Nintendo Download, Aug. 1, 2019: Humanity is DOOMed

Nintendo Download, Aug. 1, 2019: Humanity is DOOMed

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This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following featured content:

Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch


Pandemic – Humanity is on the brink of extinction. As members of an elite disease-control team, you’re the only thing standing in the way of the four deadly diseases spreading across the world. You must travel the globe protecting cities, containing infections from spreading and discovering the cure for each disease. The fate of humanity is in your hands!

Can you save humanity?

  • Solo or couch co-op mode: Save humanity on your own or with up to four friends!
  • Choose your team from 7 different roles.
  •  5 difficulty levels to change the game for newcomers and veterans alike.
  • Immersive theme, challenging gameplay, and replayability. Don’t play the same game twice!
  • Be ready to face more challenges as new content is coming soon: “On the Brink – Virulent Strain” will spread a new kind of virus into the world. “On the Brink – Roles & Events” will offer you new roles for your team and new events to help you save humanity.

DOOM (1993)

DOOM (1993) – Experience the classic demon-blasting fun that popularized the genre at home or on the go. Celebrate DOOM’s 25th anniversary with the re-release of the original DOOM (1993) game. DOOM introduced millions of gamers to the fast-paced, white-knuckle, demon-slaying action the franchise is known for.

DOOM (1993) includes:

  • The expansion, Episode IV: Thy Flesh Consumed, with 9 additional action-packed levels
  • Local 4 player deathmatch
  • Local 4 player co-op

DOOM II (Classic) 

DOOM II (Classic) – Battle the demon hordes anytime, anywhere on the Nintendo Switch system. Celebrate DOOM’s 25th anniversary with the re-release of the DOOM II game. This beloved sequel to the groundbreaking DOOM (1993) game gave players the brutal Super Shotgun to bear against deadlier demons and the infamous boss, the Icon of Sin.

The re-release of DOOM II includes:

  • The Master Levels, 20 additional levels made by the community and supervised by the developers
  • Local 4 player multiplayer
  • Local 4 player co-op

To save Earth, you must descend into the depths of hell, survive demon hordes, and take part in the fiercest battle ever.


DOOM 3 – Celebrate DOOM’s 25th anniversary with the release of the DOOM 3 game, available for the first time on a Nintendo system. In this critically acclaimed action-horror re-telling of the original DOOM game, players must battle their way through a demon-infested facility before entering the abyss to battle Hell’s mightiest warrior – and put an end to the invasion.

DOOM 3 includes the Resurrection of Evil and The Lost Missions expansion packs.

Animal Fight Club

Animal Fight Club – Invent your animals and create an army!

Invent new creatures by mixing real or legendary animals in thousands of possible combinations, create an army and get ready to fight!


With dozens of different types of animals at your disposal, generates an unbeatable army of genetically modified animals!

Thanks to the power of the Mix Machine you will be able to combine pairs of animals. The result?

The possibility of inventing hundreds of totally new and unique animals for your army.

Each animal has its statistics, its health and its strengths and weaknesses: Mix them intelligently to get the most powerful creatures!

Over 1000 possible combinations: The generation of new creatures has no limits!

Mission editor

  • Create new missions with custom armies, waves, maps and music!

Fantastic scenarios

  • Large variety of maps and scenarios related to the campaign mode, with fantastic and innovative locations.
  • The panorama is an important point in the style of Animal Fight Club.

Arcade Archives ROAD FIGHTER

Arcade Archives ROAD FIGHTER – Put the pedal to the metal! Skillfully control your vehicle and use all your driving techniques to make it past the checkered flag!

“ROAD FIGHTER” is a racing game released by KONAMI in 1984.

Control your monster machine at speeds of up to 400 km/h, avoiding enemy cars and oil spills to finish all 6 stages faster than anyone else.

If you start to swerve off-course, countersteer and use your driving techniques to power through it!

The “Arcade Archives” series has faithfully reproduced many classic Arcade masterpieces.

Players can change various game settings such as game difficulty, and also reproduce the atmosphere of arcade display settings at that time. Players can also compete against each other from all over the world with their high scores.

Please enjoy the masterpiece that built a generation for video games.

Bear With Me: The Lost Robots

Bear With Me: The Lost Robots – Bear With Me: The Lost Robots is an all new prequel chapter featuring Amber’s brother Flint and the callous detective Ted E. Bear.

The noir episodic point and click adventure series Bear With Me is back! Introducing Bear With Me: The Lost Robots – an all new prequel chapter featuring Amber’s brother Flint and the callous detective Ted E. Bear.

Take to the gritty and bustling undergrounds of Paper City, discovering new characters and rich lore leading up to the events of the first three episodes of Bear With Me.

Dark interrogations, sarcastic banter, and challenging puzzles lie in store for our heroes as they collect clues to solve a bigger, more sinister mystery. Featuring an evocative soundtrack, expansive narrative and a uniquely drawn 2D animated art-style accented by an impressive film noir style, Bear With Me will take players through an emotional rollercoaster of a journey that will determine the fates of our protagonists.

Burger Chef Tycoon

Burger Chef Tycoon – Tasty burgers? Only in here!

Burger Chef TycoonLike going out to town for a snack? Everybody does!

But perhaps you’d like to see that from the other side?

Not everyone can, so don’t waste the opportunity!

Manage the preparation of burgers, fries, crispy chicken and a multitude of other treats!

Try to deliver the orders on time, but be careful not to mix them up!

Upgrade your bar and beautify it and find ingredients of the best quality, so that you’ll be able to create the best burger bar in town!

To work!

In BURGER CHEF TYCOON you will find:

  • 60 achievements to complete
  • 40 statistics to track and beat
  • 60 awesome levels to complete
  • Countless dishes to master and serve
  • Amazing graphics, music and sound effects
  • Countless upgrades, decorations to make your bar the best!

Available Aug. 2nd.

Catch a Duck

Catch a Duck – Take control of a fox and avoid any danger ahead of you. Travel through forest enjoying puzzles, tricking your enemies and hunting ducks.

Face the challenge of catching ducks in a funny hand drawn forest. Outsmart hunters, cause a brawl between a wolf and a bear, use hideouts, move through underground tunnels, avoid traps but make enemies fall into them ! Be a sly fox !

Chroma Squad

Chroma Squad – A tactical RPG about five stunt actors who decide to quit their jobs and start their own Power Rangers-inspired TV show!

Cast actors, purchase equipment and upgrades for your studio, craft weapons and giant Mechas out of cardboard and duct tape. Once the cameras are rolling, you will control your cast of five colored-jumpsuit-clad warriors in dramatic, turn-based battles!

  •  CUSTOMIZE YOUR TV STUDIO: hire actors, upgrade your gear, do marketing, craft weapons, costumes and giant cardboard robots!
  •  TACTICAL RPG COMBAT WITH A TWIST: combine your heroes’ abilities with Teamwork maneuvers!
  •  IN-DEPTH RPG SYSTEMS with skill trees, random equipment, crafting, and branching storyline with 3 different endings!
  •  GIANT MECHA COMBAT: destroy the city to save the city!

Classic Games Collection Vol.1

Classic Games Collection Vol.1 – All the classic games you love in one place!

Welcome to the “Classic Games Collection Vol.1”!

We have chosen the five most beloved logical games and bundled them together!

You can play them either against the AI or against a friend (on the same console).

Fill your coffee breaks with some brain stimulation!

In this bundle you will find:

TIC-TAC-TOE (also known as Noughts and Crosses, or Xs and Os)

  • Two players alternate placing Xs and Os onto the grid.
  • The first player to create a straight line of three of his or her symbols… wins!

CHECKERS (also known as Draughts)

  • Players move their pieces diagonally from one square to another square.
  • When a player jumps over their opponent’s piece, you take that piece from the board.
  • The first player to lose all of his or her pieces loses the game.


  • The objective of the game is to clear a rectangular board covered with cards faced down with minimum number of moves. Each separate move is to turn over any two cards. If they match you take them from board, if not you turn them back over.


  • The objective of the game is to clear a rectangular board containing hidden “mines” without detonating any of them. Numbers on revealed squares show how many mines are adjacent to that square.


  • Two players alternate placing white and black tokens onto the grid.
  • The first player to create a straight line of five of his or her stones… wins!


Damsel – Bite Sized Gameplay Classic Arcade Vibe Comic Book Campaign

Cause distress in this fast-paced, challenging action platformer! Speed through dozens of missions as Special Agent Damsel, the first and last line of defense against the seedy world of corporate vampires. Rescue hostages, disarm bombs, hack servers and dispatch the undead with precision, speed, and style. Balance frenetic action with split-second choices, and pay attention, you never know where the next vamp will come from.

Enter a fully realised comic book world and help Damsel take on Red Mist, the powerful vampire corporation that’s adding a new (and illegal) ingredient to their popular vampire drink. Uncover the secrets of the new recipe and stop the corporation from achieving their ultimate plan, the total dominance of vampires on Earth!

“Use Damsel’s powerful ultraviolet shotgun, quick reflexes, devastating melee, and lightning fast dash to string together stylish attacks. Tight and responsive controls let you move around each arena while avoiding the deadly hazards fiendishly placed to stop you in your tracks. Experiment with each mission to discover that perfect sequence of moves and attacks that maximise your effectiveness. Master Damsel’s speed and precision to carve the perfect path through each arena, with every move counting toward that perfect score and a place at the top of the leaderboards. Damsel is a ballet, and you’re the choreographer. ”

Classic Arcade Vibe

  • Bite sized gameplay that’ll make you say “Just one more go” (although you said that a few tries ago…)

Comic Book Campaign

  • Learn the secrets of Red Mist and put a stop to their evil plans.

Competitive Arcade Leaderboards

  • Master your abilities by perfecting your runs and become the top agent.

Chill Out Time

  • Chillout mode lets you take the edge off and enjoy the game without worrying about pesky things like dying.

Extra Challenge Modes

  • For the discerning slayer, take the difficulty up a notch!

Pumping Synth Soundtrack

  • Gothic grooves to slay too!

Damsel will be available on Aug. 7th.

Divine Ascent

Divine Ascent – Ancient civilizations compete to be the first to reach the sky.

Ages ago, the gods contacted several civilizations all around the world. But since then, they remained silent. Now they need to hear our calls.

Divine Ascent is a single and local-multiplayer strategy-puzzle game. The goal is to be the first to build towers, and to reach their tops to place temples.

Six of the biggest civilizations of the ancient times compete against each other, to be the one taken by the gods to the heavens. To this end, they’ve elected builders whose sole purpose is to erect monuments as high in the sky as possible.

Key Features:

  •     Arena (local-multiplayer) and Puzzles (single player) modes
  •     Arena is a set of 24 multiplayer levels for two to six players (humans or A.I.)
  •     Single player mode contains 30 puzzles with increasing difficulty, plus the final stage which is sort of an Arena level against 5 opponents
  •     Special moves
  •     Tile-based isometric 3D graphics
  •     Each civilization has its own theme and atmospheric background sound design

Dungeon Warfare

Dungeon Warfare – Become a dungeon lord to defend your dungeons with deadliest of traps and insidious contraptions against greedy adventurers and wanna-be heroes.

Dungeon Warfare is a challenging tower defense game where you become a dungeon lord to defend your dungeon against greedy adventurers.

As you successfully purify your dungeons throughout the world from the pesky invaders, you will gain access to more powerful traps and devious utilities.

Gain experience from killing the invaders to permanently upgrade your traps.

Game Features


  • Choose from 26 unique traps with 3 upgradeable tiers each.
  • Traps that infilct pain – Dart Trap, Spike Trap, Bolt Trap, Inferno Trap.
  • Want to go physical? Place traps that mercilessly throw mighty warriors into the pitch black abyss – Spring Trap, Harpoon Trap, Push Trap.
  • Gather a force of your own by using summoning portals to instigate a chaotic brawl.


  • In Dungeon Warfare, the environment preserves you!
  • Launch a huge rolling boulder to crush everything on its path.
  • Reroute enemy path towards a busy minecart track to smash the invaders away.
  • Contaminate ancient lava pool with a bunch of adventurers.


  • Over 40 enemy base are waiting to belong to you.
  • Mix your own difficulty by combinine 12 difficulty mode runes for more challenge.
  • Endless mode for endless hours of gameplay (unlocked after obtaining the Infinity rune)


  • Unlock more than 30 achievements designed for everyone – ranging from casual gamers to hardcore gosus.


Fobia – A beautiful but challenging game about fears, phobias and overcoming them.

FobiaA little girl tries to escape from her fears overcoming various obstacles in her path.

Fobia is a hard puzzle-platformer adventure game, where you will have an adventure in a mysterious world full of dangerous situations, enemies and challenging puzzles. Anything in the game can kill you. Everything is not what it seems.


  •  A beautiful world where a misstep means death.
  •  Unique and peculiar hand drawn 2D Art-Style and 2D animation.
  •  A big variety of puzzles designed with different levels of difficulty.
  •  Atmospheric sound design.
  •  Two different endings.


Hamsterdam – Hamster. Kung Fu. Beat’em Up.

HamsterdamPlay as the hamster hero Pimm and harness the mightiest martial arts powers. Kick tail through district after district on a heart-pounding journey to take down the Vermin Gang, save Grandpa, and restore peace to Hamsterdam.

The once peaceful town of Hamsterdam is in danger! The vile chinchilla Marlo and his Vermin Gang are wreaking havoc.

Swing, flick, and strike your way through the streets of Hamsterdam. Experience the frantic action, flawlessly execute rhythm combos, and become one with the fabled Hamster-Fu.

  • Swing and flick your way to epic vermin beat downs
  • Unique brew of classic frenetic brawler, rhythm, and quick reactions
  • Master the ancient hamster martial art form; Hamster-Fu
  • Heart & fist-pounding boss showdowns. The skies rain bombs! Try dodging 1,483 of them
  • A chinchilla mob boss plus a gang of trash can wearing, tonic chugging vermin
  • Rescue Hamsterdammers and Grandpa. Lead the resistance to save Hamsterdam
  • From Couture to Streetwear – offering the finest hamster apparel for on-point beatdowns
  • Ride in style on the Ham-mobile: a two wheeled, chrome plated, pipe-grinding scooter

Illusion of L'Phalcia

Illusion of L’Phalcia – Experience epic 3D battles and customize characters with Runes & Gems in a fantasy RPG with an adventure awaiting in search of the legendary Sword of Amal!Illusion of L'Phalcia

The Sword of Amal, a legendary treasure said to grant any wish. Ryser is traveling around the world as a seeker with his buddy, Cougar, from the Leopard clan, in search of this artifact of legend. Their journey will lead them into fateful encounters with both allies and rivals only to find a mysterious truth awaiting at the end of their adventure.

Overwhelm your enemies with beautifully animated skill chains and magic in turn-based 3D battles! Acquire Gems throughout the adventure and attach them to a character’s Rune like a puzzle to enable learning magic, as well as gaining status boosts.

Explore the unknown through dungeon crawling, subquests and many other challenges!

Kiai Resonance

Kiai Resonance – Become a samurai from feudal times in this multiplayer fighting game where one hit off-guard is fatal.

You take part in online or offline combats, as well as several challenges and mini games to perfect your abilities. The player can change his katana position at any time to adjust to his opponent’s, creating a mind game where you have to anticipate his next attack. You can cho

ose to use motion controls as if the Joy-Con was the hilt of the ancient sword.

The graphics are attempting to restore the simple aesthetics of traditional Japanese prints by taking some pictorial elements of its great masters, while imbuing it with violence that characterized the confrontations.

Omega Labyrinth Life

Omega Labyrinth Life – Roguelike x Relaxation! Enjoy your daily life in an academy of fair maidens!

Take it easy in the latest addition to the series where you buff your bust with every foe you defeat, Omega Labyrinth!

Now, in addition to adventuring through dungeons, you can enjoy the finer things in life. Taking care of flowers, rebuilding the academy, having a little fun on the side…

●A bonafide roguelike RPG you can play again and again!

Venture through a dungeon with different rooms and items every time you challenge it. Power up your gear and make wise use of your skills to defeat your foes. There are even dungeons with 99 floors!

●Expand your bust with every fallen foe! Mightier mammaries lead to greater power!

Defeating foes builds up Omega Power in the chest, increasing bust size and parameters. They go all the way up to a Z cup!

●Raise flowers, rebuild the academy, and more! Enjoy a laid-back life!

Through planting seeds in the garden and raising flowers, or changing up the decor like the trees, lights or benches, you can change the scenery of the academy like never before in this new addition to the series!

Raiders of the North Sea

Raiders of the North Sea – It’s Raiding Season! Plunder your way to Viking adventure in the digital adaptation of the award-winning worker-placement board game!

Assemble a crew and outfit a longboat to raid settlements for gold and fame! Impress your Chieftain in glorious battle and win your place among the legends of the North Sea in this digital adaptation of the award-winning board game!

The Official Digital Adaptation of the Award-Winning Board Game!

Plunder your way to adventure as Raiders of the North Sea brings the strategy and fun of the hit tabletop game to digital life!Raiders of the North Sea

Cross-Platform Play!

  • Sail dangerous waters with cross-platform online play!

Deep Worker Placement Strategy!

  • Each turn you’ll harvest resources twice: first by placing one worker, and then by recovering a different one!
  • Use your resources to hire a Viking crew and outfit your longboat!
  • Send your crew on daring raids to win gold and glory!
  • Survive battles with the legendary Valkyrie…or honor your Chieftain in a glorious death!
  • Amass Plunder and make sacrificial Offerings to win!

Many Ways to Raid!

  • Turn-Based Strategy lets you play at your own pace!

Learn the Oars in a full tutorial that teaches you the strategy of the game!

  • Explore the North Sea in a 10-game campaign!
  • Lead Your People in single-player games against AI opponents!
  • Rise to Greatness in multiplayer battles!

Robbie Swifthand and the Orb of Mysteries

Robbie Swifthand and the Orb of Mysteries – Plan your every move and outsmart the traps that are lurking in the temple or get dissected in hilarious ways! A hardcore 2D platformer that will mess with your mind!

Robbie Swifthand and the Orb of Mysteries is a 2D platformer consisted of mind intriguing psychology based level design, epically unique boss fights accompanied by groovy and mystifying music~

Plan ahead your every move and outsmart the traps that are lurking in the temple or get dissected in hilarious ways!


Robbie wakes up in an unfamiliar room with a small spirit telling him that he has to save humanity.


If there is a REWARD he’ll do it.

Experience RAGE and satisfaction in this hardcore platformer!

Buy an extra controller or two .. you’ll need it…


Select the level of challenge you would like to experience but keep in mind that Robbie Swifthand is THE game to make you a platformer master!


  • We recommend playing this mode only if this is your first platformer in a while or if you haven’t even played platformers before!


  • This is the way the game is meant to be experienced by hardcore gamers.


  • If you haven’t finished Hard mode 100% .. for your own sake, just don’t.

INSANITY mode is for experienced players only – we HIGHLY suggest you finish Hard mode BEFORE you enter INSANITY mode.

Saboteur II: Avenging Angel

Saboteur II: Avenging Angel –Saboteur II: Avenging Angel is the second part of the classic retro game hit made by Clive Townsend in 1985 for the ZX Spectrum 8-bit computer. In 1985 Saboteur! received the prestigious award “The Crash Smash” from Crash magazine and was high-rated with a 93% score. In 1987 Clive made the sequel Saboteur II: Avenging Angel – the first video game to feature a female protagonist – Nina – sister of the ninja from the first part of the game.Saboteur II: Avenging Angel

Now after 32 years SimFabric in collaboration with Clive Townsend have prepared the special remastered version of Saboteur II: Avenging Angel for Nintendo Switch™.

In the game you’ll experience the original mission from 1987 version. Additionally the story will continue with new levels and enemies. Now you’ll be able to know more about sister of Saboteur and her dark and secret mission.

  • Original mission from 1987 in five versions ZX Spectrum, Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, MS DOS, Special Retro
  • New levels
  • New enemies
  • New story
  • New soundtrack and music
  • Over 10 hours of gameplay
  • 5 retro consoles graphic modes
  • Retro special effects
  • Restro original music, graphics
  • 8 language versions
  • 22 special achievments
  • Secrets and easter eggs to reveal

Available Aug. 2nd.

Shinobi Spirits S: Legend of Heroes

Shinobi Spirits S: Legend of Heroes – Play as Saizo Kirigakure,and use your amazing ninja abilities to defeat your enemies. Fight alongside comrades, and save Lord Yukimura Sanada!

Shinobi Spirits S: Legend of HeroesThe flames of war run rampant.

Ieyasu Tokugawa has been made general of the Edo Shoganate. However, General Yukimura Sanada and his Beast Brigade head the resistance against Ieyasu!

But then one day, Saizo Kirigakure returns from a mission to find Yukimura and the entire Beast Brigade missing…

Shinobi Spirits S: Legend of Heroes is a ninja action game. You are surrounded, under siege from all directions by the Tokugawa ninjas! Use your arsenal of ninja skills to defeat your foes. Create combos of attacks, and utilize ninja skills such as

Smoke Bomb and Nose Dive!

Follow our heroes’ captivating story, and clear the missions in each stage.

Collect scrolls to aquire new ninja skills! There is so much more than just clearing stages!

Enhance your ninja skills using the Skill Tree.

Upgrade skills to cultivate your unique ninja fighting style.

Don’t forget to check out the Leader’s Room.

There you can chat with our brave heroes, and discover content not included in the main story.

There are three levels of difficulty available.

From those who aren’t familiar with action games, to seasoned veterans of the genre, there is something for everybody!

Solo: Islands of the Heart

Solo: Islands of the Heart – Solo: Islands of the Heart is a game about love. About love as fuel, the force that drives us.

Love is a universal feeling, but each of us experiences it in a different way. Solo – Islands of the Heart explores the theme of love in an introspective way, allowing players to identify and reflect on their own experiences.

The world is divided into archipelagos, with each island representing a unique puzzle. Solving puzzles will award the player with a Sleeping Totem, awakening them to answer a question about love and relationships.

As with love, most puzzles have no unique solution. Using boxes, each with different properties and behaviors, players can build their own paths to the Sleeping Totems on each island.

Nature and contemplation are also a huge part of Solo: pull out your camera and capture the moment, play the guitar, feed the animals or just sit on a bench and think.


STANDBY – Escape the glitched out world in this high-octane fast-paced platformer – do it as fast as you can!

STANDBYSTANDBY is an ‘easy to learn, hard to master’ adrenaline rush precision platformer, with devious levels that will challenge your reactions and concentration.

  • Master the flow of the game and navigate through the vibrant, high-contrast levels with precision!
  • Interact with levels in unique ways — slide, crush, dash and teleport through your surroundings!
  • Get through 54 challenging levels of a world falling apart!

New gameplay twist on each course!

  • Fluid movement — master your way around obstacles and get through the level without slowing down!
  • Ecstatic EDM soundtrack to match your adrenaline levels!

Sudoku Relax 2 Summer Waves

Sudoku Relax 2 Summer Waves – Let your mind take a break and refresh itself to the mind-soothing effects of Sudoku.

The popular “Sudoku Relax” title is coming out with a sequel, “Sudoku Relax 2”.

This new title is filled with bright cool colors and brings a sense of calm.

Choose from EASY, NORMAL, or HARD modes with over 300 puzzles.

Exercise your brain and wind down to the relaxing gameplay and music.

Solving puzzles unlocks new backgrounds and music tracks.

The game contains 3 backgrounds and 3 music tracks.

You can choose to pause the game at any time and continue playing at your convenience.

Simple touch controls make playing easy.

Super Wiloo Demake

Super Wiloo Demake – Save your Doggo from Dr.ETvaldo!

Wiloo and Agatha need to rescue their dog from the clutches of Dr.ETvaldo!

Roll, fly, jump, and shoot your way across a variety of different platforming levels using unique power ups to reach the end of the level. Can you defeat all 5 bosses and rescue your buddy?

With 3 different difficulties, experience the quest that you desire with easier or devilish challenges.


  •    Trverse 50 levels across 5 different worlds with unique themes.
  •   Vibrant 8-bit visuals
  •   Conquer 5 malicious bosses
  •   Pick from 3 difficulties to suit your playstyle
  •   Use fun power ups to defeat enemies

Available Aug. 2nd.

Swaps and Traps

Swaps and Traps – A Hat That Changes Everything

Mike is a decent man. An ordinary one, you might say. But he is no pushover when it comes to capturing the enchanted hat from his nemesis, Divider. You see, Divider’s hat changes everything, including the position and direction of the screen. Mike’s only hope is to collect the cursed keys, and catch Divider through different locations and traps. Portions of his world will swap, turn and even flip to give him one unique adventure.Swaps and Traps

Swaps and Traps is a fun game, which will challenge your platformer skills as well as your eyes and necks. As you collect a key in a scene, you also trigger the main trap of the game. Portions of your screen will swap, turn and even flip horizontally and vertically to give you one unique adventure.

Swaps and Traps has a retro vibe, with simple gameplay against high level difficulty.

  • 3 Worlds: Let’s Jungle, Night Watch and Divider’s Den
  • 100+ levels
  • Insane bonus levels
  • Playful music
  • 100+ achievements
  • An adventure to remember

Ready to get lost in a single screen?

Available Aug. 2nd.

The Church in the Darkness

The Church in the Darkness – No one is forced to join a cult. It welcomes you. It understands you. It envelops you until the words become more than truth—they make you whole.

In the late 1970s, the charismatic Isaac and Rebecca Walker lead the Collective Justice Mission. Labeled radicals and feeling persecuted by the US government, they relocate their followers to the one place they believe they can create a socialist utopia: the jungles of South America. There they build Freedom Town. But relatives left behind in the US become worried: what exactly is going on at this compound in the jungle?

You play as Vic, an ex-law enforcement officer who has snuck into Freedom Town to check on their nephew, Alex. Whether you choose stealth or violence, you must infiltrate the commune, find out what’s going on within, and locate your nephew, before it’s too late.

How dangerous are the Walkers? How far will you go to uncover the truth and save Alex? Could it all have turned out differently?

Available Aug. 2nd.

The Forbidden Arts

The Forbidden Arts – The Forbidden Arts is an action adventure platformer with a focus on discovery and exploration. You play as a young boy who seeks to master the element of fire.

The Forbidden Arts is an action adventure platformer with a focus on discovery and exploration. When the hero of the game, Phoenix, seeks the counsel of a druid to make sense of his visions, she awakens the latent pyromancy within him. This begins an epic journey from Phoenix’s humble beginnings as he seeks to master the element of fire.

Key Features:

  •  5 Worlds with multiple levels
  •  6 Boss Fights
  •  30+ different enemies
  •  12+ hours of gameplay
  •  High quality hand-painted art style
  •  Channel your pyromancer flame to cast devastating spells upon enemies and bosses, protect yourself from harm and manipulate the environment.
  •  Explore massive worlds with the ability to save your progress nearly anywhere and any time. You will alternate between 2d gameplay while in dungeons and 3d gameplay while exploring the world map.
  •  Test your agility as you scale walls, jump gaps, climb vines and maneuver through several distinct environments filled with obstacles and challenges.
  •  Progress through a captivating storyline following a young man who seeks the truth about himself and finds a grand adventure of ancient magic.
  •  Embark on quests from friendly NPCs and solve puzzles you encounter along the way.
  •  Discover long-forgotten secret items and locations, and unlock abilities.

The time has come to summon your inner fire and prove to the world you have what it takes to be called a pyromancer. Play The Forbidden Arts today.

The Forbidden Arts is available on Aug. 7th.

The House of Da Vinci

The House of Da Vinci – Enter The House of Da Vinci, a new must-try 3D puzzle adventure game. Solve mechanical puzzles, discover hidden objects, escape from rooms and dive into the authentic atmosphere of the Renaissance. Use all your wits to find out what’s behind your master’s disappearance.

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