Colored Effects

Colored Effects out Nov 23

We are thrilled to announce the launch of Colored Effects, the innovative new puzzle platformer from video game studio @Tacsou, is coming on November 23rd.

Combining the classic platforming action with puzzle solving challenges, Colored Effects tests players’ strategic acumen and provides a rich and rewarding gaming experience. Players take on the role of a hero on a mission to restore harmony to a world of chaos. As they progress through the levels, they must switch back and forth between different abilities and colors in order to succeed.

At the heart of Colored Effects is its unique color system. Each color grants special abilities to the player character and affects the gameplay in different ways. Swapping colors is key to progress in the game and take on bosses and enemies.

On the technical side, Colored Effects also features responsive controls and dynamic levels, allowing for fast and fluid movement. The game also makes use of a restart system that puts players back into the action in an instant, allowing them to make corrections and learn from their mistakes without having to wait for the game to reload.

November 23th marks the launch of Colored Effects on the Nintendo Switch, bringing with it an exciting puzzle platformer experience with a unique twist. Players will have to stay strategically ahead of their opponents and tap into their creative sides to progress to the next level in this engaging game.

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