Second A Void Hope Dev Diary Gives Insight Into Atmospheric Adventure

Attention all adventure game enthusiasts! Get ready to take a deep dive into the fascinating world of A Void Hope, as the highly anticipated atmospheric narrative adventure game has just released its second developer diary. In this series, the developers are giving a behind the scenes peek into the development process and shedding light on what makes this game truly unique.

Lead Programmer Isac Degerborg takes the stage in the latest dev diary, discussing the intricacies of automating systems, the differences between A Void Hope and Elden Pixels’ previous game Alwa’s Legacy, and much more. With A Void Hope set to release on February 29th for both PC and the Nintendo Switch, fans are eagerly anticipating the launch and soaking up any information they can get. But this is not the first time the developers have given us a sneak peek into the making of A Void Hope. In the previous developer diary, lead game designer Mikael Forslind gave us a glimpse into the game’s design, revealed early prototype footage, and shared how the game found its direction.

So, what can players expect from A Void Hope? Set in a decaying city, the game follows a young couple on a desperate quest to find a cure for a mysterious memory-altering affliction. As they navigate through dark and dangerous streets and explore deserted buildings, players will be captivated by the stunningly detailed pixel art, typical of Elden Pixels’ signature retro-inspired style. With its gripping storyline and stunning visuals, A Void Hope promises to be an adventure like no other. And with the added touch of a developer diary, fans can experience the excitement of the game’s development journey and get an inside look at the creative minds behind it.

So mark your calendars for February 29th and embark on a journey of mystery and wonder with A Void Hope. Keep an eye out for more updates and insights from the developers in the upcoming developer diaries. Don’t miss out on this highly anticipated release.

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