One More Dungeon 2

One More Dungeon 2 To Release March 1st

First Person Dungeon Crawler Roguelike in a Fantasy Setting

Indie game fans, get ready for a bigger, better, and totally transformed dungeon crawling experience. Indie publisher Ratalaika Games and two-manned developer Stately Snail have joined forces again to bring gamers the highly anticipated sequel, One More Dungeon 2. Set for release on March 1st, this first-person, dungeon crawler roguelike will be available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

The original One More Dungeon game was a hit among fans, but the developers are taking it to the next level with this sequel. Players will embark on an epic journey filled with action, adventure, and tons of new features. Unlike its predecessor, which was heavily inspired by old shooters, One More Dungeon 2 boasts a modern action game experience with a first-person view, a compelling storyline, a hub location to explore, boss battles, meta-progression, and innovative gameplay mechanics.

Speaking of the hub location, fans can expect to explore a ruined fortress and solve puzzles to progress their character. But be warned – this fortress is also home to giant intelligent snails who have captured the player and forced them to explore the dungeon. As if that’s not challenging enough, each new zone presents its own set of obstacles, from poisonous water to explosive plants.

But fear not, as players will have access to new weapons, items, and upgrades as they progress through the dungeon. Collect gold and runes to unlock new areas, buy starting items for the next descent, or level up the player for a stronger and more skilled character. This progression system adds a new layer to the game, making each dungeon run more meaningful and rewarding.

The action in One More Dungeon 2 is intense and non-stop. Players will start off armed with just a magic staff and broken sword, but will soon come across better weapons and potions to aid them in their battles against giant rats, bats, skeletons, and other enemies. In addition, players can also utilize a new feature – throwing bombs – to take out groups of enemies at once.

One of the most exciting aspects of One More Dungeon 2 is the boss battles. After every two levels, players will face off against a unique boss in a special arena. These bosses are not to be underestimated, as they will put up a tough fight and require skill and strategy to defeat. With an average playtime of 5-10 hours, players can expect to encounter 5 epic bosses throughout their journey.

One More Dungeon 2 also features a level map, aim-assist, and a diverse range of enemies. With 30 types of enemies to fight, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, players will have to adapt their playstyle to survive. And for those who love a challenge, there are 9 levels in 5 different biomes to explore and conquer.

So mark your calendar for March 1st and get ready to embark on an unforgettable dungeon crawling adventure. One More Dungeon 2 offers an immersive and challenging experience for both new and returning players. With its vast improvements and new features, it’s sure to be a hit among indie game fans.

Don’t miss out on this epic journey – pre-order your copy today!

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