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New Neon Blood Trailer, Introduces Ruby Emerald, Confirms Physical Edition and Launch Window

A revolution that will shatter the foundations of society

In a world ravaged by war and ruled by societal division, one man stands against the injustices and leads a revolution that will shake the very foundations of society. And in the midst of chaos and conflict, a new powerful character is introduced – Ruby Emerald. Meridiem has just released a new gameplay trailer for their highly anticipated neo-noir cyberpunk title, Neon Blood, showcasing the formidable character and teasing more about the game’s narrative universe.

The trailer, which debuted at the Best Indie Games Summer Showcase and the Guerrilla Collective Showcase during No-E3 2024, gives viewers a glimpse into the world of Neon Blood. With a futuristic 2.5D aesthetic that combines 2D pixel art sprites with 3D-modeled environments, the game promises to be a unique and visually stunning experience.

Developed by ChaoticBrain Studios and published by Meridiem, Neon Blood is a neo-noir cyberpunk RPG/Graphic Adventure. It follows the story of Axel McCoin, a detective from the dystopian Blind City of Viridis, who rebels against the injustices caused by the social separation between the two cities and the general inequalities in society.

As players navigate through the game, they will encounter powerful allies and enemies, including Ruby Emerald, who will stop at nothing to thwart Axel’s plans. The trailer offers a glimpse into this complex and intriguing storyline, promising an elaborate and deep narrative for players to delve into.

Aside from its engaging storyline, Neon Blood also boasts impressive features such as distinctive 2.5D aesthetic and investigative skills gameplay. The game’s art style highlights the contrast between the cyberpunk Blind City and the futuristic Bright City, creating a visually striking experience. And as players take on the role of detective Axel McCoin, they will use their investigative skills to uncover the secrets of Viridis and propel the revolution forward.

Fans of Neon Blood can mark their calendars for Q4 2024, as Meridiem has announced the game’s launch window for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. The game’s digital version is now available for pre-order on Steam and PlayStation, with pre-orders for Nintendo Switch and Xbox coming soon.

Neon Blood Limited Edition promo

The boxed Limited Edition of Neon Blood for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch includes a metallic texture cover, an art book, a printed city guide, and a downloadable soundtrack.

But for those who prefer physical copies, Meridiem has also revealed a Limited Edition of Neon Blood. This boxed edition will include a metallic texture cover, an art book, a printed city guide, and a downloadable soundtrack. Pre-orders for the Limited Edition are now open for specialist retail stores.

Meridiem’s Director, Mary Rodriguez, expressed her excitement for Neon Blood’s upcoming release, stating, “We’ve put a lot of effort and passion into developing and publishing Neon Blood, and we can’t wait for players to dive into the game’s immersive world and captivating storyline. Ruby Emerald is just one of the many intriguing characters players will encounter, and we’re excited to see how our community responds to her.”

As the world eagerly awaits the launch of Neon Blood, it’s time to prepare for a revolution that will leave a lasting mark on the dystopian world of Viridis. Enter the neon-lit streets, uncover the secrets, and unleash the power of Ruby Emerald in this cyberpunk adventure.

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