Copper Canyon Dixie Dash multilingual version available now on Nintendo Switch

  1. Copper Canyon Dixie Dash, the Fun First Person Shooter, is now available for the Nintendo Switch in English, French, Italian, German and Spanish
Alternative Software Ltd., the leading independent publisher, was delighted to announce that the multilingual version of the first person shooter “Copper Canyon Dixie Dash” is now available on the Nintendo Switch.

Game Description
Help Dixie Davies get her Dad’s western robot theme park back under control.  The cowboy robots have gone wild! Sheriff Bolts and his deputies have all malfunctioned and taken over.

Fight through the town, the canyon and the mines, to get to the menacing robot Sheriff and reclaim the theme park.

The deputy robots can be dismantled and destroyed with some swift and well-placed shots from a choice of weapons. Use the special “dash” mode to aggressively dismantle the mad robots even quicker!

Use the sniper rifle for pinpoint accuracy.

Be ready though, for battling that robot Sheriff, he is a really tough one!

Features Include

  • Special “Dash” mode, that when used, allows even faster movement throughout the theme park, so you can get to those bad bots even quicker.
  • Double Pistols.
  • Instant aim sniper mode
  • Fragmenting robots.  One shot is just not enough!  You will need to fully dismantle them!

Gameplay Summary:
Copper Canyon Dixie Dash is a first person shooter (FPS) game, and is played from the first person perspective at all times. The player takes on the role of Dixie Davies and is tasked with entering the Copper Canyon and clearing out the rogue deputy bots and the evil robot sheriff.

The core design for the Copper Canyon Shoot Out is that of a carnival tin can alley game turned up to the max., (but where the characters  will shoot you back!), featuring fast paced shooting, which results in immediate damage to all the various enemies when shot, and quick feedback to the player from any successful hit.

The player interacts with the game’s menu by firing various types of guns. Plus progressing in the game, to the differing levels is also selected through shooting. That is as and when, the required enemies are destroyed plus health pick-ups, and checkpoints are activated (only the options menu and the pause menu can be interacted with without shooting).

The player can also activate a special charged ‘Dash’ mechanic, this launches Dixie at high speed in the direction of the current targeted enemy. Dixie will dash through an enemy to instantly kill them and received a bonus for a ‘Dash Destruction’, these dashes can be strung together for an even larger bonus.

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