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New out today for the Nintendo Switch – Find the Pairs Memo Game for Kids

Play against the friendly cat AI find the image pairs

If you have ever had the urge to outsmart an animal, now is the time! With Find the Pairs Memo Game for Kids, kids can now compete against a fun-loving virtual cat in a pairs memory game on Nintendo Switch.

McPeppergames’ latest release brings children the perfect opportunity to sharpen their memory and concentration skills. With up to thirty levels of difficulty, the game offers an adjustable challenge akin to that of an AI-controlled opponent, perfect for those times when there is no sibling or friend around to compete against.

The game features charming, hand-drawn illustrations that provide an immersive experience for kids. Furthermore, the cartoonish cat AI offers a human-like response, making it even more enjoyable. Children can learn essential life skills while keeping entertained for hours on end.

Parents can also join in and play against their child in a round of Find the Pairs Memo Game for Kids. With the adjustable AI levels, parents and children of all ages can learn and have a great time together.

McPeppergames are bringing a new educational experience to children with Find the Pairs Memo Game for Kids. Now available to play on Nintendo Switch™, kids can challenge a funny virtual cat to a pairs memory game. Through the game, they can hone their concentration and memory skills, get entertained, and have a fun time.

The AI cat can be set to different difficulty levels that successfully mimic a human opponent. Hand-drawn illustrations, child-friendly speed, and essential content make sure kids get the perfect learning experience. Parents can join their kid in the game and tune the AI level to their own preferences, making it suitable for players of all ages.

Bringing an exciting and fun educational experience to children, the Find the Pairs Memo Game for Kids from McPeppergames is the perfect way to sharpen memory and concentration skills while having a great time. The game is now available on Nintendo Switch™, putting the challenge of an AI-controlled cat at your fingertips!

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