Shumi Come Home is coming to Nintendo Switch Spring 2023

The squishy little mushroom is going to be released simultaneously on PC and Nintendo Switch in Spring 2023

Indie publisher Mooneye Studios and developer SomeHumbleOnion today excitedly announced that their cozy mushroom adventure Shumi Come Home is coming to Nintendo Switch simultaneously with the PC release in Spring of next year. As you can see on their social medias, this has been the most burning question followers and fans had on their minds ever since the wholesome adventure was first announced, so this must be the best news since mushrooms grew legs.

Even though not entirely surprising, since the game looks to be a perfect match for the portable console community, this is wonderful news and we cannot wait to take Shumi Come Home on the bus with us and get acquainted with all the lovely quirky characters on this beautiful little journey. See you in Spring next year, Shumi!

“Seeing my Shumi on the small screen for the very first time was a dream come true!” says solo developer Noah, also known as SomeHumbleOnion “Hope you all are as excited as I am to put Shumi in your pockets soon!

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