The Walking Vegetables Radical! Edition

The Walking Vegetables Radical! Edition, Zombie veggie-shooting mayhem, New Screens Released

Merge Games and Still Running recently announced the upcoming release of The Walking Vegetables – Radical! edition on Nintendo Switch. New Screenshots have become available as shown in the gallery below:

A twin-stick shooter, The Walking Vegetables sees players battling mutated zombie fruit and veg. Armed initially with a simple pistol, players can upgrade their arsenal with a myriad of weapons and gadgets they uncover as they take on the lethal legumes.

Journeying between cities players experience double the fire-power by buddying-up with a friend. To save mankind, players will need to defeat end of level vegetable kingpins before progressing to the vegetable-ridden alien headquarters and the formidable mothership.

The game’s content is OVERFLOWING! A single play through merely scratches the surface on what The Walking Vegetables has to offer. Randomized buildings, sections, enemies, bosses, weapons and items will make every game a completely unique experience. Combine this with the abundance of achievable skills and unlockable goodies and you are guaranteed to stay engaged and entertained for a loooong time!

The Walking Vegetables will be available to pre-order from the 1st of November and will release on the 8th of November on the Nintendo eShop Switch. Any purchases made between the 1st and 15th November will receive a 20% discount.

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