will be leaving Game Preview on Xbox and Early Access on the Epic Games Store. Ooblets has grown immensely since its Early Access release in the summer of 2020, with new regions, ooblets, crops, story content, and many quality of life updates already released for Early Access players. Now with its 1.0 release, whether players have played during the Early Access period or waited patiently,  the developers are excited for players to experience the full breadth of Ooblets. The 1.0 release of Ooblets will include everything previously released as well as multiple new locations to visit, new quests, and the conclusion to the game’s main storyline. About Ooblets New […]

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Chucklefish Reveals Ice Cool Deck-Building Roguelike Wildfrost

Weather the storm of an eternal winter in this beautiful tactical roguelike coming in Winter 2022 for PC and Nintendo Switch Chucklefish today announced its upcoming deck-building adventure Wildfrost is coming to PC and Nintendo Switchin Winter 2022. Check out the first gameplay of Wildfrost in the announcement trailer here. In Wildfrost players will build a deck of charming companions and powerful elemental items in an attempt to take back a world that has fallen to the Wildfrost. Only the small civilisation of Snowdwell and the remaining survivors are left as the final stronghold against an eternal winter. Use strategy and card building skills to reach the Sun Temple and banish the Wildfrost once and for all! Throughout the game, players will have the chance to recruit new card companions and gift them charms to enhance their powers, giving players the upper edge in battles. Return to Snowdwell after each run and rebuild the town, unlock […]

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Space Tail: Every Journey Leads Home announced

A beautiful story about the space and self-discovery launches in fall 2022 Longterm Games announces their first title – a space story about self-discovery and the understanding of the world around, Space Tail: Every Journey Leads Home. The game will be released on Nintendo Switch this fall thanks to RedDeer.Games. In this 2,5D platformer we are going through a story of the dog named Bea, send into space, who along with the players is having epic adventures and meeting a lot of less and more friendly creatures from outer space. This action platformer will be available on Steam and Nintendo Switch, with current and previous-gen consoles in the near future. Story for the fans of such titles as Ori and the Blind Forest, Inside, Limbo and Journey is inspired by real events, when people tried their conquest of the space and were just starting it, to be clear. Before humans […]

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Lost In Play

A Nose for Nostalgia: Innovative Animated Adventure Lost in Play to Launch on Switch & Steam this Summer

Spark Your Imagination and Dive Back Into Your Childhood.. Happy Juice Games is excited to announce its forthcoming point-and-click puzzle adventure Lost in Play will launch on both Nintendo Switch and Steam later this Summer. Check out the brand new Lost in Play trailer here! Inspired by modern-day cartoons meant for children and adults as well as paying homage to Saturday morning cartoons, Lost in Play recaptures the spirit of play from our youth, when every sunny afternoon after school was spent adventuring in the backyard or gallivanting around the local park, casting an investigative eye over anything remotely out of the ordinary. Rekindle the past and relive your childhood; a time when every pathway was your playground, and adventure lay around every corner, if only in your mind. Lost in Play is your ticket to times long gone – a living cartoon where imagination and a sense of curiosity are the tools of your trade. […]

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Source of Madness

Find The Source of Madness In Lovecraftian Nightmare Out Now On Nintendo Switch, PS, Xbox, and PC

Battle millions of procedurally-generated monsters in a cosmic horror action-RPG built with a machine learning AI Thunderful & Carry Castle were delighted to announce that their side-scrolling roguelite action-RPG, Source of Madness, is out now on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The game also moves into full launch on PC, exiting its successful Early Access run. The game is available for $19.99 / €19.99 / £16.99. Source of Madness is a Lovecraftian odyssey with ever-changing landscapes to explore and new monstrosities to face on every run. Each playthrough will feature not only unpredictable terrain, but up to billions of permutations of procedurally-generated beasts born of a neural network that concocts creatures from a seemingly endless abyss, offering a unique spin on the genre. These physics-rigged monstrosities climb and stretch in billions of different ways as they’re brought to life by a powerful machine-learning AI that will […]

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WOLFSTRIDE is available now on Nintendo Switch in North America and Europe. Priced at $14.99 USD, €14.99 EU and £11.99 GPB.

🎥 Watch the Wolfstride launch trailer here.

Developed by Ota Imon and published by Raw Fury, Wolfstride is a story heavy, humorous RPG, where you will put your skills to the test in an action-packed mecha tournament. As a trio of cheeky criminals featuring dog-mechanic Duque, pilot Knife Leopard, and master of many talents Dominic Shade, you will battle your robot-rig that needs a lot of love.

Hustle odd jobs to pay bills and patch-up and customize your mech. Then prepare to battle the best-of-the-best all while dealing with a shady past that has caught up with you.

You can buy Wolfstride on the eShop as of yesterday!

Cloud Gardens

Cloud Gardens Switch Release Date Delayed

Meditative sandbox experience about using the power of nature to overgrow dioramas of urban decay needs a little more time to germinate Due to a minor backend issue, Coatsink and Noio are sorry to announce that their chill title about using the power of nature to reclaim beautiful lo-fi scenes of urban decay, Cloud Gardens, will be delayed on Nintendo Switch. The game was previously set to launch on 12th May 2022, but due to this minor setback it needs a bit more time to grow. Unfortunately a new release date can’t be announced just yet, so please stay tuned for more information which will be shared soon! In this meditative title that embraces your creativity, create small plant-covered dioramas of brutalism and beauty by planting seeds, repurposing hundreds of discarded objects and creating unique structures for nature to reclaim. Dive into a relaxing sandbox mode with no goals, or take on a multi-chapter […]

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Switch DogsDonuts 01

Help an adorable husky get it sweets in DOG’S DONUTS

The dog is begging for donuts! QUByte Interactive, in partnership with Robotizar Games, is pleased to announce a new game, DOG’S DONUTS that will be available on May 12th for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X. DOG’S DONUTS is a physical-based puzzle game where you control a machine that shoots donuts. Make the right adjustments and find the better way to feed this adorable husky. Use shovels, drones, springboards and many other crazy machines to feed the puppy. In this challenging puzzle game, you can complete the levels in many different approaches, creating a varied gameplay. Make great use of the game physics and don’t let the dog wait too much for the donuts. Dog’s Donuts Game Features Designed for lovers of physic-based puzzles; 40 handcrafted stages to be solved; Original soundtrack, designed to keep you immersed and focusedon the game; Lots of love and thought in every […]

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