Poetic Adventure A Juggler’s Tale Arrives September 29th

A runaway marionette searches for freedom in a grimm fairytale world on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PS4/5 and PC.

Indie studio kaleidoscube and publisher Mixtvision have published a new trailer today, announcing the release date for their upcoming adventure game ‘A Juggler’s Tale’. The string-based puzzle platformer is due to launch on PC on September 29th.

A Juggler’s Tale is a 2.5D side scrolling adventure presented in the form of a puppet play, and nominated for Best Student Game at last year’s IGF. Players must navigate the unique string based control scheme to solve puzzles, escape danger, and help the marionette Abby achieve true freedom – no strings attached.

‘This has been an ambitious project from the beginning – also because we developed the game during our studies,’ says Dominik Schön, Game Designer of A Juggler’s Tale and co-founder of kaleidoscube. ‘But thanks to the hard work of everyone on the small team, we are hopeful we were able to realize those ambitions and that players will experience the game just as we first imagined it. It’s a very nice feeling.’

“We are glad that kaleidoscube trusted us to help them develop and bring this indie gem to the market. It is amazing to see how the team’s passion and spirit really shines through in every detail of the game. We can’t wait to have players who are looking for a very special cinematic platformer play this wonderful puppeteering adventure.” said Benjamin Feld, Director Games Publishing at Mixtvision.

A Juggler’s Tale Featuring:

  • Layers of meaning – Inspired by German puppet theatre, the string-based mechanics add a novel layer to the puzzle-solving while also tying into themes of autonomy and destiny.
  • A land far, far away – Become immersed in a dangerous fairytale world, brought to life with rich colours and a blend of 2D and 3D art styles.
  • Master storyteller – Enjoy a fully voiced and lyrical narration throughout the game, as Abby’s story is told by a mysterious puppetmaster.
  • Overcome great challenges  – Help Abby survive, escaping traps, bypassing dangers, and gradually defying the pull of the strings themselves.
  • Against all odds – Experience a somewhat grim yet hopeful adventure that explores the true meaning of freedom.
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