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Elsie Blasts onto PS5 and Nintendo Switch

New features revealed ahead of Access-Ability Showcase participation

Get ready to blast through robots and save the world with Elsie – the highly anticipated rogue-like action platformer coming to console this summer.

Playtonic Friends and Knight Shift Games are thrilled to announce that Elsie, the hyperkinetic rogue-like action platformer, will be launching on PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch in addition to the previously announced PC release via Steam. Console players can now join in on the chaotic and action-packed gameplay when Elsie releases this summer. The excitement continues to build for this colorful and fast-paced adventure, with a new gameplay trailer and inclusion in the Access-Ability Showcase.

For PC fans, the journey to save the planet Ekis from natural disasters and an army of robots begins now with the release of a free demo on Steam. Players can add Elsie to their Wishlist and get a taste of the exciting gameplay and procedurally generated levels. But it’s not just PC players who can experience this thrilling game – console gamers can also look forward to purchasing Elsie from the PlayStation and Nintendo digital stores.

Elsie takes players on an adventure through the planet Ekis, a world filled with natural resources and scientific discovery. However, this paradise is in chaos as natural disasters strike with increasing frequency. Enter Dr. Grey, a talented scientist who created a team of high-tech androids known as “The Guardians” to protect the planet. But when the Guardians suddenly disappear, a new threat emerges as robots begin to attack Dr. Grey’s home city of Neotoño. In a final effort to save the planet, Dr. Grey creates Elsie – a unique and powerful android who must now find the Guardians and save Ekis from destruction.

Players will take on the role of Elsie, a powerful female android with the ability to bend elements to her will. With explosive action and challenging gameplay, Elsie must make her way through hordes of robots to reach the Guardians and save her home. And with procedurally generated levels, no two gameplay experiences will be the same.

But Elsie isn’t just about fast-paced action – it’s also a game for everyone. As part of Playtonic Friends’ commitment to accessibility, Elsie will feature a range of options to make the game accessible to all players. These include background modulation for visual clarity, font size modulation, and a screen shake option.

Players can also customize the color of outlines for both enemies and themselves, and even turn on an invincibility mode. Additional features such as the option to adjust the timing for parrying and rumble strength modifiers allow players to tailor their experience to their preferences.


  • Bullet Hell Ballet – Dash, dive, and shoot your way through stages filled with dynamic enemies, all while performing perfectly timed precision parrying.
  • Death is only the beginning – In this roguelike rollercoaster die and die and die again – but you’ll always get back on your feet to embrace the chaos.
  • Explore the technicolour Domains of Planet Ekis – Take a tour of Planet Ekis’s vibrant neon-drenched biomes. With procedural generation leading to everchanging levels, each run presents unique challenges and enemies.
  • Augmented Action and Character Customization – Make strategic decisions on upgrades, skills, and weapons to drastically alter the dynamic of each run. Experiment with different playstyles for devastating synergies.
  • Challenge epic boss battles and conquer biome Guardians – Test your skills against boisterous bots, massive bosses and biome Guardians, memorising patterns to emerge victorious.
  • Master Melee Combat with a second player character – Join the fray with Andru, a melee-based character featuring unique augments, weapons, and abilities. Get up close and personal to bash baddies and bring the noise!

Elsie at the Access-Ability Summer Showcase on June 7th promoFans can also look forward to seeing Elsie in action at the Access-Ability Showcase on June 7th. This event will feature an opportunity to learn more about the game and its development.

During the showcase, the team will premiere a new trailer showcasing some of the features specifically added to make Elsie as accessible as possible to all players. These features include:

  • Background Modulation – Blur or desaturate background for more visual clarity.
  • Font Size Modulation – Option to change the size of the font in game.
  • Screen Shake Option – Adjust the amount of screen shake you experience.
  • Outline Options – Ability to change the colour of the outlines for both player and enemies.
  • Invincibility – Turn off damage with Elsie’s Invincibility mode.
  • Colourblind Modes – Elsie is an incredibly colourful game, so it has options to assist those with colour vision deficiency.
  • Additional Features – Option to adjust the timing required to correctly hit a parry and follow up with counter attacks as well as rumble strength modifiers.

With its colorful world, fast-paced action, and commitment to accessibility, Elsie is set to be a must-play game for fans of rogue-likes and action platformers. So mark your calendars for this summer and get ready to join Elsie in saving the planet Ekis on PC, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch.

Wishlist the game on Steam now and stay tuned for more exciting updates from Playtonic Friends and Knight Shift Games.

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