Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age

Co-Op Fighter Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age Introduces Brand-new Character

Try the new character in Diesel Legacy’s innovative three-lane match system starting this Monday

Gamers and fans of co-op fighting games, get ready to meet the newest addition to Maximum Entertainment’s upcoming release, Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age. During the Latin American Games Showcase, the publisher and developer gave audiences a first look at their latest character, Dieselmech. This gentle giant turned super soldier will be joining the action in the highly anticipated co-op fighter, set to hit PC and console platforms later this year.

Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age is taking the gaming world by storm with its unique approach to the classic fighting game genre. Instead of the usual one-on-one battles, this game features intense 2v2 local and online co-op matches. With a focus on teamwork and strategic gameplay, Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age offers a refreshing twist to the traditional fighting game formula.



But what makes Dieselmech stand out from the rest of the game’s characters?

Originally created as a friendly automaton, Dieselmech’s story takes a dark turn when his creator is abducted. He is then repurposed into a mass-produced super soldier, forced to serve as a “peacekeeper” armed with destructive weapons. These weapons are used to terrorize innocent civilians in slums, acting as target practice for the ruthless soldiers.

However, Dieselmech (DM-00337) retains traces of his creator’s ideals and is slowly learning the value of helping others, triggered by an orphaned kitten he stumbled upon.

Despite his gentle nature, Dieselmech is no pushover in the arena. With his immense strength and new-found sense of purpose, he proves to be a formidable opponent for any team. As players navigate through the game’s hand-drawn Dieselpunk backdrop, they will learn to appreciate the unique gameplay mechanics that Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age has to offer.

To give players a taste of what’s to come, Dieselmech will be available as part of Steam Next Fest starting June 10th. This special event will allow players to get a feel for the character’s abilities and playstyle before the game’s official release later this year. And with the inclusion of RealMatch rollback netcode, players can expect a seamless gaming experience with virtually lag-free matches.

But Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age is more than just a co-op fighting game. It also offers a comprehensive training mode to help players hone their skills against AI opponents. And for those who enjoy a good story, the game features a captivating story mode that will immerse players in the world of Diesel Legacy.

Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age will be available on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch, bringing the action to a wide range of gaming platforms. With its unique gameplay, diverse characters, and beautiful artwork, this game is sure to become a fan-favorite among fighting game enthusiasts.

To learn more about Diesel Legacy: The Brazen Age and its exciting new character, Dieselmech, visit www.DieselLegacy.com. Keep an eye out for updates and get ready to join the fight when the game launches later this year.

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