1Print Games Announces Nintendo Switch Physical Editions For Kero Blaster

1Print Games Announces Nintendo Switch Physical Editions For Kero Blaster, Ittle Dew, And Death Squared

A new independent publisher releasing physical games exclusively for Nintendo Switch

November 22, 2019 – 1Print Games, a new independent publisher focused on releasing exciting physical indie games exclusively for Nintendo Switch, has officially launched on November 22, 2019.

Earlier this year, 1Print Games co-founders and gamers Iggy and Nitro were working on an idea to support indies (independent developers) and help them broaden the reach of their brands and games. This idea later evolved into 1Print Games, a publisher that celebrates indie games and aims to release awesome physical games that everyone loves with cool swag.

1Print Games is proud to announce that our first Limited Edition is award winning 2D platformer Kero Blaster, developed by talented Cave Story developer Studio PIXEL. The Kero Blaster Limited Edition will launch on November 29, 2019 for USD34.99 exclusively at the 1Print Games website. Every Kero Blaster Limited Edition comes with a copy of the Nintendo Switch physical game, Kero Rhythm: Kero Blaster Original Soundtrack CD, Hero Acrylic Keychain, Kero Blaster Numbered Authenticity Card, Kero Blaster Employee Handbook, and Kero Blaster Logo Sticker.

Kero Blaster is a challenging classic game featuring a bi-pedal salaryman frog. Travel across dangerous worlds, destroy enemies with powerful blasters, and find out the reason behind the disruption of the C&F Corporation’s teleporters.

Kero Blaster Limited EditionIn addition to Kero Blaster, 1Print Games is proud to announce partnerships with Swedish developer Ludosity and Australian-based SMG Studio to release physical editions for Ittle Dew and Death Squared respectively for Nintendo Switch. Both games are scheduled to launch in 2020 and will be available exclusively on the 1Print Games website.

1Print Games’ first three titles – Kero Blaster, Ittle Dew, and Death Squared, are now available to pre-order in a triple set at the 1Print Games website. Ittle Dew and Death Squared will be available individually in the coming months.


Kero Blaster (Nintendo Switch) product page

Kero Blaster, Ittle Dew, and Death Squared (Nintendo Switch) product page

1Print Games website

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