B-PROJECT RYUSEI*FANTASIA is Coming Digitally on July 15th, 2024!

B-PROJECT RYUSEI*FANTASIA Physical Edition releasing for Nintendo Switch on 26th July, 2024!

Fans of J-Pop and visual novels rejoice, PQube and MAGES are bringing you a dazzling new experience with the release of B-PROJECT RYUSEI*FANTASIA on Nintendo Switch and Steam on July 15th, 2024. This sparkling idol-filled visual novel will take you on a journey through the lives of 14 talented idols as you guide them towards success and stardom.

B-PROJECT RYUSEI*FANTASIA is a beautifully crafted world filled with vibrant colors and joyful music. As players take on the role of an A&R (Artist & Repertoire) for the famous B-Project, they will have the opportunity to support and influence the careers of these aspiring idols. With 14 unique personalities to get to know and befriend, players can choose their favorite or support them all.

But it’s not just about managing the idols’ careers. B-PROJECT RYUSEI*FANTASIA also offers interactive mechanics where players can respond to calls and messages from the idols on their in-game phone. And with the game featuring famous seiyuu (voice actors), players will be fully immersed in the world of B-Project as they listen to the idols’ beautiful voices and watch their lively animated reactions.

The game also boasts two different endings, 14 character epilogues, and stunning CGs to unlock, offering endless magic and replay value for players.


We’ve selected a handful of the members of B-PROJECT to showcase! Get to understand a few of the idols before the game releases on July 15th!


Ryuji is one half of Kitakore, and the driving force behind a lot of the business deals of the group. Ryuji take some time to warm up to people, and tends to hide his feelings. He has a smaller build and likes to wear feminine clothes, often getting mistaken for a girl. He dislikes this and thinks everyone should be able to wear any clothes they like. He loves fashion and creative tasks.

Ryuji is voiced by Kishio Daisuke.


The leader of the five piece group of MooNs, Kazuna is smart and competitive, but the need for success often gets in his own way. Despite everyone seeing him as highly successful and reliable, he has a distinct lack of self-worth that drives him to constantly do better.

Kazuna is voiced by Uemura Yuto.



The three-man group of THRIVE is known for its professional and dance-inducing songs. Their leader Kento is quite a ladies man with a happy go lucky attitude. Despite his lackadaisical attitude, he will do everything he can for his fans, even the things that he’s not particularly good at. Some see him as narcissistic and he can be very stubborn at times.

Kento is voiced by Kato Kazuki.



The final group to join B-PROJECT, KiLLER KiNG are a group of four that are juniors compared to the other idol groups.  Akane is the groups leader, and is easy to engage with. He is always willing to help others, but sometimes suffers from low self-esteem. However, his fellow members know how important he is to the group.

Fudo is voiced by Chiba Shoya.

Demo Available

But why wait until July 15th to experience this magical world? The demo for B-PROJECT RYUSEI*FANTASIA is available now on Steam and will also be included in the Steam Next Fest from June 10th to June 17th. And for those who can’t wait to get their hands on the game, there is a 10% preorder discount on the Nintendo eShop from July 7th to July 14th and a 10% launch discount on Steam from July 15th.

Physical Edition

For fans who prefer physical copies, the physical edition of B-PROJECT RYUSEI*FANTASIA for Nintendo Switch will be released on July 26th, 2024. Preorders are available at various retailers – see the link below for more details.

physical edition of B-PROJECT RYUSEI*FANTASIA on Nintendo Switch

Don’t miss your chance to become the representative of B-Project and lead these idols towards their dreams. Follow in their footsteps and experience the ups and downs of the entertainment industry. Keep track of the latest updates and news on the official website, http://pqube.co.uk/.

Join the world of B-Project and experience the glitz, glamour, and hard work of being an idol in B-PROJECT RYUSEI*FANTASIA. Mark your calendars for July 15th, 2024, and be ready to shine alongside these talented idols.

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