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Presenting: “Colt Canyon” Conquer the West Roguelike Style

Loot. Shoot. Dodge. Reload. Strap on your revolver and keep the hammer cocked, Hoss – welcome to the West! Headup announces Colt Canyon, developed by Retrific Game Studio, to be released in Q3 2019 for PC, Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. Colt Canyon is a stylish 2D pixel art twin-stick shooter with roguelike elements in which you control a cowboy (or a cowgirl!), whose mission it is to save his kidnapped partner from ruthless bandits. Take your revolver, knife and TNT and shoot your way through a hostile canyon full of hidden treasures, weapons, obstacles and all kinds of bloodthirsty scum. Perhaps you can save more people that just your beloved one. You can also enjoy Colt Canyon with a friend by playing its 2P local co-op mode. Watch the blood and carnage in the Announcement Trailer! With permadeath, roguelike gameplay and many unlockable characters,Colt Canyon offers high replayability value: Every run is different. Though the canyon’s basic layout is handcrafted, everything else […]

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X-Morph: Defense

Initiate the invasion by pre-ordering X-Morph: Defense – a unique fusion of tower defense strategy and top-down shooter genres on Nintendo Switch today!

The time for invasion is almost upon us, EXOR Studios’ X-Morph: Defense will launch on Nintendo’s platform on February 21st. If you’ve been eagerly awaiting your chance to overthrow the human race, pre-order the game now and lead the alien armada to victory. February 7th, Szczecin, Poland –  Attention: A foreign life-form has just attempted to make contact. No, they definitely do not have good intentions. They are about to place their deadly machines on Earth, steal all of mankind’s resources and conquer the planet. And there is more – you are their leader! Remember that people will try to thwart your plans. Defend your alien base, build defense towers and modify them to your liking. Take full advantage of detailed environmental destruction to block and trap enemy forces. Make X-Morph the new predominant species on Earth. Watch the X-Morph: Defense Nintendo Switch extended gameplay trailer HERE and welcome your new form. Visit […]

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Killer Queen Black’s PC Version Available First On the Discord Store in Q3 2019

Cross-Platform Play and Chat, Powerglove Performing Main Theme, New Trailer CHICAGO — Feb. 7, 2019 — Killer Queen Black, the strategic eight-player arcade action platformer from Liquid Bit and BumbleBear Games, will fly First on Discord for the PC release in Q3 2019, and simultaneously release on Nintendo Switch. For the first 90 days after launch, PC gamers can download Killer Queen Blackexclusively from the Discord store. With day-one cross-platform play and chat, friends can bumble-brawl together no matter what they are playing on. The Glam Rock-inspired 16-bit art-style will require some rocking new tunes, so instrumental power metal cover band Powerglove will provide the theme and end-of-level stingers. Check out the game’s brand-new second trailer for a taste! Battle for the hive in two teams of four — one Queen, and three Workers. Coordination and adaptability are the keys to dominating opponents. The Queen enters the fray armed with a stinger she can use to both attack the other team […]

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Etherborn Signs to 20th Century Fox’s Newly Announced Indie Development Fund

Spring 2019 release on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One 7 February 2019 | Los Angeles, USA + Barcelona, Spain – Altered Matter, the developers of the gravity-shifting puzzle-platformer Etherborn and FoxNext Games, a division of 20th Century Fox, have teamed up to announce an indie development fund aimed at creators who are taking creative risks in the field of games. A new trailer featuring never-before-seen footage was also released. After collecting multiple awards for its creative level design, unique visual aesthetics, and mind-bending gameplay, Etherborn has become the first game signed to the FoxNext Games indie fund portfolio. It will be releasing in Spring 2019 on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. “As passionate creators of games, we’ve been searching for like-minded developers focused on innovation, experimentation and a certain amount of creative risk,” said TQ Jefferson, Vice President, External Development, FoxNext Games. “We’re looking to partner with inspiring game makers, providing the support they need to develop the best version […]

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V.O.I.D. available for preorder!

Let’s get Retro with this offer! Barcelona, Spain – February 7th 2019 – Let’s get Retro with this offer! Starting February 7th you can enter Nintendo eShop and preorder the most retro-platformer game, V.O.I.D.! Preordering a digital game? Silly! As if it were going to run out of copies! What is going to run out is this awesome offer: preorder V.O.U.D. before  the release day (February 28th) and get it 15% OFF! V.O.I.D. is an all-new side-scrolling action game for  PC/Switch made by NAPE GAMES and JanduSoft! Taking the best aspects of the 8- and 16-bit era classics, and transforming them with modern tech & fresh mechanics, into something new and exciting! PLOIDS are the evolution of the human race by merging technology with its DNA. Our planet is invaded by a race from another galaxy, which destroys everything it touches to become thus with absolute power. After some time, a group of Ploids decides to take action and return the peace. To achieve this, […]

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Coming Soon to Switch — Claybook — the Whimsical Physics-Based Clay Puzzle Game

Solve Puzzles, Shape Plasticine Playgrounds, and Go Beyond the Limits of Creativity in a Puzzle World Made Entirely of Clay HELSINKI, FINLAND (FEBRUARY 6, 2019) – Independent game studio Second Order — founded by former Ubisoft – RedLynx Studio veterans — today announced that their colorful clay physics-based puzzle adventure Claybook is coming this March to Nintendo Switch! Utilizing custom “Clayfield” technology that creates true-to-life volumetric clay visuals and physics, Claybook challenges players’ to solve brain-bending puzzles, create and share moldable landscapes, and uncover the squishy possibilities of this limitless clayground. “We’re thrilled to bring Claybook to Nintendo’s Switch platform, and give creative minds the world over a new venue for expressing themselves,” said Sami Saarinen, CEO, and Co-Founder of Second Order. “Whether players prefer to create extraordinary levels with our extensive library of tools, or simply explore the depths of their problem-solving abilities on their journey through each chapter, we are confident that there will be something for everyone […]

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Almost There: The Platformer

Announcing ‘Almost There: The Platformer’, a new game from the publisher of ‘The Bridge’ and ‘Tumblestone’

SEATTLE, WA – FEBRUARY 5, 2019 – The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild, creator of the award-winning titles ‘The Bridge’ and ‘Tumblestone’, is announcing their first third-party title. Later this month QAG is publishing ‘Almost There: The Platformer’, an unforgiving, dexterity-heavy platformer. Drawing influences from N++, Super Meat Boy, and The Impossible Game, ‘Almost There’ sets itself apart with a fresh take on the platformer-running mechanic, with unique level design and a minimalist aesthetic. Almost There is releasing internationally on February 19, 2019 to Steam, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4, and to Nintendo Switch two days later. The price will be $9.99 USD. Notably, ‘Almost There’ is the first console game to ever release from Bangladesh. Full game details and features: Sprint between saw blades while dodging homing missiles. Duck under lasers while the floor crumbles beneath you. Almost There was designed specifically for fans of the hardcore platforming genre – you’ve been […]

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Warframe Fortuna


Jump into the Frozen Tundra of Open World Venus, Get Rad on a Hoverboard, Save Animals From Extinction, and More! LONDON, ON – February 4, 2019 – Canadian developer and publisher Digital Extremes’ next big open-world Warframe® expansion, Fortuna, will come to Nintendo Switch™ tomorrow, Tuesday, February 5. The new open-world landscape is a fantastic-looking fantasy environment chock full of new gameplay, activities, rich storylines and space ninja adventure. Whether Tenno are dashing across the frozen tundra on the K-Drive Hoverboard to explore mountains, mushroom forests, or caves, conserving rare local animals from extinction, fighting battles against spider-like Raknoids, or facing off with the greedy Corpus faction, Fortuna is available tomorrow for free on Nintendo Switch. In Fortuna, Nintendo Switch players will meet the new Faction Solaris United to kick off this enormous expansion. Whether in the underground hub city of Fortuna or on the surface of the Orb Vallis, players can dive into Solaris United’s stories, learn about the plight […]

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Family Tree for Nintendo Switch by Infinite State Games

5th February 2019 – Infinite State Games are proud to introduce ‘Family Tree’ a game designed from the ground up to make you happy.  Coming to Nintendo Switch in Spring 2019! From the makers of Don’t Die, Mr Robot! and Rogue Aces (which is free this month on PlayStation+) comes a colorful slingshot platform puzzler that’s guaranteed to brighten your day and put a smile on your face. Pedro the Evil Skull has turned all of Mr.Fruits’ friends into fruits and scattered them inside all the trees in the forest.  It’s up to you to help him rescue them all!  Combining platforming, golf, pinball and collecting fruits – Family Tree for Nintendo Switch is a chilled and fun experience for everyone that you’ll want to enjoy again and again. Artwork by celebrated illustrator Kate Evans, music by the ISG house band and oodles of expertly created levels – every inch of […]

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Bee Simulator

Varsav Game Studios and BIGBEN join forces to bring Bee Simulator to PC and consoles at the end of 2019

Varsav Game Studios, the development team behind the highly anticipated Bee Simulator game, is proud to announce a publishing partnership with BIGBEN. Thanks to the publisher’s support, Bee Simulator will not only launch simultaneously on PC and consoles at the end of this year, but will also be available as a boxed version worldwide! FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – February 4th 2019, Warsaw, Poland – The developers have sure been working as busy as a bee over the past couple of months! Not only on expanding the game’s features, but most importantly, on finding a reliable partner that could help bring Bee Simulator to a whole new level. Today, Varsav Game Studios is happy to announce that their search has come to an end. Thanks to cooperation with BIGBEN, gamers all over the world will not only be able to enjoy a bigger and better Bee Simulator, available on PC and consoles later […]

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