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Cult Classic “Alisa” Brings Retro Survival Horror To Consoles On February 6th with Alisa: Developer’s Cut

Top Hat Studios, Inc. and developer Casper Croes are bringing a blast from the past to modern consoles with the release of their cult-classic survival horror game, Alisa: Developer’s Cut. Set in a fantastical world that draws inspiration from the 1920s, players take on the role of elite agent Alisa as she tracks down a notorious thief. However, her journey takes an unexpected turn when she finds herself trapped in a strange Victorian-style mansion, haunted by its mechanized doll-like inhabitants.

Can Alisa survive and escape this world turned upside-down, while also keeping her humanity intact?

Fans of retro, low-poly and survival horror games are in for a treat when Alisa: Developer’s Cut launches on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Xbox consoles on February 6th, 2024. Made as an homage to 90s horror games like those on the PlayStation 1 and Nintendo 64, Alisa features pre-rendered backgrounds and authentic low-poly models, giving players a nostalgic trip back in time.

But don’t let the throwback graphics fool you, Alisa: Developer’s Cut offers a thrilling and chilling experience with classic survival horror gameplay. Players must explore the mansion and its eerie surroundings, managing their resources and using weapons like a sabre, blunderbuss, and SMG to fend off a variety of enemies. And for an added touch of customization, players can also collect currency, items, and outfits with unique stat boosts.

For an authentic retro experience, Alisa: Developer’s Cut also offers the option between classic tank controls or modern control styles, allowing players to choose their preferred method of movement. And for fans of classic video game voice acting, Alisa delivers with its quirky and odd sense of humor, capturing the essence of late 1990s gaming.

The original version of Alisa was developed in Unity 5, a now outdated version of the popular gaming engine. To bring the game to modern consoles, the port team had to utilize several engine and technological innovations to ensure it would run smoothly. The result is a faithful and optimized port that players can enjoy on their preferred console.

This Alisa: Developer’s Cut also includes all updates and new content previously added to the PC version, as well as numerous fixes and quality of life optimizations. So whether you’re a longtime fan of the game or a newcomer to the Alisa universe, there’s something new and exciting to discover.

So mark your calendars for February 6th, 2024, and get ready to experience the thrills and chills of Alisa: Developer’s Cut on your favorite console. With its classic survival horror gameplay, mind-blowing 480p graphics, and a nostalgic trip back to the late 1990s, Alisa is a must-play for fans of the genre.

Will you survive and escape the haunted mansion with your humanity intact?

Only time will tell.

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