Hookah Haze

Embark on a Unique Journey with Hookah Haze: Human Drama Adventure Fueled by the Spirit of Shisha in 2024

A sweet and magical moment woven by the extraordinary

Aniplex Inc. and ACQUIRE Corp. today have announced the release date of new video game, Hookah Haze, coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch. Players will immerse themselves in a mysterious world as protagonist Toru Sumiki as he runs a shisha shop in 2024.

Set in modern Tokyo, Hookah Haze will take players into the enthralling world of providing shisha to three different girls, and unlocking their true feelings. This romantic adventure game has already received much anticipation with only its mention. The game will support multiple languages: Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese.

Expected for worldwide release in 2024, the game is already in development and receiving much attention. Today, Aniplex Inc. and ACQUIRE Corp. have released Hookah Haze’s key visual, showcasing the three heroines Amu Aigami, Kurumi Komori, and Kokoro Meigetsuin, while protagonist Toru Sumiki looks on from behind. A teaser trailer, in Japanese language version, has also been released.

Along with more details released on the three heroines and protagonist Toru Sumiki, Aniplex Inc. and ACQUIRE Corp. have also opened the Steam Store page, where users can add Hookah Haze to their wish list.

The game is set to release next year and will be available on both Steam and Nintendo Switch. For an adventure full of intriguing characters and mysterious stories, look no further than Hookah Haze in 2024.

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