Laika: Aged Through Blood

Laika: Aged Through Blood Prepares to Race onto Switch

Fans of intense vehicular combat and adrenaline-filled post-apocalyptic worlds are in for a treat with Brainwash Gang’s highly anticipated title Laika: Aged Through Blood. Developer Brainwash Gang and publisher Headup have announced that the game will be released for Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch on December 5, 2023, and January 11, 2024 respectively.

Laika: Aged Through Blood is a story-driven, hand-painted ‘Motorvania’ where gamers take control of a fearless coyote warrior mother on a quest for vengeance and justice for her downtrodden tribe. Players will take to their trusty motorbike to traverse the stunning post-apocalyptic world as they race through the wasteland performing dangerous jumps and spectacular stunts.

The high-octane game features an array of exciting missions and engaging boss battles, accompanied by an original, cinematic soundtrack. In terms of gameplay, Laika delivers vehicular combat on a fast and agile motorbike, skill-based power-ups, slow-motion combat, and the unique ability to reload your gun by performing a backflip!

To mark the release date announcement, a brand new trailer for the game has been released, providing fans with a glimpse of the exciting gameplay and incredible art style that awaits. Laika: Aged Through Blood is an absolute must for fans of intense vehicular combat, adrenaline-filled post-apocalyptic worlds, and enthralling stories of vengeance and loss.

Be prepared for a thrilling adventure when Laika: Aged Through Blood is released on Xbox and PlayStation on December 5, 2023, and the Nintendo Switch on January 11, 2024. To whet your appetite, fans can watch the new trailer here and check out Brainwash Gang’s website for more information.

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