Metal Mind

Build and Massacre Mechs in Roguelike Twin-Stick Shooter Metal Mind March 7

Manufacturer metal monsters in Metal Mind on Nintendo Switch and the Epic Game Store

Fans of roguelike games and mecha enthusiasts, rejoice! The long-awaited game, Metal Mind, is finally set to release on March 7, 2024, for Nintendo Switch and PC via the Epic Games Store. Developed by WHIRLLAXY LIMITED and published by 2P Games, Metal Mind promises an adrenaline-fueled experience like no other.

In Metal Mind, players take on the role of a self-aware mech droid fighting for freedom and the liberation of imprisoned robotic companions. This epic journey takes place in the dystopian world of AWC Labs, a massive complex owned by the corrupt corporation known as AWC. Players must navigate through four different maps, each filled with challenges and danger, in their quest to bring down this evil organization.

But fear not, as players have the ability to build their own powerful mechas. With a highly customizable transformation system, players can choose from over 100 weapons, from flaming chainsaws to 130mm naval artillery, to create the ultimate fighting machine. Even the core components can be modified to tweak firing rate, heat dissipation, armor, and more, allowing for endless possibilities and strategies.

Metal Mind merges randomization and customization together into a distinct roguelike mecha experience,” says Joash Zhou, Founder of WHIRLLAXY LIMITED. “Mecha lovers across the Nintendo Switch and Epic Games Store platforms will find a lot to love in our game!”

And love it they will. Metal Mind offers hours of replayability with its dynamic modification system. With each playthrough, players can discover new and synergistic builds, keeping the game fresh and exciting. The diverse catalog of equipment allows for different playstyles, whether charging through enemies with high-energy blades, firing cannons from turret form, or swiftly dodging with laser cannons.

But the challenges do not end there. Players must also defeat eight distinct bosses, each with their own unparalleled power. So gear up, because the battle for freedom and justice is about to begin in Metal Mind.

Metal Mind will be available for $17.99 USD on the Nintendo Switch and PC via the Epic Games Store, with a 15% launch discount. The game currently offers language options in Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, and German, catering to a diverse audience.

So mark your calendars and prepare to enter the world of Metal Mind on March 7, 2024. Pre-order now and be among the first to experience this highly anticipated game.

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