Catch a Duck

Catch a Duck on Nintendo Switch

Ultimate Games S.A. is releasing on Nintendo Switch Catch a Duck, a cartoon arcade, which requires a lot of cunning from the players. The premiere date is set for July 29, 2019

Ultimate Games S.A. is responsible for the release of Catch a Duck. The launch dates for the digital distribution (Nintendo eShop) is set for July 29, 2019. In the next upcoming months Catch a Duck will also be released on PC.

The new production from All Those Moments studios (creators of the Earthworms adventure and Bouncy Bob arcade) is a cartoon-style arcade game with elements of action planning. In Catch a Duck, the player takes control of a fox hunting a duck. However, hunting is not that simple because there are many dangers on the road to success.

The gameplay requires a lot of cunning, which will be necessary to outsmart hunters, wolves and bears. At the same time, you need to be able to use different hiding places and set traps. Catch a Duck includes hand-drawn graphics, unique animations and sounds as well as 25 different levels to complete.

Catch a Duck (Nintendo eShop):

Catch a DuckBasic information:
Title: Catch a Duck
Genre: action, recreation, arcade
Producer: All Those Moments
Publisher: Ultimate Games S.A.
Language: English
Launch date: 7/29/2019 (Nintendo Switch)


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