tERRORbane – a tongue-in-cheek, jRPG-inspired, 16bit adventure filled with iconic videogame references is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch!

tERRORbane, a bug-hunting adventure where the player fights the shortcomings of the game’s Developer himself is coming to PC and Nintendo Switch!

After 5 years of development, done by a small, 3 person team, tERRORbane is almost ready to launch on PC and Nintendo Switch! The game is currently up on Steam, awaiting its release and gathering wishlists, while development wraps up and comes to a close.

A passion project and a cheeky love letter to iconic games of several generations, tERRORbane tears down the 4th wall and offers a unique take on the process of video game development. The game Developer’s snarky commentary will guide the player through exploration of unknown landscapes, turn-based fights and classic mechanics turned upside down.

About tERRORbane
Choose your own g̷̻͘l̴̗͐í̷̧ẗ̴̟c̵̎͜ḫ̶́ adventure! In tERRORbane the player explores scores of wacky errors and witty glitches, sprinkled with a dash of video game culture references. Help (or challenge) the Developer in his quest to fix his own game and collect all the bugs through multiple, unique playthroughs to become the bane of errors!

At first sight, a familiar, classic jRPG – tERRORbane offers more than exploration of quaint towns and spooky dungeons. Behind every corner and under each stone lies a callback to gaming history’s greats or an unexpected twist on classic mechanics. Hunting down every silly and quirky bug in the game will require a keen eye and several playthroughs, but each one will reward the player with a right laugh, or at the very least a nostalgic smirk.

Key Game Features:

  • jRPG inspired gameplay with majestic lands and mighty foes
  • Quirky characters and snappy dialogue
  • No bugs!
  • More references to video games than you can handle
  • A friendly, although a bit cocky Developer
  • Original take on classic mechanics
  • Absolutely no bugs!
  • Diverse lands that don’t fit into any one genre (Fantasy? Post-apo? We don’t know!)
  • Alright, there might be a few bugs here and there, but you’ll help us find them, right?

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