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Sociable Soccer 24 Brings the Beautiful Game to Console from June 7th 2024

Stefano Sensi Announced as Cover Star, as Sociable Soccer 24 Puts the Fun Back into Football

The wait is finally over for football fans, as Sociable Software Ltd announces the much-anticipated release of Sociable Soccer 24 on Nintendo Switch. Dubbed as “Football for the Fortnite generation”, this latest addition to the Sociable Soccer franchise promises to bring back the fun and excitement to the beloved sport. Football enthusiasts can get their hands on the game both physically and through digital download starting on June 7th, 2024, with PlayStation and Xbox versions following soon after.

Sociable Soccer 24 is the brainchild of legendary game designer Jon Hare, the creator of the fan-favorite Sensible Soccer franchise in the 1990s. Known for its easy-to-play yet hard-to-master gameplay, Sensible Soccer is still loved by millions of gamers worldwide. With Hare at the helm, fans can expect the same level of fun and thrill in Sociable Soccer 24.

One of the major highlights of this new release is the FIFPRO license, which brings over 12,000 licensed players to the game. This means that players can collect and upgrade their favorite football celebrities, making their dream team a reality. And unlike many games in the market, Sociable Soccer 24 does not have any loot boxes or in-app purchases, making it a fair and enjoyable gaming experience for everyone.

But that’s not all, as Sociable Soccer 24 offers so much more than just collecting and managing players. The game also features a 10-division online league system, where players can climb and conquer their way to the top. With up to date player, team, and competition data for 1,400 world teams, gamers can experience the most realistic and up-to-date football gameplay.

Another exciting aspect of Sociable Soccer 24 is its fast and intuitive arcade gameplay, making it easy for players of all levels to jump in and start scoring goals. And for those who miss the good old days of couch multiplayer, the game offers an amazing couch multiplayer mode for some friendly competition with family and friends. Plus, for the first time, players can also engage in online PvP matches against friends or random opponents.

To add to the excitement, Sociable Software Limited has announced the signing of Stefano Sensi as the cover star for the game. The Italian international and Inter Milan player will be featured in the new promotional artwork and video for Sociable Soccer 24. Hare expressed his excitement and delight in partnering with such a skilled and charismatic player, stating that fans will surely be thrilled to see Sensi in the game.

And it’s not just the console gamers that get to enjoy Sociable Soccer 24. PC gamers can also indulge in the fun with a free update releasing on the same day as the console versions, bringing parity of features to all platforms. The game offers three ways to play: Coach, Casual, and hardcore, allowing players to choose the level of difficulty they prefer. With 80 world football trophies to win and 5 unique referees with different personalities, Sociable Soccer 24 offers endless hours of entertainment for football fans.

Creative Director Jon Hare shared his enthusiasm for bringing Sociable Soccer back to the console world, saying, “Sociable Soccer brings fast, arcade-style gameplay back to video game football, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring the beautiful game back to console gamers.” He also expressed his excitement for the new update for PC gamers, stating that Sociable Soccer 24 has reached new heights.

With all the amazing features and updates offered by Sociable Soccer 24, it’s no wonder that the football community is eagerly anticipating its release. So, mark your calendars for June 7th, 2024, and lace up your virtual boots for an epic gaming experience.

For more information on Sociable Soccer 24, visit their website at https://www.sociablesoccer.com/. (Please note that online PvP matches are currently available for PC and Nintendo Switch only.)

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