Animal Crossing Pocket Camp / Pokémon crossover event starring Eevee from Pokémon

Project Eevee Crossover Event On Now!

An Animal Crossing Pocket Camp / Pokémon crossover event starring Eevee from Pokémon has begun! To celebrate, we’re sending all players an Eevee hood! Note: The gift has already been sent to your mailbox. It’s available from 10/11/18 at 11:00 p.m. to 11/11/18 at 10:59 p.m. The Poké Ball Scavenger Hunt starts today, too! This time you’ll be hunting for Poké Balls from Pokémon! Gather the Poké Balls that are scattered around the map. Once you’ve collected enough Poké Balls, you can use them to craft Eevee items! Event Schedule: From 10/11/18 at 11:00 p.m. to 10/22/18 at 10:59 p.m. Note: For more details about each event, please check the in-app notices.

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9th Annual Classic Tetris World Championship, Oct 20-21 in Portland, OR

TETRIS® CHAMPS BATTLE FOR SUPREMACY AT THE 9TH ANNUAL CLASSIC TETRIS WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, OCTOBER 20-21 IN PORTLAND, OR WHAT: Will Jonas Neubauer once again hold on to his 7-time Tetris champion title? From across North America, Europe and Asia, players are preparing to partake in one of the most heated Tetris battles in the world of video games – the annual Classic Tetris World Championship (CTWC).  On Oct. 20 and 21 in Portland, OR, the 9th annual CTWC, organized by avid fans of the 1989 NES version of the game, comes to the Oregon Convention Center during the Portland Retro Gaming Expo. 2018 competitors will include: returning champions Jonas Neubauer (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016 and 2017) and Harry Hong (2014), European champion Svavar Gunnar Gunnarsson, Japanese Tetris Grand Master Koryan, and many other players featured in the award-winning documentary Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters. Entry fee for the CTWC is $20. Entrants can make as […]

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Zarvot, a game about cubes, friendship and rivalry, debuts exclusively on Nintendo Switch October 18th

It’s hip to be square New York City, United States – October 11th, 2018 – New York-based independent studio, snowhydra games will debut its long-awaited quirky arcade shooter Zarvot on the Nintendo Switch eShop October 18th for $19.99. Zarvot is a whimsical game about cubes that sometimes love and sometimes hate each other. Featuring ultra responsive controls rendered at a silky smooth 60fps, Zarvot tasks players with blitzing around as an uncannily anthropomorphic cube, capable of shooting, evading, double jumping, and spinning into opponents with furious relish. Zarvot features five competitive multiplayer modes ranging from classic Deathmatch, to a sushi collecting scramble, to the Switch-exclusive Joy-Vot wherein one player spawns in enemies to fight their friends. Each match is set in a fully destructible arena full of breakable walls, deathly hazards, and moody weather effects. Additionally, Zarvot features an entire story-driven single-player campaign, as players assume the role of affable cube Charcoal who goes on a journey with their […]

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Gal Metal

Free-Form Rhythm Rocker Gal Metal Gets a North American Gig on October 30

XSEED Games Announces a Launch Date for Developer DMM GAMES’ Unique Nintendo Switch Exclusive, Opens Preorders for ‘World Tour’ Retail Edition with Sticker Sheet and Bundled DLC Torrance, Calif. – October 11, 2018 – XSEED Games, the independent-minded publishing brand of Marvelous USA, Inc., today announced that Gal Metal, the free-form rhythm title from developer DMM GAMES, will launch digitally and at retail for Nintendo SwitchTM on Tuesday, October 30. The game will be available digitally on the Nintendo eShop for $29.99, with the “Encore Pack” DLC available on the same day for $9.99 adding five new characters, each with their own unique story episode and song. Fans can pre-purchase the game from the Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch starting October 18. Get ready to rock out using the Joy-ConTM controller to create unique rhythms by way of easy-to-learn yet difficult-to-master drumlines. Hardcore metalheads can preorder the “World Tour Edition” of Gal Metal at select retailers […]

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Super Hyperactive Ninja

Super Hyperactive Ninja available for preorder!

Let’s get Hyperactive with this offer! Starting October 11th you can enter Nintendo eShop and preorder the most caffeinated action-platformer game, Super Hyperactive Ninja! Preordering a digital game? Silly! As if it were going to run out of copies! What is going to run out is this awesome offer: preorder Super Hyperactive Ninja before  the release day (October 25th) and get it 40% OFF! Super Hyperactive Ninja is a fast-paced hyper-caffeinated action-platformer in 2D, designed for those who want a real tough challenge. Recover the stolen coffee before you fall asleep! Use the power of caffeine to make your way! Features: More than 50 levels of fast paced hyperactive action Difficult and challenging, but fair Speedrun friendly Discover new ways to play and secret paths using the unlockable items and characters Hidden 2-player fighting mode Guest characters from awesome indie games Don’t miss this chance and remember: if you run out of […]

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Announcing the release date of “ACA NEOGEO 3 COUNT BOUT”

HAMSTER Co. (Head Offices: Tokyo-to, Setagaya-ku; CEO: Satoshi HAMADA; referred to below as “HAMSTER” announces that from October 11th, 2018, ACA NEOGEO 3 COUNT BOUT will be available digitally for ACA NEOGEO, the downloadable series by HAMSTER for Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. About “3 COUNT BOUT” “3 COUNT BOUT” is a pro-wrestling game released by SNK in 1993. Aim to become the world’s strongest wrestler, and take the champion’s throne for yourself! Chock full of the elements of pro-wrestling, including strike exchanges and aerial assaults, dash moves, even illegal moves! Enjoy interesting matches including electricity matches, street matches, and more. Title: ACA NEOGEO 3 COUNT BOUT Platform: Nintendo Switch™  /  PlayStation®4 / Xbox One Price: $7.99 Release Date: October 11th, 2018 Official Website: ©SNK CORPORATION ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Arcade Archives Series Produced by HAMSTER Co.

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N.E.R.O. for Nintendo Switch wanders into stores later than expected

Release of the enchanting first person game moved to Q1 2019 Rotterdam, The Netherlands – 11 October, 2018 – The Nintendo SwitchTMrelease for N.E.R.O.: Nothing Ever Remains Obscure has been postponed to the first quarter of 2019. The atypical first person story game is coming to Nintendo SwitchTM both digitally and physically and will be available worldwide. Watch the trailer: Download the press kit:$/ The emotional story behind a dreamlike world In N.E.R.O, players see through the eyes of a little boy, discovering an entrancing world full of mystery. While exploring these surreal surroundings, players will literally puzzle pieces of the heartbreaking story together and new chapters will slowly take shape. As players discover how fate has struck upon the loving family of the little boy, they’ll discover that things aren’t always as they seem, and that there is hope to be found in even the darkest of times. Features: Experience bittersweet emotions, unraveling […]

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snakebyte Announces the Tough:Kit for Nintendo Switch

Ideal for the Gamer on the Move, the Tough:Kit Keeps Your Switch Safe Anytime, Anywhere! San Diego, CA – October 11th, 2018 – snakebyte® group, leading innovators of consumer electronics hardware, announced today the Tough:Kit™ for Nintendo® Switch™, an all-new collection of highly protective accessories, designed to offer maximum protection for your console, Joy-Con™ controllers and games. Designed for a perfect fit around the tablet and connected controllers, the Tough:Case has been designed to cradle the console when in handheld mode, safely preventing damage to fragile hardware. The rugged shell provides highly protective protection, including a scratch-resistant polycarbonate back cover. Available in a choice of two eye-catching colors: Strawberry Pink and Black, the Tough:Case is an easy choice for gamers constantly on the go. The Game:Case is the perfect companion to the Tough:Case, providing storage and protection for up to four games. Small enough to fit in any pocket, the Game:Case affords peace of mind that the fragile games will survive any road trip in […]

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Limited-Edition LEGO Overwatch Omnic Bastion Now Available: Limited-Edition LEGO Overwatch Omnic Bastion Ready To Defend Your Desk

Blizzard Entertainment and The LEGO Group Team Up to Bring Overwatch’s Iconic Hero to Life With an Exclusive Display Mode Thursday, October 11, 2018 — Overwatch® players have long enjoyed assembling teams featuring the iconic hero Bastion. Soon members of the community will be able to assemble Bastion in real life thanks to a new collaboration between Blizzard Entertainment and The LEGO Group. In advance of the launch of a full collection of LEGO® Overwatch building sets, consumers can purchase LEGO Overwatch Omnic Bastion on the Blizzard Gear Store starting today for the price of £22.50. Those attending BlizzCon® 2018, taking place November 2 and 3 at the Anaheim Convention Center, will also be able to purchase the figure on site. This Blizzard-exclusive display model features Bastion in the orange Omnic Crisis skin with a display plate built from LEGO bricks. The figure features a swiveling upper body, moveable arms, and a weapon built […]

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