Part time-management, part retro narrative, totally wholesome

Baltoro Games is kicking up the excitement with their newest story trailer for their upcoming title, Pixel Cafe! With a brilliant narrative, retro visuals, and time management skills, the game promises something for everyone.

Get a new glimpse at Pixel in her latest trailer!

Pixel Cafe‘s star is Pixel, an ambitious and bright-eyed barista. Follow her story as she faces day-to-day ups and downs and explore her past via flashbacks. Players will work to collect in-game currency for furniture and art at Pixel’s grandmother’s house while they perfect their time-management skills at the diner. There are 10 eclectic cafes, each with its own quirky owner, and 50 Nightmare levels that will challenge the most experienced gamers.

The journey has an emotional narrative three generations in the making. Immerse yourself in the experience with a premier soundtrack from Polish composer Arkadiusz Reikowski. This truly unique experience promises to bring something special to the gaming world.

Pixel Cafe will be available for Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and PC later this year. Wishlist the game now on Steam and follow Pixel Cafe’s news on Baltoro’s website.

This upcoming title promises to bring to life an exciting and whimsical experience. With its unique combination of retro visuals, time-management skills, and a narrative you won’t forget, Pixel Cafe will be an unforgettable experience.

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