Mail Time

Open An Adorable Package with Mail Time on October 19th

Prepare for a delivery of cuteness and adventure as the charming new platformer Mail Time arrives for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4/5 on Thursday, October 19, 2023. Get ready to fill your backpack with delicious treats and trinkets as you embark on a quest of helping the creatures of Grumblewood Grove with their daily lives.

Kela Van Der Deijl, the beloved solo developer of Mail Time, has been hard at work crafting an adorable and immersive world full of fluffy woodland creatures for players to explore. Along with the mesmerizing story of their journey, players can choose from a variety of customizable avatar options and explore Grumblewood Grove at their own pace.

Explore the vast landscape of Grumblewood Grove and enjoy its stunning sights. Take a deep dive into the captivating storylines and help out the adorable critters living there. Get ready to jump, bounce, and glide your way to success, finding secret spots and side paths to collect collectables. Collect soda bottlecaps and embark on new missions as you traverse through the grassy meadows of Grumblewood Grove.

With over 40,000 possible combinations for customization, players can design a character with the perfect look for their journey. Create an avatar with the ideal outfit, pronoun, skin tone, and hairstyle and get ready to be the main Mail Scout in town. Bonus points for collecting different mailbags to flaunt your personal fashion sense while helping out the citizens with their mail needs!

Mail Time is the perfect adventure to fill your cozy afternoons with cuteness and joy, exploring the different characters and stories of Grumblewood Grove.

Prepare for a delivery of cuteness and adventure as Mail Time arrives for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4/5 on October 19, 2023. Get ready to embark on a journey of helping the critters of Grumblewood Grove and experience the loving atmosphere of Mail Time with friends from all over the world!

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