The Treflik Family

The Treflik family – Treflik, Treflinka and their unusual family in the first educational game is now available

Today, RedDeer.Games, one of the leading publishers of games for the Nintendo Switch console, announced the launch of The Treflik Family, the first game from the Treflik world, in the Nintendo Switch eShop network.

Watch the trailer for The Treflik Family.

The Treflik Family is an educational game that brings the adventures of Treflik, Treflinka, and their extraordinary group to life.

The game was developed in cooperation with KAZstudio, the animation studio belonging to the Trefl group, and is based on selected episodes from the first season of The Treflik Family series.

Through various interactive elements, young users and their parents are invited to explore the world of Treflik and learn valuable lessons about friendship, respect, honesty, and tolerance.

The game also features a Coloring Book section to encourage creative thinking.

The Treflik Family is now available for Nintendo Switch console users. It is a great way to keep young minds engaged while they learn valuable lessons.

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