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Nefasto’s Misadventure: Meeting Noeroze is now available on Nintendo Switch and Steam

Today marks the release of a new and exciting video game for Nintendo Switch and Steam – Nefasto’s Misadventure: Meeting Noeroze. Developed by Aurora Game Studio, this point’n click game is set to take gamers on a wacky and wild journey like no other.

The game follows Nefasto, a hero who could have been, as he tries to escape a failing video game.

Players must help guide Nefasto through a unique universe where the fourth wall is often broken, and where characters are colorful and have their own unique ways of getting in the way of his progress.

Along the way, gamers will be tasked with solving puzzles, overcoming obstacles, and using items and Binary Powers to find a way to escape.

Nefasto’s Misadventure: Meeting Noeroze is available on Steam and the Nintendo eShop, as well as in a standard physical edition. For those looking for something extra special, there are two limited collector’s editions – one inspired by Japanese computer game boxes and the other by American boxes – that are numbered at 500 copies each.

These collector’s editions include a strategy guide, the game’s OST in CD format, and a poster hand-signed by the Aurora Game Studio team.

So, if you’re looking for an acid-free trip, an inner adventure like you’ve never had before, Nefasto’s Misadventure: Meeting Noeroze is the answer. With its quirky humor, many references, and an array of puzzles, this game is one journey you won’t want to miss.

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