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Atari Announces Lunar Lander Beyond Physical Edition Retailers in USA and Canada

Atari, one of the leading names in the gaming industry, has teamed up with Dreams Uncorporated, a highly regarded developer, to bring an all-new space-faring adventure to gamers in the United States and Canada. The highly anticipated game, Lunar Lander Beyond, is set to hit retail stores this spring and is now available for pre-order at Best Buy, GameStop CA, and Amazon for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch.

With a captivating storyline and stunning visuals, Lunar Lander Beyond promises to take gamers on an unforgettable journey through the mysteries of the universe. As the newly appointed captain of the Pegasus Corporation, players will be tasked with managing a team of diverse pilots, advisors, and landers in a quest to keep clients satisfied and their crew’s sanity intact. It’s a challenging job that comes with high stakes, as the interplanetary economy relies heavily on the successful completion of missions to deliver cargo, retrieve resources, and rescue stranded pilots.

What sets Lunar Lander Beyond apart from other arcade-style games is the infusion of Dreams Uncorporated’s signature art style and gripping storytelling. The game is a unique blend of adventure and simulation, immersing players in a vast and intricate story world. But be warned, not everything is as it seems in this universe, and the choices you make as a captain will have a significant impact on your crew and the outcomes of your missions.

Lunar Lander Beyond Deluxe Edition Promo

The game is available in both Standard and Deluxe Editions, with the Deluxe Edition including a sleek steelbook and a 146-page artbook filled with concept art, character profiles, and ship schematics. This edition is a must-have for die-hard fans of the game, collectors, and those looking to delve deeper into the game’s world.

Lunar Lander Beyond is set to launch on multiple platforms, including PC via Steam and Epic, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Series X, and PlayStation 4|5, making it accessible to a wider audience. Pre-orders for the digital edition are now available, and for those who prefer physical copies, pre-orders can be placed at Best Buy, GameStop, and Amazon. The game is expected to hit shelves in spring 2024, and the wait is sure to be worth it.

Atari and Dreams Uncorporated have collaborated to create an exhilarating and one-of-a-kind gaming experience with Lunar Lander Beyond. From its simplistic arcade origins, the game has evolved into a immersive adventure that will keep gamers on the edge of their seats. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this captivating space-faring journey. Pre-order now at your preferred retailer or add it to your cart at

To learn more about Lunar Lander Beyond and its release, visit the official website at Stay updated with all the latest news and announcements by following Atari and Dreams Uncorporated on their social media channels.

Get ready to embark on an out of this world adventure with Lunar Lander Beyond.

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